Power of One Drop Semen: Value and Facts About Semen

Facts About the Value and Power of one Drop semen ….

Many of us would think … one drop only…. it’s not worth it. But believe me it is.

Every single drop of it counts and matters in the life of a male.

Go through this article written down here and you will understand yourself the importance and power of one drop of semen and how much protein it contains?


The word “Semen” means “Vajra” in Yogic science. “Vajra” means Hard like a diamond or stubborn.

In Hindi language, semen is called as “Veerya”.

And, Ejaculation is the major reason due to which it gets out of the body and wasted.

An Ejaculation occurs after friction is applied on genitals by rubbing or during excitement.

Ejaculation is also known as “Coming” but the precise word for it should be “Going”.

Because millions of live sperms, erection, essential vitamins and minerals and life energy goes away.

Ejaculation takes away the self-confidence along with a part of man’s personality with it. Due to which we start to feel low energy and sleepy after ejaculation.

Every Single Drop of our semen is very essential for our body and it should not be wasted, just for the sake of fake entertainment, to get pleasures and orgasm.

What does Semen Contain?

According to The Master of Taoist Philosophy, Dr. Stephen change wrote:

When the average male ejaculates, he loses about two pieces of New York Steak, ten eggs, six oranges and two lemons combined.


That includes protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids everything.

It is a viscous, greyish fluid which contains sperms and seminal fluids. The seminal fluid contains proteins, fructose and fatty acids.

That is why It is valuable as it contains so much nutrients.

How Semen is Made?

According to Ayurveda ( Ancient Medical Literature of India ) the food we eat has to go through 7 different stages in the body before sperms are made from it.

These 7 stages are:

1. Food to chyle ( juice ).

2. Chyle to Blood.

3. Blood to Flesh.

4. Flesh to fat.

5. Fat to Bone.

6. Bone to Bone marrow.

7. And, finally Bone marrow to semen.

Each stage takes about 5 days after the digestion of food.

Hence, the food we eat today will get converted into semen after about 35 days.

This is the importance of semen, as it takes time to produce quality sperms in the body.

Moreover, according to a research: from about 32kg of food we eat, only 800gms of blood is made and from that 800gms of blood, 20gms of Semen is obtained at best.

And, 32kg food is a monthly requirement of body on an average.

This means that if you ejaculate, you will end up wasting the last essence of food which you ate for the past one month.

Source: Medium

 Value of One Drop semen 

We as teenager are not able to understand the value of semen and ejaculates frequently, because It is produced daily in our body.

Without any idea, teenager boys falls for the trap like PMO and waste it in their space.

Ejaculation is like a method to relax for mostly people, without knowing what they are doing to their body.

Just because it is producing daily in the body, it does not means that it should be wasted frequently.

This degrades the quality of sperms and make semen less viscous over the time. Frequent ejaculation also create issues with self-confidence and self-image.

The value of semen in life can be judged by it’s power to create a whole new life.

It is so powerful that it can produce a baby, a new life if gets fused with an egg.

Also, about one month is required to produce a quality semen from the food we eat today.

One drop of Semen contains legends:

It’s one drop contains legends.

For example Great scientists, Legendary philosophers, writers, poets, warriors, and a lot more.

All these people who changed the world and creates history are produced from semen. All of us are produced from semen.

That is why semen is also known as Male seed.

Just like a seed of a plant contains whole forest, similarly semen contains a whole new generation.

Use it for good, not to waste in lust, Desires or ejaculations.

Problem of Regret Or Guilt After Ejaculation :

There is no single person in the world, who did not feel guilty and regret after ejaculation.

Before ejaculation, we can feel power and masculinity like a lion inside our body but after ejaculation we ended up feeling like a small cat.

Ejaculation slows down the brain functioning which makes us lazy and sleepy.

When lust or desires dominates the mind then, the brain gets divided into two parts: Conscious and Sub-Conscious.

What is their respective role?

Conscious Overtakes Sub-Conscious

When lusts and desires dominate the mind to ejaculate. Eventually, our mind get divided in 2 parts: Conscious and Sub-Conscious part.

The Conscious part of the brain exerts pressure on intellect and put full efforts to achieve orgasm.

Whereas, the Sub-Conscious part of the brain warns and advice to not to ejaculate and tries to save us from regrets after doing it.

But in most cases, Conscious mind take over the Subconscious mind and make a person to do PMO to fulfill the Dopamine rush in the brain.

In these Kind of situation, strongly follow your intellect and sub-conscious mind and try to avoid any activity that leads to Fapping.

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Final words

The semen is so powerful that it could create a whole life. It is capable to give a birth to a child.

This is the base of the amount of energy it possess. Semen is very powerful entity of our body and contains unlimited spiritual powers.

This power and energy should not be wasted just for couple of pleasurable moments.

Although, it should be used to attain spirituality in this world.

There are several benefits of semen retention which anyone can experience but the condition is to Quit wasting semen from this very moment.

Related Questions

Q1. what is semen Made up of?

Semen mainly is a mixture of sperms and seminal fluid. This fluid increase the mobility of sperms. Semen contains minerals like zinc, potassium, proteins and amino acids.

Q2. Sperm contains what nutrients.

Sperm contains nutrients like Vitamin C, proteins, amino acids, zinc, magnesium, potassium and some more. That is why we should waste sperms, as It is made up of many nutrients.

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