Watching Bad Stuff and Depression: Effect On Mental Health

Yes, there is a great relation between “Watching Bad Stuff on the internet and Depression”. Also, It messes us with one’s mental state and behavior. It is the most unnatural visual which one can believe. Moreover, it affects your life in ways more than you can think of.

P*rnogr@phy or should I call It by its the popular common name “P*rn”. Adult stuff is something which is very easy to be seen in this digital life where almost everything is present virtually.

Also, It is very much difficult to avoid this type of erotic content while using the internet. They just pop up on the screen in the form of ad or anything else while browsing.

Many people fall for these traps and visit such sites already loaded with sensual adult content. Well, all the credit goes to our government for putting an unsuccessful ban on these sites. Even the government is not able to put a ban on these kinds of platforms.

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History of Adult Stuff(P*rn)

The scenes which we consider as p*rn exist from prehistoric times. For instance, you can look at the drawings and statues kept at various places in the world as a piece of art. So it cannot be told accurately that when it enters civilization.

But, making of first digital adult content or adult film that considered p*rn was shot in the 20th century. The scene was 18 seconds long in that film. Then shortly after another film released that was heating up the audience.

Also, By the late 1950s, videorecorder cassettes were invented and 75% of them were sold because it has become handier with them. Technology becomes advanced with the passage of time and so are the methods to watch it. The revolution of the internet has changed everything. Now even a 10yr old can easily access these things on the internet.

Problem In Watching Bad Stuff on the Internet(P*rn)

It is one of the major concerns about children and teenagers. They are more vulnerable to their addiction. Also, it has become a part of the lifestyle for many. Also, A study shows that more than 42% of children and teenagers are exposed to Adult Stuff at the age of 10 to 17 years.

However, Exposure to sensual content at such a young age is very dangerous for the development of the mind and body. They easily could develop a habit of masturbation At a very premature age which Is harmful to their organs.

Also, it leads to a path of depression in one’s mind.

Relation with Depression

Although, It is not that only children or underage cannot peek through the Adult content but it is equally applicable to elder people too. Watching too much p*rn is bad. It is full of embarrassment and fakeness. Believing in p*rn is the stupidity of the next level.

Although, It is observed that people who watch adult or age-restricted stuff are generally depressed and embarrassed more like an introvert.

However, It is not clear that people watch it due to depression or they get depressed after watching it. But the big picture to focus on is that people are depressed and they also watch it. It is commonly believed that p*rn consumption is addictive.

Youngsters easily fall for It and crave more adult content. But when they get back to their real life, where nothing is like p*rn-stories they start having anxiety and depression regarding real life.

The main reason for depression is the waste of time watching p*rn whereas, at the same time another productive work could be done.

Children who get exposed to Adult or age-restricted content on the internet very early in life have been observed some behavioral changes which couldn’t be considered positive.

All these changes lead to anxiety, low self-confidence, and ultimately depression in the long run. People who are addicted do not feel depressed only when they watch their favorite p*rn and enjoy that but the truth is that these types of people feel helpless against the desire to watch it. And, From this, you can guess how much mentally weak the person has become.

What causes p*rn addiction?

When anyone watches it, the brain released a chemical substance which is known as “Dopamine”. it is also known as the feel-good hormone. When we feel good this chemical starts to release and our brain wants more dopamine every time as it gives joy and a feeling of happiness to the body.

P*rn is the easiest way to feel joy and please the body so that dopamine gets released and the brain demands it more. This develops the habit of watching it and further this habit turns into an addiction. Not just p*rn, anything which pleases the body so that dopamine gets released becomes an addiction. For example, masturbation, smoking, drinking, etc. That is why it becomes almost impossible or very difficult to quit any kind of addiction.

However, there is no limit to addiction, in fact, most people don’t know that they are addicted to things like this and watching it daily.

How To know if you are Addicted:

As I have said earlier there is no limit to addiction, there is no such extent for any person to define addiction. So now the question arises that how would you know that if you are addicted to it or not? And, Your habit of watching it daily gets transformed into addiction if you

1. Spend a lot of time watching p*rn.

2. Watch as casually as movies and series.

3 .Crave to watch.

4. Thinks about it the whole time.

5. Hard to resist and ultimately watch it.

If there are more than 2 issues with your behavior from the above points then, unfortunately, you get addicted to it.

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The Conclusion:

Anyway, I conclude that this addiction is a very unfortunate thing that can happen with a healthy person. Watching p*rn is not that bad. Our generation and technology is the way it is.

But at a personal level, watching it can damage the thinking power of the brain as it will flash in our memory the whole day.

Also, Real-life is very much different from the Virtual sensual world. Watching bad stuff on the internet for a long time can make you feel anxiety, low self-confidence, and depression. It totally damages the personality of the person.

Although every person is free to watch. It has its own side-effects in the real world.

Moreover, there is a higher chance of becoming addicted to those visuals. Hence watching bad stuff on the internet will only give troubles in real life in the long run. That is how watching bad stuff and Depression are linked.

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