The Best Nofap Strategy To Accomplish 90 Days

Are you facing difficulty in completing nofap challenge?

Are you struggling to hit few weeks of being clean? Or always hitting one or two weeks of the streak but always found yourself on square one of the counter?

Are you feeling worse and worse about yourself after every single time you ejaculate?

If the questions asked above relate to you then you have come to the right place. Today I am going to give you suggestions about the best Nofap strategy.

In my opinion, what you are missing is not motivation or some tricks that would help you to get through. You have both of them that’s why you came here.

You are missing just one thing which is a good strategy. Look when you do things with a proper plan and strategy they always present you with better results.

Let me explain:

A study or Research: The basis of this Article

A famous study was conducted in 1970 by American psychologist Dr.Bruce Alexander. He put several rats in isolated cages and gave them access to two types of water. One was simple water and the other was mixed with c*caine.

He discovered that a large majority of lonely rats continuously drink that mixed water until they overdose and died.

Again he recreated the experiment with a much larger cage which he called the rat park.

Now, instead of lonely rats in isolated cages, he put several rats in the same cage. The cage was filled with toys that the rats can play with, comfortable sleeping places, etc. He put all the rats in the same cage so that they could play, interact and share intimate time with each other.

Now again he put two types of water: one was simple and the other was mixed. Surprisingly not even a single rat overdosed and they all prefer to drink plain water.


Then he discovered that animals tend to form addictions when their needs are not fulfilled. The same principle is applied to human beings.

You can always find a porn addict alone in his life. He would have no real friends, no ambition, no goal towards life. Now, this is a vicious cycle. First, you separate out yourself from others to watch porn, and then porn separates out you to become social by killing the confidence.

In this modern world, we don’t have to struggle much to get things. It’s easy to get food and shelter. Most of us don’t have to worry about our lives and it is super easy to find entertainment. All thanks to the high-speed internet of the modern world. Using what you can access almost everything on the internet in just a few clicks. Although it is very useful it is bad as that.

Everyone is literally some 3-4 clicks away from accessing the p*rn on and eventually becoming an addict.

According to a survey, one-third of the teenagers feel lonely. And they are just the same as the alone rats in isolated cages. In order to break down your addiction, you need to move out of your cage. You need to find the human version of the rat park.

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Main Benefit/Motto of doing NoFap

I am sure that a lot among has taken the nofap challenge (that’s obvious if you are reading this) because we all non fappers believe in improving our life, social skill and dating life.

But the point here to be understand that nofap alone doesn’t give you all alone.

Nofap main benefit is to give you extra energy. Sure there Is more mental clarity and improved thinking ability but apparently the main benefit is extra energy. You have to make use of this energy and start building habits that would overall improve your life.

Now where to use this energy? What kind of habits you need to develop?

Here is

How to use the extra energy you get from Nofap?

To use the extra energy you must follow the steps written down there:

1. Working out and Eating well

If you use this extra energy in working out and eating well, then in only a few weeks you will see some gratifying results In your physical appearance.

Nofap Strtategy Workout
#Working out On Nofap Will increaase the benefits

Also, it would make you to look more attractive and more confident. Well, this would make a lot easier for you to socialize, make friends out there, or may be even you get a girl.

But all of the above will happen only if you use this energy to start working on yourself.

2. Use this Energy for Meditation

Practicing meditation while doing nofap is one of the best things you can do. Now I am not gonna explain what is mediation and Its’ benefit. You can simply learn it by clicking here.

Nofap Strategy Meditation
Meditation on Nofap

You can use this energy in building the habit of meditation daily. Now meditation is something that makes your mind strong by increasing the focus. Once you start to do this you will see a change in your thinking ability and mental strength.

The presence of mind will allow you to take more control over the conversation while presenting yourself before someone. You will become more empathic and you can easily eliminate the negative thoughts of your brain. These all psychological changes help in easily becoming friends with someone or to chose a date.

3.  Use this Energy in Completing a project or developing a skill

First of all, I want to tell you guys that this point is my favorite one. This is one of the most practical applications which you can choose.

Developing Skill on nofap
Develop A Skill

Use the extra energy to develop any popular skill like dancing, playing guitar, coding, solving puzzles, etc. Or you can complete a project which you always wanted to do.

Eventually you will get a good hold on the skill and you would have something in which you excel.

This is the most attractive trait which again will you easy to socialize and make some good friends.


If you want to get out of your cage as soon as possible. You can take a shortcut too. Gather the courage and meet different people whether at meetups, dating sites, or social media. After communicating with some people you will find an improvement in your social skills.

Summary On The Best NoFap Strategy

The whole and sole point of writing this post were to tell you guys about the best strategy of nofap.

Don’t look it as I will make a streak of “n” days. Look it as a challenge to improve yourself. If you will focus on counting days surely you will relapse soon and feel guilty about that.

Instead you should use the energy to improve your physical, mental and spiritual state. Also use this extra energy to develop some good habits and skill that will benefit you in long run.

I myself stop counting days on nofap and now just focusing on making myself better than yesterday.

I hope you like this article. If you want to share or suggest something regarding my blog please use the comments section.

Thanks for reading.

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