Why Do Nofap? The Reality of NoFap

Hey guys, I hope you all are doing great in your life. Today we are going to discuss the reality of nofap. Why one should do nofap in his life? Why I am practicing nofap? All the questions will be answered here in this article.

So, let’s get started . . .

It’s been a quite long now since I am practicing nofap. It was always the hardest for me as a beginner, but with the passage of time, I am able to go easily through the number of days.

Why You Should Practice Nofap?

There are people out there, and on the internet claiming that nofap has completely changed their life. Is it so?

Let me be the straight forward. . .  the answer is yes.

why topractice nofap
why you should practice nofap

This nofap stuff actually works and one can only feel the changes only by experiencing itself. I will not list the benefits of doing it here. The main goal of writing this is to clear that why you should practice nofap?

Also, I have met some of my mates, who claim that there are no benefits of doing nofap, you just brag about it.

If there is something beneficial why they haven’t experienced those benefits yet. While they are abstaining themselves from doing PMO for a long duration of time.

However, After asking some questions I came to know that they do edging while they claim to be on nofap. This ain’t gonna work ever.

Now for those who don’t know what edging is, it is a practice of watching sensual content up to the brink of orgasm and then stopping from ejaculation.

The main motto of doing nofap is to quit watching porn so that your brain gets rewired. Your thinking ability, self-confidence, health (both mental and physical) could be regained with more strength.

Note: I would highly recommend you not to watch any of the sensual content on the internet or somewhere else, otherwise you surely not gonna feel any of the benefits.

You are just wasting your time if you are doing edging on the nofap. The particular reason for that is, our brain gets the dopamine shots while we do edging and that’s the whole point of nofap, to restore the disturbed dopamine levels of the brain.

But, through edging, you are exactly giving what our brain craves for. Don’t do that.

Why  I Am Practicing Nofap?

Basically, to become the best version of yourself, you should practice nofap in your life once to get the experience. And for this particular reason, I am practicing nofap in my life.

Why i practice nofap
Why practice Nofap

Now I just don’t want to beat my meat for some stuff that is probably shot by getting doped or s*xual abuse.

Also, what watching it do to the human brain? Once you know about it, you will automatically quit watching it. Streaming P*rn online messes up with your brain a lot.

And I have had much.

I was heavily addicted to watching p*rn. So addicted that I watch it straight for multiple hours daily. It feels so exciting, thrilling, and strange kind of feeling while watching it.

The primary reason for being addicted is the dopamine rush inside the brain.

The journey of my nofap begin when I came to realize that what it does to me and my life. I was started to feel like a pathetic person who just only want to watch that.

But as soon as I get introduced to nofap through my friend, I eagerly take this nofap 90 days challenge.

The irony is I failed the day after I took the challenge, but after several failures, I started to feel something inside me to get going, and here I am writing this article to motivate you guys.

I just started this website to help people out from this swamp of P*rn and ejaculation.

The Major Reason Why I Started Nofap

First, to become the best version of yourself. When you don’t do PMO, you are left with a lot of time that can be used to be more productive towards your goal.

Second, to restore the dopamine levels of the brain. Because watching p*rn highly messes up the dopamine levels and it takes about 3 months to restore.

Also, dopamine is responsible for self-confidence, happiness, and joy.

One more reason is that, started to feel some of the good benefits of nofap that really helped me out to gain the attention of the people around me. And I kinda started liking this type of life rather than being a jerk who faps.

Why I Do Not Watch Porn and Here is Why You Should do the Same.

Maybe in the near future, I could ejaculate, but it will never be the result of watching P*rn.

Why I am saying that? Because after reading and watching several interviews of girls who used to work in this industry, I now have an idea how it works. And that process would not be acceptable by any human with self-respect.

Most men don’t know about the story behind the camera. Most of the films get shoot while they are doped or high. They do so just to hide their depression and pain of doing it for so long.

They have to go through the process of multiple cosmetic surgeries to look like a fantasy character. Moreover, I watched an interview where the woman who worked in this industry confesses that several women like her, abused by the director and the casting team just to get that perfect shot.

Although there is much more than this which we would cover some other day.

There is so much to share about this industry that it would not be possible to cover in a single article.

The Bottom line

Well, I hope now you guys roughly have an idea of what watching these videos does to our brain and how this industry operates on s*xual and drug abuse.

Quit this habit today, and try to become the better version of yourself. Give your life a purpose, thrive for it.

Take nofap challenge at least once for just 30 days and feel the difference.

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