Why NoFap Doesn’t Work For You?

Why Nofap Doesn't Work for you
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Are you doing NoFap and don’t feel any benefit or change? Started thinking that why NoFap doesn’t work for you?

Then this article is for you guys. Read this, it hardly will take 7 minutes maybe it will change your mind about quitting.


1. Didn’t get any Benefit?
2. Point to understand.
3. Reasons why are you not getting enough benefits
4. The Compound Effect
5. Things to keep in mind.
6. . Final Words

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NoFap Didn’t Work For you? (Not Getting Benefit )

If you observe carefully, any person who did NoFap for quite a quite good period of time reported that they get major benefits from NoFap that change their life.

Although, for some people, the benefits were not up to that extent, at least they were able to make a difference between their previous and present life.

However, they all have risen above their past after beating their addiction with the help of NoFap.

So it’s not like that for some it works and for others doesn’t.

Of course, It works for every single person but the condition is to follow it strictly and at least for 90+ days.

After 90 days, I am sure you don’t want to quit it. Because you will start realizing small changes in your energy and behavior.

Point to understand:

I want you to know that benefits came across at different times with different people. It totally depends upon your level of addiction towards PMO and fapping.

Some who start to feel benefits within a month or so were not much addicted. A highly addicted person can take about 90-180days to experience the benefits.

And, it’s not like that you are doing nothing to improve yourself while NoFap.

Utilize the time to do some work that influences your life in a positive way. Benefits will not be served on your table if you don’t put effort.

6 Reasons why NoFap Doesn’t Work For You:

After practicing NoFap myself ( still practicing ) and observing others, I made a list of factors that are responsible for not feeling any benefit from NoFap.

These are the main reasons why Nofap doesn’t work for you.

#1. You are peeking ( Watching p*rn):

Peeking means you are still watching it without fapping. It is very dangerous for the NoFap streak. I have separately written an article about peeking. Click here.

When you peek or watch it, your brain releases a splash of dopamine and you feel good. Ultimately it will take you to the end of your NoFap journey.

NoFap means to clean the brain by removing these lustful thoughts and scenes but you are doing exactly the opposite by giving it a watch. You are feeding your brain the same thing which should be abandoned.

Peeking again is like creating a mess inside a room and then it clean again by NoFap and again and again.

If you are doing such a thing then no matter how long you don’t ejaculate, benefits will never come your way.

Because this all will lead to relapse and Boom…. then start again from day 1.

#2. You don’t exercise

Lazy Frog
#Reason 2 #Not Getting Benefit

Generally, people notice your appearance. And to maintain that appearance and looks, you need to do exercise.

You have read that on the internet that NoFap increases strength. Well, it’s true. You just have to put effort into your body.

Do exercise daily. Lift weights, Go to a gym, do home workouts, do yoga, Pranayam, etc. By doing all these along with NoFap you will be able to realize your real strength.

Also, exercise will channelize your energy to other parts of the body and muscles. Consequently makes you look great.

At least better than before. But you need to exercise daily or 5 days a week minimum.

#3. Diet isn’t healthy

healthy diet
#Reason 3 #Not getting Benefit #healthy Diet

Diet is mandatory to keep the body working. But a healthy and good diet is important to keep the body’s performance at an optimum level.

Without a healthy diet, you could become weak and may fall for disease.

A healthy diet will help to fight against it. Although NoFap is also known to boost the immune system of the body.

But it will only work when a proper healthy diet is taken. Unhealthy or junk food will increase the fat, hence not good for the body.

A healthy diet will provide essential nutrients and recover loss done by ejaculations.

Consuming a good diet will provide you several more benefits. Just stick to it.

Also, Include dry fruits and nuts in your daily diet.

#4. Laziness

#reason 4 #Not getting the benefit

Doing nothing will ain’t get you anything. Laziness will only make you slow.

If you are lying on a couch or bed and waiting for the benefits while doing Nofap, then you are not going to get anything.

Come on. Stand up. Do something you want to do that will make you better than before.

You could pursue any hobby, play guitar, read books, go to gym, push-ups, complete pending work, etc. Do whatever, just don’t be a couch potato. Be active.

When you try different things, then only you will be able to know the difference that NoFap brings. You want to do it for a longer time.

Although, you have a lot of time. Try different things and feel inner happiness and joy. This is what NoFap brings  …calmness.

#5 Dominated by urges

Using Phone
#Reason 5 #Not getting benefits

Never, I say never bend against your urges. Let them pass. Don’t react to them.

It is the major reason that most of us fail in the NoFap journey without having benefits.

You have to control yourself and let them pass. Never take any action in the dominance of urges.

If you continue to react to urges, then it will come again with more strong feelings.

This is where you will learn about self-discipline and control. Remember about the benefits and let them go.

#6. zero meditation

Nofap Meditation
#Reason 6 #not getting Benefit

Meditation is the main practice that will develop and enhance your thinking process. Without meditation, you will no longer feel the benefits of NoFap.

To make it happen you have to meditate. I know most of us to think that it is boring but it’s not.

It will bring incredible changes in your life by expanding your vision.

Also, It will enhance your focus and concentration powers. It will help you to make better decisions in life.

Meditate daily in order to upgrade yourself and rise above the people who don’t do it.

It will bring you calm, inner peace, emotional stability too.

Just wandering in a world of lust and desires will delay your benefits. And, only meditation will help to control these thoughts.

So, These were those 6 reasons why NoFap doesn’t work for you. I hope now you know the factors due to which you are unable to feel the benefits of NoFap.

Note Practice NoFap for self-improvement, not just to attract girls and other benefits. Work on yourself, the rest will follow.(1)

Final words on why NoFap Doesn’t work for you

Lust and desires are like demons or dragons that only can be frozen inside the mind but cannot kill them.

If somehow they get to escape, they will destroy your life by making you weak, slaves of your desires take your goals away.

Your lustful thoughts and desires will melt the ice of your determination and set them free.

Only meditation will prevent the ice from melting. Keep in mind.

Hence, you have to meditate daily to keep the demons of lust away from your life.

Practicing early morning meditation will help you a lot in achieving success.

Just keep these things in mind: 

1. Patience:

Firstly, you have to be very patient on the journey of NoFap. Just do work on yourself daily.

Nothing will happen on day 1 or the next day or the next week but after one month you surely will feel a change in yourself.

Be patient and constantly do work on yourself and after a year you would be ahead from most of guys around you.

They will start noticing you, and be amazed by what you will become.

Just be patient. Be strong and consistent with your work. This all will be easy while doing NoFap.

2. Meditation:

Secondly, meditation is a must. You have to meditate daily and think about your next move. Meditation early in the morning will give optimal results.

Daily down 3 tasks as your daily goal and finish them before going to bed. This will increase your confidence and give you a dopamine release through which you feel good and happy.

Also, meditation will keep you away from urges, and chances of your relapse will decrease to zero, if you meditate daily.

In addition, do exercise for about 30-45 minutes a day. This will help your body and mind to stay fit and healthy.

Also, it will build your physique and enhance your personality.

In this way, you are able to harness the benefits of NoFap in your life.

The compound effect:

Think about the compound effect. Practice meditation, NoFap, Exercise daily and it will bring a great change in your life.

“The small efforts add up to give a compound result which is greater than expected.”

But remember daily efforts are required.

So, now I am sure that you have changed your mind from relapse to continue NoFap again. Just don’t relapse okay.

Hence, this was all about it. If you like anything, or want to share your thoughts experience then you may tell us in the comments section.

Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Why NoFap Doesn’t Work For You?”

  1. These reasons claimed here for nofaping not working are the actual reasons that cause the benefits. In reality it is not the nofap that is causing the claimed benefits but the: exercise, eating well, meditation, etc. Of course if you do all these you get feel good benefits despite not because of the nofap.

    • Yeah, i totally agree from your thoughts, but if someone is highly involved in watching the bad stuff online and jerking off daily, he would not have any time and energy left for doing things for self-improvement like exercise, reading, meditation, etc. Consuming too much porn will make the person sort of impatient. I Don’t think he could carry on these things for too long. That’s why nofap is necessary to free yourself from watching p*rn and utilize the time effectively.

      Thanks for reading.


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