Why People Celibate: Vow Of Celibacy

Celibacy for us is just to abstain from intercourse or any kind of sexual desire.

Although it may be possible that there are several other factors that define celibacy to people who chose it.

There could be several reasons why people celibate and in this post, we are going to discuss them all.

But before let me briefly explain to you guys what actually celibacy means.

What is the Meaning Of Celibacy?

The idea of celibacy is as old as the mankind. But not many people talk about it.

Celibacy means Brahmacharya in the Hindi language. Brahmacharya is a lifestyle full of disciplines which keeps us away from any sexual activities.

There are several rules that should be followed in order to achieve the Bhramcharya lifestyle otherwise the benefits would be incompletely satisfying. The main goal of practicing celibacy is abstinence from intimidating and desirable activities.

The ultimate goal of practicing brahmacharya is to focus on self-improvement in the context of physical, emotional, and spiritual improvement.

Celibacy/Brahmacharya is believed to be one of the ways to gain and experience the ultimate divine.

For more information on Bhramcharya/Celibacy, you can read my explanation on Celibacy.

Why people chose to Celibate?

For common people, celibacy defines – Not having sex, or unnecessary hook-ups or hangouts, and much more.

This has left several doubts in the mind of people that choosing celibacy over normal life is just a forced decision or a conscious decision?

Before we dive deeper into it I want to point out that Celibacy/Brahmacharya is a totally valid option to live with. You can choose whether you want it or not.

I don’t know why people get surprised after knowing that someone has chosen not to have sex in life.

Just like choosing to have sex multiple times with one or more partners someone chooses not to have sex consciously.

The only problem occurs when someone forces it on someone else.

Here are some reasons why some people choose to follow a celibacy lifestyle over a simple lifestyle.

#1. Focus on themselves

People waste a lot of time searching for their partners and still remain confused. This is one of the best reasons why people celibate?

This keeps them from focusing on other things such as life, career, hobbies, self- improvement, etc.

So, there are some wise people out there who consciously choose to focus on themselves than to waste time on other people.

#2. Bad Sexual Experience

Not all people who have bad sexual experiences choose celibacy but yes….. some people exist.

I want to point out that sexual violence also included in bad sexual experience. People who survived any kind of rape or sexual abuse choose to follow celibacy as a result of their experience. Not all people but yes…… some people chose.

#3. To overcome Break-ups

People usually get fed up after Break-up scenes. A post-break-up celibacy period seems to be a choice in order to heal themselves from memories and emotional pain. Moreover, it gives them a chance to set some future goals.

#4. Wait for getting married

Some people possess clarity in the mind that they will not have pre-marital sex. This is mainly due to some religious beliefs but personal choice is also matters in these types of decisions. This point should be valid also.

#5. To experience ultimate power

Practicing Celibacy or Brahmacharya develops the character of a person. Brahmacharya meditation provides clarity and gives an opportunity to experience the ultimate power which comes along with the Brahmacharya lifestyle.

#6. Better spiritual connections

Celibacy is a direct way to make connections with the inner self. The Brahmacharya meditation helps a person to know his soul and provides a better spiritual understanding. People generally follow celibacy to gain the happiness of being in the spiritual world.

#7. Improve physical and mental state

Brahmacharya not only improves the physical state of the body but also the mental state. This lifestyle develops strength in the body and makes it more enduring. The same happened with the mind.

#8. They are religious image in public

Many people across the globe, from several religions, believe that lustful thoughts and sex distracts them from the devotion towards their god. That’s why they chose to abstain from sex. These people are generally priests, Nun, or any other person who is a true devotee to their god.

There are some more reasons that exist due to which people choose to Celibate or take the path of Brahmacharya.

In my opinion, every human being should practice Celibacy at least once in their life span. Then only everyone can understand the benefits, importance, and improvement in their life.

However, We should respect people who choose a Celibacy lifestyle or follow Brahmacharya because it is not an easy decision to make and to dedicate the whole life to it.

Well in return, Celibacy provides you with some extra powers that normal human beings can’t possess. The powers of increased focus, attention, good life span, better-thinking ability, to have a clear and great vision.

All these are the by-products of following the brahmacharya lifestyle.

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