3 Main Reasons – Why Nofap doesn’t work!

Recently, I was scrolling the internet and found that one person posted that there are no benefits of Nofap, Nofap doesn’t work in real life. It’s just a myth. Also, Fapping is a healthy practice bla. . . bla. . bla.

One more person wrote that there is no such thing as p*rn addiction. Also, when they are asked to stop watching it, They cannot hold themselves for more than a single day.

However, This clearly shows that this addiction exists. They just don’t want to admit the fact that they are an addict.

Although, The internet is full of these people who promote this type of mentality proudly and shows rage against if anyone denies them.

Furthermore, their own lives are vulnerable and they promote such things to destroy others as well.

So, this gave me the idea of writing this post – Why Nofap doesn’t work and I figured out the 3 main reasons for it.


1a. What Does Edging Mean?
1b. Edging will Lead to Relapse.
1c. It will Give You Blue balls.

2a. Meditation Provide You Inner Strength.
2b. It Calms The Mind.
2c. Exercise Transfer Your Energy.

3a. You are Lazy.
3b. You Don’t Have Ambition.
3c. Entertainment is More Important.



3 Main reasons- Why nofap doesn’t work?

#1. Edging

Edging is the worst activity that one does during the Nofap journey. It attacks your will power to retain semen and weakens it.

A guy watching
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Also, It should be avoided completely no matter how hard the urges hit you. Tackle the urges and avoid them.

However, I already have mentioned tips that are useful in handling urges. Click here to read.

It is one of the main reasons for not getting benefits that’s why I put it on number one.

During Nofap the brain goes through rewiring sessions and healing it by eliminating the bad things out of the mind. So that the correct mindset can be framed.

But as soon as you edge, you have put all the garbage inside your brain again.

What does Edging Mean?

All you have read above is about edging. But what Does edging mean? What is it? Here is the answer.

Edging refers to an act of watching bad stuff like hot images, videos or p*rn, etc. for a very small time while you are on Nofap.

People usually do it because they get hard urges to watch it and ejaculate. Typical behavior when you want to quit an addiction.

In Other words, Edging is peeking on erotic content which is strictly against the rules of Nofap.

This is why many among us did not feel the benefits and brags that it is fake.

Actually, it is not fake, the way you have done Nofap was fake. Follow Nofap strictly and see your life-changing.

You can read here about edging in detail.

Edging will lead to Nofap relapse:

Relapse means to jerk off again. This is the only destination where edging will only take you. The chances to relapse increase exponentially while you edge.

This is how it goes.

Firstly, you get an urge(it’s natural). If avoided. Okay. If not

Then, you decided to peek on It for a minute or two.

After peeking you realized that you will watch more but don’t ejaculate.

And finally, after watching for long hours you decided to relapse and then bear the guilt of it.

This is the story of most of us.

Well Some are those who don’t ejaculate on the same day constantly thinking that they won’t and also ended up having a relapse after a day or two.

Long story short, The moment you decide to edge is the moment you lose the battle and break your streak.

It Can give you blue balls:

For those who don’t know about blue balls, when you feel pain down there in your balls during the Nofap journey.

This occurs mostly after a hard erection in which you don’t jack off. Edging will surely give you one.

And, I swear this pain in the balls sucks.

Although if you want to know the reason behind the pain. Click here.

2. Didn’t Meditate and Exercise

The second most important reason in the list of Why Nofap doesn’t work is Lack of Exercise and Meditation.

Man Resting on Bench

They both play an important role in maintaining your Nofap streak. Also, They help in controlling or avoiding urges so that you don’t relapse.

Important fact: Without meditation, you can go for a week or two without fapping but after that urges will hit you so hard that you surely will relapse.

Hence, meditation is a must in the Nofap journey.

Similarly with the exercise. If you feel the urge to ejaculate divert your mind by doing exercises. The most common and effective one is doing push-ups (Dips).

Do as much as you can and see how urges go back to normal.

Here are some things which you need to see.

Meditation provide you inner strength:

To control urges, your will power is the only weapon you have and to will, power gets strong through meditation. In addition to, by doing meditation daily you will feel that you can now resist your urges more easily.

Also calms the mind:

Meditation calms the mind. A calm mind will not let you make any decision that leads to relapse while feeling an urge.

Daily Exercises transfer energy:

Daily exercise will transfer your s*xual energy to the other parts of the body making them function better. 

Exercise will also provide strength to your body. It will enhances the overall personality of yours.

Hence practicing daily meditation and practicing matters a lot. You just can’t get any benefits ignoring them.

3. Didn’t Put Efforts on Something Else:

The main aim of the Nofap journey is to become a better version of yourself. Also, Nofap helps to quit p*rn addiction.

Relaxing and chilling at one place
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However, the point is to become better you have to put some efforts in the fields of your interest.

This usually happens that we sometimes ignore the important tasks and watch bad stuff.

Also, a lot of time gets wasted along with our precious semen.

People fail Nofap because they do not put the effort into other fields. Consequently, they have nothing or very little to do. Due to which they feel bored and pass their time using their gadgets with an internet connection.

And all of us know what happens after. This is how they fail it. They don’t want to develop any skill consuming the same time which is wasting on the internet.

Nofap alone ain’t gonna serve you benefits while you are still chilling on your couch. You have to take the initiative.

The following are some reasons that clear why people don’t put effort into anything else.

First, You are lazy:

Laziness is the root of all failures. And Taking action is only the solution to it.

But for that, you have to leave your comfort zone. Are you ready for that? Many Lazy people don’t want to. Your Laziness is the only obstacle between you and your dream.

Second, You don’t have Ambition:

If you have one will do anything for it. No matter how many obstacles you have to face to achieve it.  

But if you don’t have ambition regarding anything, you are not going to even think about that. Many people who fail Nofap are non-ambitious persons who don’t have any goals in their life.

Third, Entertainment is more important.

It becomes so important that goals and ambitions have no place in their life. All they want to do is to chill along with their mobile while lying on the couch or bed.

Whereas, You can do easily utilize this time by replacement of bad things with the good ones. Such as replace songs to audio books and podcast.

Replace playing games with learning a new skill that will help in the future.

However, there are several things that can be replaced to make life better and absorbs the perfect benefits of Nofap. But as this point is about. You don’t want to put effort.

So, these were the 3 main reasons why Nofap Doesn’t Work

Benefits of Nofap:

There are dozens of benefits of Nofap in real life. Nofap allows you to retain the most precious entity of your body I.e. “Semen”. It is the last essence produced by the food we eat.

Benefits Of Nofap.

Nofap provides enormous benefits that will elevate your lifestyle to a whole new level.

There are so many benefits that I could write a complete article on it and soon I will publish that too on my website.

But let’s have a look at the list of benefits of Nofap:

Increase the level of testosterone.

Boosts immunity.

Enhances stamina.

Mind clarity.

Removes brain fog.

Thinking ability improves.

Concentration multiplies.

Better hair growth.

Clear skin.

Remove acne.

Increase confidence.

Kill social anxiety.

Body strength increases.

Better libido.

And several more.(1)

Wrapping Up:

Don’t listen to people who say that Nofap is not beneficial. Practice yourself and feel yourself.

Watching bad stuff will only damage your brain and capability. Quit this habit of watching.

Also, Don’t ever try to repeat the mistakes in the Nofap journey. However, reading this article- Why Nofap Doesn’t work will give you an idea of mistakes that many people do and fail in the Nofap.

Don’t be like them. Try to Control Your edge and follow the following steps to go far in nofap streak.

#1. Do not edge in any circumstances

#2. Meditation and exercise is must

#3. Develop a hobby and put effort into it to kill the boredom in the Nofap journey.

Always remember the tagline- Keep calm and Don’t Edge.

Read this article also7 Habits that changed my life.

It will serve you more help in maintaining Nofap.

Any query left? Use the Comments Section.

Thanks for reading.

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