Why it is Said – Real Men Don’t Cry

It would be very cruel and inhuman to say that “Real men don’t cry”. Scientifically crying has its own definition & psychological facts but it is our mind that takes it in a different way. 

Researchers have found that shedding tears releases oxytocin & endorphins. The release of these chemicals helps people with ease in physical and emotional pain. Also, people generally feel good afterward.

It doesn’t matter which type of person you are and how much smarter you are, you have to suffer from critical situations like anxiety, depression & much more circumstances that make you cry one day or the other. 

Here I remind of one thought about life-

Today is difficult, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.

-Zack Ma


You have to be strong and wait for the days of sunshine in your life, when you bloom and grow.

Although, Crying will make you feel light and better afterward.

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Psychological Facts About Men’s Emotion

There is no difference between men & women’s emotional triggers. Its all about in which type of environment one grows & it is not only about the family background but also the whole culture & things going out from generation to generation.


Psychological Analysis- Emotional
#Psychological Analysis- Emtional

Mostly men don’t show their emotion in front of others & this may be the reason that creates a myth that they doesn’t have emotion.

Actually we men have emotions too. We also are humans. But the thing is we are not open to a lot of people.

We show our true emotions with someone important and trustworthy.

There is also a stereotype in the society that men who express their emotions easily among others are weak, or sensitive. Which obviously do not goes with our prejudiced personality only according to society.

Impact: Emotional Imbalance

Sensitive men cry a lot in their hard circumstances. Whereas, Mentally harder men shed little tears.

It affects a person’s behavior to such an extent that it could end up changing the whole identity of the person. For instance, a person who talks a lot suddenly becomes silent in the social life.

They will start looking for lonely places so that they could live in peace.

Similarly, a lot of behavioral changes occur In men after crying. And believing this myth that “real men do not cry” is such a stereotype that should be avoided.

When Do Men Cry?

I never suggest anyone to cry but sometimes the situations become so hard that they end up making a man cry.

Situations like a breakup, losing opportunities, etc. makes an individual to totally broke down. it doesn’t matter either you are men or women both get equally broke up but how much you cry or may not cry depends upon what is the course of your life, in which type of surrounding you have grown up. 

When Do Men Cry
When DO MenCry?

So men also have a right to cry, they also feel sad. We should never criticize men for crying & emotionally reacting because they also belong to the same world in which others residing & also they are the creature of God with soul & heart.

Gender And Emotional Restiction:

May you have heard sometimes saying people “you are a man, don’t cry” or ” men never cry”.

However, these idioms & thoughts are totally pointless. We live in a society where men have to do a lot of struggle in order to get bread on their table. 

Moreover, a lot of things men have to bear if they want to live a respectful life in this judgemental society. Our society demands from a man to be a stronger one.

And if they can’t do so they will get criticized.

For a long time, women are treated as weak gender, and men are meant to be strong mentally, physically, and emotionally. This mentality is still imposed on people by society.

It is okay to cry and express emotion as a woman but not okay as a man. Why is this so?

Because we are programmed by our parents, relatives and surrounding since childhood. Boys are gifted with the aggressive toys like guns or other war figures. Although a male children is encouraged to show anger and aggression whereas the same boy is being called “girl” if expresses emotions.

The roots of this answer is more deeper than you can think of.

Impact: Behavioral Change

They start crying alone & makes himself to wipe before anyone notices.

Ever you have noticed why men get more heart attack then women. The reason is that they hide their emotion and bear it for long time by telling nobody.   

It creates anxiety,depression which causes various types of illness.

It generates a dark world inside them and also develops a habit of hiding feeling and showcasing harder which creates a myth that inherit from generation to generation.


Ever heard about Batman, Superman, etc. they are the man with a lot of power. Do you ever think why these superheroes came in the industry earlier than superwomen?

Why men’s were preferred? The answer is society was male dominance. I am not trying to raise any kind of conflict regarding the male &female dominance concept.

By taking the dominance of males in a positive way I am trying to explain how men are a symbol of strength. This is true that God has inherited more physical strength in boys than girls these physical strengthening somehow affects emotional strength.


In my view, men are more like coconut. Harder from outside & softer from inside. If a woman is a root of the house & society then the man also is a pillar of the house & society.

Our era demands equality in everything so there is also need to give man emotions disclosing equality like a women do  very easily. There is a need to give them support during their difficult time rather than to leave them to fight alone.

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