Sexual Transmutation: 7 Ways to Transmute Sexual Energy

Hey guys, how you feeling? I hope you all are doing your best yourself to keep yourself away from watching P*rn and fapping. Today’s topic is about the 7 ways to transmute sexual energy. How can you transform sexual energy into other forms of energy? So that you can achieve ultimate joy and peace in life.

“Sexual energy is such a hurricane of force that once it’s accumulated it needs an outlet from the body”.

This outlet could be in the form of relapse or through some other creative ways through a dynamic conversion process. The process which we are going to discuss is sexual transmutation.


The word “transmute” in simple language “ the changing or transferring of one element or form of energy into another”.

Similarly, sexual transmutation means to convert your sexual energy into some other form of energy that helps to elevate a person’s life.

Yes, sexual desires are also a form of energy. Even everything in this world is energy. For proof, you can study quantum physics which says “Everything is energy”.

Whenever you are feeling urges on your nofap, it simply means that the energy of your body is moving towards physical expressions.

The flow of energy is going down and it’s your job to keep a hold of the energy and lift it up towards the brain. Now there can be so many ways to do this but, the most important thing is you have to focus on the energy the whole time.

Even a little expression of weakness could cost you your whole nofap streak”.

Transmute Sexual Energy
Transmute Sexual Energy

Doing this will make rise kundalini sexual energy in your body.

“The kundalini energy starts from the base of our spine and whenever this energy is activated this energy moves upwards to the brain at the crown of your head”.

Also,ojas shakti or semen power will start to form inside your body that makes you a strong, appealing, confident, and attractive man. A lot more you will achieve through this transmutation of sexual energy.

All the so-called benefits of Nofap can be easily achieved through transmutation. Whereas if you suppress the sexual energy and let it settle in the body without transmutation, maybe you wouldn’t get benefits up to that extent.

So the question here is how to use your sexual energy or transmute this energy? So here are 7 ways to transmute sexual energy into others.

Best Ways to Transmute Sexual Energy

1. Workout to Transmute Sexual Energy

Different forms of workouts or exercise are the common way to channelize your sexual energy into your body. By doing a workout, the energy which was stored in your “body chakras” starts to move upwards and go into different parts of the body.

This energy helps you to develop aggression during work-out at the gym which enables you to push for more. Also, you get to see good results within a few days of hitting the gym.

Workout To transmute sexual energy
Workout To transmute Energy

This is why it is advised that you should instantly start doing push-ups if you feel horny while doing. Exercise will transfer the horniness into your body parts and save you from relapse.

Although, you can do any exercise push-ups are something that doesn’t require any equipment and you can do it literally anywhere and anytime if you feel urges or horny.

2. Practice Meditation To Transmute Energy

The second method is one of the most important ways to transmute sexual energy. It is important also if you want to get success at nofap.

Meditation is probably the best practice to transmute your desires into the physical equivalent.

Meditation  to transmute sexual energy
Meditation to transmute sexual energy

I highly recommend you guys to do meditation after workout because the oxygen running through your brain. And when you meditate you can go deeper into your meditation.

Especially if you do meditation after your workout, you will notice that it enable you to relax and give more benefits. You would go to deep meditation. It can be so deep that you will lost inside yourself with no idea of how much time is passed.

Also, meditation helps you to achieve the results based on the law of attraction. This means that you can manifest your strongest desires into physical equivalent through this law.

There are thousands of benefits of doing meditation which we can discuss later but for now, note that doing meditation is probably the best way to transmute your sexual energy.

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3. Experience inner joy (Music and dance)

The next way to transmute your energy from the body chakra to other parts is to express joy. Experiencing inner joy is known to help in the transmutation of energy.

You just have to experience joy. Do whatever you like. Feel happiness. Tune in your favorite music and dance. Move your body in madness so that the energy could also move.

Also, Listening to your favorite music releases dopamine which is a feel-good hormone. Hence it will make you feel better.

This method can turn your horniness or your urges into something better. You would actually start feeling good.

And when we feel good our brain tends to come in higher vibration which helps to transmute the energy even more efficiently.

4. Go Out with Friends

The next practice which you can do to transmute your energy is to go out with friends. Spend some quality time with your loved ones makes you feel happy. Also by doing this you are avoiding your urges. Hence by going out you are not only ignoring urges but also transmuting the sexual energy.

Also, you will feel that whenever you do celibacy or brahmacharya your friends or other people starts to get influence by you. They will attract to you and your humor will improve.

Moreover, people listen carefully to a man who chose celibacy as a lifestyle. A very famous author has mentioned in his book that there come warmth and strength in the hands of the person who practice celibacy in his life.

5. Work With Deep Concentration To Transmute Energy

One should work with full focus. Because when you work with full concentration, the transmutation of sexual energy begins.

Usually we humans have a habit of checking the text messages on our phones in less than every 15 minutes. It simply diminishes your focus power.

But, if you are performing any task with full concentration the transmutation begins. It’s not like that you will get results from day-1. It takes time. . . . okay.

Also, some researchers conclude that when someone does any kind of work with deep concentration, the brain shifts to another brain wave that contributes to the perfect execution of the task.

6. Creative Work

One of the best methods to transmute sexual energy is being creative. Here the term creative doesn’t mean that being an artist or something.

By being creative here means exploring your creative endeavors. If you like to play guitar, piano, singing, dancing or any other activity then, practice it. Unleash the creativeness within you through your activity.

As we all know that while practicing nofap, our body accumulates energy. So, it’s better to use this energy in developing some good habits or learning something creative in life.

7. Cleanliness and personal hygiene

This method will especially work while you feel urges to relapse.

One thing you can do is to clean your room and surrounding. One can start by cleaning his room, place the things in their right place.

Furthermore, you can decorate your whole room with motivational posters, photographs, lights, etc. After it’s done you would feel a sense of joy which makes you forget your all urges.

Also, look after for your personal hygiene. Groom yourself to look better.

Immediately after it, you would feel inner happiness which can’t be described in words I guess.

Summary on How to Transmute Your Sexual Energy

Transmutation simply means to change or transfer. Hence transmutation of sexual energy refers to the changes the sexual desires into some other form of energy.

Here are my 7 best ways which I use for “Transmutation of Sexual Energy

1. Workout

2. Meditation

3. Experience joy

4. Go out with friends

5. Deep work

6. Creative work

7. Cleanliness and hygiene

I hope you guys like this article and learn something new today. Also, you guys can share your experience in the comments section. I would love to read it.

Thanks for reading.

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