Precum: The Fluid Before Ejaculation

Hello guys, have you ever experienced the secretion of transparent fluid from your thing while being on Nofap? If yes, then you are landed on the right page. Read this article on Nofap Precum: Fluid before ejaculation to know more.

Did you ever think that what is the liquid that comes out just before ejaculation? Go through the page and you will get your answers.

But first, we should know about. . .

What is Precum?

Basically, precum is a transparent liquid that is secreted by the urethra through the urinary tract. It is released when you get excited or tend to ejaculate due to any reason.

Moreover, It also gets released by the serious stimulation or sensations in Male organs.

It is sticky and almost odorless in nature and comes out just before you tend to ejaculate.

Role of Precum

The main purpose of precum is to provide lubrication in the path of semen to flow out easily through the shaft.

The more precum lubricates the shaft, the more easily semen will flow out.

Also, during intercourse it acts as a lubrication between the organs.

Precum In Nofap

As you know that precum is released due to stimulation in the male organs.

While on Nofap, there is no point of precum in the journey until it happens due to physical contact or serious touching.

Precum will only flow out if you get excited and being excited is not a part of Nofap. You are supposed to control your urges while being on Nofap.

And, if you have experienced precum on nofap without any physical touch, it means your nofap streak is gone.

Because in the other case precum will only happen while you edge or peek through the hot content while doing nofap.

Many of us think that we will edge but not ejaculate. This mentality should be changed as it will get you nowhere. Moreover, it will increase the chances of relapse.

Nofap means to Quit consuming virtual adult content that leads to jerking off. In short, it means no p*rn and no m*sturbation.

Precum during nofap means, surely you are peeking through the content which ultimately leads to relapse and once again you will get there from where you have started.

What is Edge-ing?

Edging can be referred to an act In which a person try to peek through the “P” but do not fap.

Edging is strictly prohibited while doing nofap. Because it ultimately results in relapse.

Moreover, Edging is the proof that you cannot control your urge and can’t stay away from all these garbage present all over the internet.

Read full article on edging here.

Important note:

Edging will only lead to blue balls. For those of us who do not know about blue balls- It is the pain that occurs in the balls while doing nofap.

Don’t take it as a disadvantage of Nofap. It is very Specific. The pain only occurs when we get aroused after seeing some bad content and don’t ejaculate.

Many people try edging and ended up either having blue balls or a relapse as a reward of peeking. Now they are again at the Day 0.

That’s why I said Edging will only give you blue balls and in worse case a relapse.

Precum Also will give blue balls.

Precum act as a lubrication in the path of semen to flow throughout the urethra. It increases the mobility of the semen.

Secretion of precum shows that the semen is loaded in the testes and about to release from the body which causes balls to swell and increase in size.

But When you don’t ejaculate and try to save your nofap streak, it causes congestion in fluids in testicles which causes pain.

Also, too much blood flow down to the genitals during the erection or arousal state but if you didn’t ejaculates this blood may stay in genitals causing pain and discomfort.

This is known as Blue balls.

#Questions Related To Precum

How to get away from the Blue Balls pain?

As soon as the erection will go, the tension down there will get released and the pain will go slowly. It may take several minutes to get normal.

Although, the pain in the balls will go once, things started to become normal down there.

Is it normal to have Pre-cum?

Yes, it is very natural. No need to worry about it. Precum is the result of stimulation on the organs. And, the volume may vary with different people.

Some have less and some may have more. But it is released involuntarily every single time and it is very natural.

Does Precum contains sperms?

It should be understood that precum is a lubricating fluid that is secreted from a gland known as “cowpers gland”.

It is not secreted from testes like semen. Although it may contain live sperms. But in a very small volume.

The semen traces found in precum is mainly due to the recently done ejaculation.

Can you ( a woman) get pregnant from precum?

However, the volume of sperms in the pre-cum is very very low but It can still happen. The point is, a small amount of live sperms may remain behind in the urinary tract from the ejaculation recently done.


And these already present sperm cells come out while the pre-cum fluid is secreted through the glands after the ejaculation.

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