Why nobody cares about health?

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Being healthy and fit has become more difficult in this era.

Also, a large part of the generation wants to relax while using their gadgets, Eat snacks, or junk while watching the favorite episode.

This article is about- Why nobody cares about health?

The situation of the young generation is that all they want to do is “Netflix and chill”.

Hello guys, I am Anoop and you are reading this article on menhealthblogs.com. This article is all about Why Nobody cares about health?

But firstly …….

What is health?

Health is a state of body in being mentally and physically well. Absence of any kind of illness in the body is a sign of Good health.

To live a happy and prosperous life, health is very essential.

And good health requires maintenance. Moreover, Efforts are required in order to maintain health.

Importance of health:

Health is a central factor for all human beings. Health is above money and all other things in life.

If the health of a person is not good, then no matter how much money he earned throughout his life, he will have to suffer due to improper health.

A rich person is not who has a big bank balance or cash but a person with better health and money is considered rich.

In fact such people are called as Wealthy people.
Wealth = Health + Money

Hence, health is important in everyone’s life. It’s a secret of every happy man on the earth.

Healthy people are proved to be valuable as compared to unhealthy because they live longer, work more efficiently and contribute towards the progress of the state as they save more.

Also, Healthy people possess a better immune system that helps them to fight against disease-causing germs or microbes. That’s why healthy people rarely fall sick.

There are several ways to be healthy but the most easiest and important way is to do drink a lot of water and do exercise on a regular basis.

Main Problem:

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People generally don’t understand the concept of health and compromise with it over very silly things just to save money. Many middle and lower class people have this kind of mentality.

They are ready to sacrifice health over materials.

For example, Middle-class people take local medications for their problems instead to visit a physician just to save the money.

Because money is more valuable than health for them.

These people need to understand that if the system of body once get disturbed then, all the savings would go to the hospital and medications.

Hence health should be priority of all the people.

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Role of technology:

As we all know how much technology changed the world.

No doubt that it also helps the healthcare industry to develop and grow.

But from the past few years, outdoor activities by youngsters decreased with the passage of time.

Playing outdoor sports is an easy way to maintain good health. It involves running, jumping, strategy, etc. Which is like the mental and physical exercise for the body.

There is a saying that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body, which means if you are healthy your mind will work better as compared to others.

Suddenly people get busy with their gadgets. They would pass a lot of time while using them but have no time to go to the gym or do some home workout.

They would complete the whole season by compromising with their sleep and goals.

Some people merely contribute to their health or well being but constantly harm it.

As a result, bad habits begin to develop and feel lazy and tired the whole day. There is no energy to remain active after doing a little amount of work.

It is a fact that the health of a person starts from the kitchen. How much and which type of food you take also affects your health.

Although we love to listen to our stomachs than the mind in case of tasty food. Let’s be clear, we love junk food, crispy, spicy, and loaded with sauce and cheese.

It feels like heaven while enjoying them but it harms our health like no other thing could.

The fast-food industry grows about 36.6% from 2013-2016 and worth more than 200 Billion dollars globally. This all is due to an increase in the interest of people in junk food.

Junk foods are fried in oil and full of bad cholesterol. It can seriously affect your health and ultimately span of life.

The main reason that people don’t care about health is that junk food is cheaper and tastier than simple healthy food.

Only because of it people get ready to compromise with their health and span of life.


I conclude that people easily pass their time with gadgets, hanging around or doing nothing, and give the excuse of lack of time to go to a fitness club or gym or home workouts.

It hardly requires 20-30 mins but people don’t care.

I am addressing a large section of society not few people whose priority is their health and love to put efforts to get better health and physique.

In my opinion, everybody should do exercise at least once in 2 days. It will give you results and you will feel more energetic, alert, and more connecting to the world.

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