Why NoFap is So Hard?

Did you guys ever think why Nofap is hard? Why only 1-2% of people get success in nofap among all those who took the challenge?

Have you ever think why boys fall for the relapse in just a week or 10 days after taking the challenge? Only 90% of people cross the mark of 1 week among all who took this challenge.

So, brothers in this article I am going to present all the possible reasons that made nofap so hard for a person with an average mindset.

Main Reasons- Why Nofap is Hard?

The questions that many guys face are why nofap is so hard? How to get success at nofap? Etc.

So, here is the answer to all these questions in a very simplistic way.

I agree that nofap Is hard, in fact, it is among one of the toughest self-discipline one individual can follow for at least 90 days or so. However, it seems impossible and deadly for those who are highly addicted to those videos.

The main reason could be for so many years, since we watched it for the first time, we all have been programming or rewiring our brain to act and execute the process of m@sturbation, after seeing something sensual and intimate.

And this habit is causing us the trouble which we face, doing nofap as an obstacle in the path of success. Following are the main reasons that make nofap hard.

Triggers Make Nofap Hard

Triggers make nofap hard
Flash Memories that act as trigger makes nofap hard

Triggers are kind of signals that our brain interprets and relate to the habit of fapping. Basically, It reminds you of fapping to those sites. A trigger could be anything like a twerking video on youtube, images, and semi-nudes of a model on Instagram, a hot poster at the shop, etc.

Literally, a trigger is something that excites you and has a previous memory in the brain related to that activity, model, or photos.

Moreover, a certain place could act as a trigger. For example, you are with your phone or laptop and now you close the door. This actually will act like  a trigger and ultimately leads you to those websites from where everything starts.

The particular reason, this is how you were used to fap being alone in the room, isolated with internet connectivity and with no disturbance.

The whole point of writing this was to deliver the idea to you guys that a trigger could be anything like a short video, an image, certain places, and especially feeling of loneliness.


All those activities that you have done for so long that ultimately lead to fapping, all are triggers.

Ease of Access to Adult Content Makes Nofap Hard

Another major reason for nofap being so hard is the ease of access to these adult websites.

Easeof access make nofap hard
Ease of access make nofap hard

Nowadays, even a 10 yr old can access those by putting “hot” like suffixes in the search bar. So, how a person who wants to quit this habit of surfing those websites, who had been doing the same for past so many years could resist himself while having all the ways to access by the help of his phone or laptop.

The scenario is the same as, putting a bottle of alcohol in front of a drunkard who wants to quit drinking and tell him not to touch the bottle in order to improve himself.

He obviously will break his determination. “Not immediately but surely“. Because he has access to it. I hope you are getting what I am trying to say here.

The ease of access to all these websites has become a major obstacle in the path of getting success at nofap.

Hence, start digital detox of yourself and try to remain isolated from the internet for some days, until necessary do not connect to the internet. Or you can use some software that would prevent you from accessing those kinds of websites.

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How to Make Nofap easier?

Yes . . . . you read it right. Nofap can be easier too.

Don’t get discouraged by the fact that nofap is hard or it is impossible.

If you make your mindset correct, nofap success can be achieved and can get rid of this habit of using your own hand for pleasure.

So, Here are the ways to make Nofap Easier

Success needs replacement
Success Need Replacement

1. Always keep a reboot journal with yourself

First, always take a journal with yourself. The particular reason for that is you have to write a lot about the daily routine habits in this journal.

Then, analyze what activity, actually troubles you and make it to the relapse. And, one more important thing you have to write it daily.

 2. Identify all the triggers

Second, the crucial part is to identify all the triggers that motivate you to relapse on nofap and note them down in your journal/notebook.

So, that the next time you encounter them, you should know that it can lead you to downfall. Also, you have to reread those in order to remind them of number 3.

3. Be Super Aware

Once, you get all the triggers noted down, be super aware and alert. So that if you came across any situation that act as a trigger, you know what you have to do.

Triggers will arise the urges to fap to p*rn and all, so you must know how to kill those urges. Click here to read 7 killer ways to get rid of Nofap Urges.

Moreover, there is a very short window of time between a trigger and a relapse. And during this time you have to divert your mind from these triggers once you identify them.

4. Recall the Reasons Why You Started Nofap

Also, You have to make your mind very clear. Once you are in trouble of urges, triggers, etc. Recall that why you started Nofap.

What outcome you want from it. You should write your goals down and question yourself why you want to quit this habit?

Use your conscious mind wisely and imagine yourself 1 year ahead in life without doing any PMO. You are way more stronger, wiser, happier, healthier, fortunate and willing to do any task as compared to now.

Nofap is the way to become the best version of yourself and show your success to all those who ever let you down.

“Write down your goal and hunt them”.

So, again and again, remind yourself, what are the reasons you started Nofap. It will help you out for sure. don’t cheat yourself.

5. Replacement Activities

I am sure that you guys have heard the fact that success needs replacement and that’s a fact. One just cannot become new with old habits.

In order to fly high you have to cut down the extra weight. I know . . . . I know you know about these basic intelligent lines.

But, have you ever deep think the meaning it conveys?

My friend, you need to replace your habits to tackle the nofap urges.

Don’t try to suppress the urges by sitting in one place and doing nothing. In some cases they get past but they will return for sure and stronger than before.

So, it’s good to leave your device and move out of the room to do the following things if you are experiencing urges a lot.

  1. Do push-ups as much as you can instantly.
  2. go out and socialize.
  3. Listen to good music.
  4. Take a cold shower.
  5. Read your reasons aloud so that you can hear.

Once, you started to see the results, build up your habits by repeating them and that’s how you will be able to beat the urges.

Furthermore, you and only you can save yourself from a relapse.

Summary on Why Nofap is So Hard?

There you are  . . .  reading this . . . . I hope you will beat your urges positively.

As discussed, taking nofap challenge Is easy but completing is not. However, you know what makes it so hard? The answer is – our brain. Once it realizes that we ain’t gonna get that dopamine rush of which we are used to, it starts playing games in the form of urges and beat us.

Also, the two main reasons for being it so hard to retain the streak and easy to relapse are- triggers and ease to access those websites.

But you can handle them by being super aware. Read the section of this article – how to make nofap easier and discover the activities to perform when encounter urges.

1. Always keep reboot journal.

2. Identify the triggers.

3. Be Super Aware.

4. Recall the reasons why you started.

5. Replacement Activities.

Thanks for reading guys. Be strong.

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