Read this if you have an Urge

Hey man,

How’s it going? Your NoFap Journey?

If you are reading this I am guessing that you are feeling an urge to ejaculate or to watch the bad stuff on the internet. Maybe you have other tabs open now. Who knows?

I can’t 100% guarantee you that you won’t relapse because it’s obvious that I can’t control you through the screen but yeah one thing I can assure you is that relapsing while watching P*rn on the internet won’t give you satisfaction for more than 9 seconds.

The point here is that I don’t want to convince you not to watch p*rn as if you want to you will. But here we have this one thing which is called channelize this desire to somewhere else where you would get results like a workout, meditation, or learning a skill.

Also, I have written a complete dedicated post on how to use the energy on nofap.

You are already taking action:

If you are reading this then you should be proud to yourself. Because you are taking action to beat this urge at nofap. I want you to appreciate you guys because you have taken action as you are reading this while having an urge rather than watching p*rn.

You are stepping forward towards the guy you could become after this nofap journey. And you are moving forth towards your goal of achieving maximum days of nofap.

Here I remember a very famous quote


Read this if you have nofap urges

So, just let go off these urges. They’ll just pass. Don’t react. Calm down. Everything is under control.

Don’t Try To Edge or peek:

If you are facing an urge never ever try to edge or peek a little to satisfy your urge. It will ultimately cost you the whole streak.

Well, if you don’t edge you probably will save yourself from a major relapse but if you did you did, I can guarantee you that you would relapse and lost your whole progress.

This again reminds me of one more thought:

“If you quit now, you will end right back where you first began. And when you first began you were desperate to reach where you are right now. So Don’t quit. Keep Going.”

Nofap Urges are Normal And Healthy Sign

One more thing you should note that feeling urges is normal. Actually, it is good. Consider it as a healthy sign.

Don’t just get frustrated by the thought that why I am getting urges? Why?  Why?

Once again I am repeating that having urges is completely normal.

Have you ever heard of the story of a man who felt anxious and then he became anxious that he was anxious, that he was anxious and so on. . . . it would just stack stack stack.

So one thing I want you to know that you are feeling an urge. And that is completely normal and healthy. It’s a sign of your manhood.

You have two options While Facing Urges

Now, Our daily life is comprised of several small decisions that we choose to make. Result of which our life happens to us.

You always have two options: Do or Do Not?

Should I Watch the p*rn or should I don’t watch it?

Do I take a cold shower or not? Do I eat healthy today or not? And so on. . .

Although these little decision doesn’t seem much. But making good small decisions for a long time eventually transforms your life.

Now you have to decide which kind of life you want to live.

Once you know how to tackle these urges, you would feel a slight feeling of accomplishment. And the slight feeling of accomplishment is way better than the feeling of shame.

And this feeling of accomplishment will make you a better person.


First I want you guys to know that feeling an urge is completely normal. It happens on nofap and it’s a fact cause you are a man. Urges are a sign of your manhood.

Second I want you guys to know about the ways to deal with nofap urges. Regarding of which I have written a post on 7 ways to deal with the urges of nofap.

Here are the points:

1. Take a cold shower.

2. Socialize with friends.

3. Leave the place Immediately.

And more which you wll get to know once you read this article by clicking here.

And last but not the least, you are doing good. I am sure that this time you would make a long streak enough to be proud of.


Thanks for reading.

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