Read this if you have an Urge

Read This if you have an urge

Hey man, How’s it going? Your NoFap Journey? If you are reading this I am guessing that you are feeling an urge to ejaculate or to watch the bad stuff on the internet. Maybe you have other tabs open now. Who knows? I can’t 100% guarantee you that you won’t relapse because it’s obvious that … Read more

7 Best Ways To Deal With Nofap Urges

Ways to deal with Nofap Urges

On the demand of one of my readers, I write this post on 7 Best Ways To Deal With Nofap Urges. Urges are the main reason for everyone for relapse. So, Is there a way to deal with them? Yes of course. Stick till the end and you will know. Controlling Urges demands the highest level … Read more