Side Effects Of Nightfall- Problem, Cure and Ways to Prevent Nightfall

Hey guys, I hope you are doing good in your life and living a healthy life. Today’s article is also related to men’s health. In this article, we are going to discuss “Side Effects of Nightfall”.

Also, I will suggest the treatment of Nightfall, but first we should be clear about.

Side Effects Of NightFall

Does Nightfall Causes Problem?

Before considering it as a problem or not, first, we have to understand Nightfall. Nightfall knew as “Nocturnal emission” or “night discharge” is the discharge of semen during sleep.

Or In easy language, when semen from the human body gets released from the penis in sleep Is known as Nightfall. It is also known asWet Dreams” because the person wakes up being wet in the bed.

The feeling is very embarrassing for the very first time.

Although Nightfall is common in the age group of 18-30 years old male guys.

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So now, when we get an idea of what nightfall is. Let’s discuss, is it a problem or not.

Anything which is in excess or more than enough starts creating problems not in case of nightfall specifically but in every aspect of life.

The frequency of nightfall may vary from person to person as the hormonal changes approaches differently in every person.

Note: Nightfall mainly caused by the hormonal changes that started to occur in puberty.

But, if we talk about average frequency it is 4-5 times a month during the period of onsetting puberty.

Now the frequency of experiencing nightfall varies from person to person. As I have told you above.

It is generally considered harmless to body as it is a result of growth of sexual organs in the body.

And generally it get automatically treated with the balance of hormonal changes.

But, if the frequency of nightfall is increased with a regular interval (8-10 in a month) for a long duration of time say months, then it is considered as problem.

Which may have bad effects on the body.

In such a situation like this I advice you to consult a doctor but If frequency falls around average then no need to worry at all.

Is Nightfall Good or Bad?

Nightfall is generally considered as harmless as it is a sign of the growth of sexual energy in the body hence, it is totally normal; in fact good.

But if it occurs at regular intervals and multiple times like 8-10 in a month; then it is bad.

I hope that you may now able to consider it as good or bad. This case is different for every person.

Here mentioned below about some of the “Side effects of Nightfall”.

# Serious mental and physical weakness.

# Pain in joints (especially knee joint).

# Cause dizziness and blurs the vision which results in poor eyesight.

# Can causes insomnia.

# Decrease the sperm count.

# In severe cases it may cause erectile dysfunction(ED) which results in the inability to perform sex.

# Ultimately the person becomes incapable of producing children if nightfall is increased to a higher level.

Nightfall cure:

Nightfall can be cured.

It is possible, but it requires strict discipline for atleast treatment duration.

Nightfall can be cured by a number of ways mentioned below and you can choose anyone. Treatment by diet.

1. Treatment by medicines.

2. Prevention methods.

3. How to control Nightfall by Diet?

How to Control Nightfall by Diet?

Nightfall usually occurs due to the overproduction of semen in the body. Nightfall also shows that the pelvic muscles are loose.

Hence, you should take a balanced diet consisting of light and easily digested food.

You can take salads, carrots, pumpkin, bottle guard(Lauki), pulses (moong dal) etc.

A balanced diet not only improves strength but also makes the body more responsive to medicines.

Strictly avoid heavy and complex food such as meat, fish, eggs, fried foods, dairy products, etc.

How to control Nightfall by medicine

There are medicines available to cure “Nightfall” in Ayurveda and other medical literature such as Homeopathic, allopathic etc.

People generally bend more towards Ayurvedic treatment in these types of cases.

But before getting treated with Ayurvedic medicines, you should follow a proper and regular discipline for your medication.

Any medicine you take as a treatment of nightfall should have following qualities.

1. It should make semen thicker (viscous). so that it couldn’t get discharged easily while sleeping.

2. It should limit the production of seminal fluid. Excess of this fluid causes semen to spill out through the body

3. It should provide strength to the pelvic muscles.

4. It should strengthen the reproductive system.

All of the above qualities are found in the medicinal herbs that are recommended by Ayurveda.

Some of the popular ayurvedic medicines for nightfall are :

1. Ashwagandha

2. Shilajit

3. Triphala

There are several more available but they are known to be used for ages with proper cure and no side effects.

Daily Exercise is recommended for best results. Yoga and meditation are proven to bring out the best result in curing nightfall.

How to prevent Nightfall?

Side Effects of Nightfall can be prevented by some slight changes in lifestyle.

I have already discussed the prevention of nightfall.

Well, some of the tips are:

Avoid sleeping on your stomach. It creates pressure in the pelvic region.

Avoid taking milk at night.

Have a balanced diet.

Avoid adult content usually at night.

Avoid excessive masturbation.

Practice Nofap In Life.

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Night discharge:

Nightfall is also known as “Night discharge”.

Because it occurs at the time of sleep specifically in the early morning hours when the bladder is full.

Night discharge contains seminal fluid which makes us feel wet and healthy sperms produced in the body.

Also, a lot of nutrients and minerals like zinc, iron, calcium, and protein also escapes the body in form of seminal fluid through night discharge.

Is Nightfall good or bad for you?

Many would say that it is totally normal and natural to have nightfall. Some would say it’s not good.

Many gets confused on “is nightfall good or bad?” but not after reading this.

Although nightfall is neither good nor bad. Nightfall is just the secretion of semen from the body involuntarily during sleep.

And, it is natural. But……

It may be considered as bad when it is experienced in excess or more than the average. To know more about the average click here.

Excess of nightfall can cause serious mental and physical effects on our bodies.

Conclusion :

If you are experiencing excessive nightfall or above average and it makes you feel weaker than before then I strongly advise you guys to go to a doctor.

Because the side effects of Nightfall can get worse with time.

This website is dedicated especially for the males community who are dealing with the real life problems.

Thanks For Reading.

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