Power Of Brahmacharya

Power of Brahmacharya

Hello guys, I am Anoop Moruya and you are reading menhealthblogs.comPower of Brahmacharya.

Brahmacharya is not only abstaining from desires and lust. It also covers more aspects of life such as self-control, Discipline, habits, ethics, and principles of life.

Practicing brahmacharya gives you some special powers that no common person can have.

In this article, I will tell you guys about the power and benefits of brahmacharya that everyone will possess if they follow it.

Brahmacharya is the state of complete independence from lusts and desires. Freedom from these desires and lust plays a very important role in the Brahmacharya lifestyle. Hence the focus is a must.

Meaning And Strength Of Brahmacharya:

A Monk Meditating

The meaning of brahmacharya is simple. It is a way/path to become brahman(monk).

Earlier, the knowledge of brahmacharya is shared among the children age 14-25 in schools known as “Gurukuls”.

The same age in which the development of the mind is at its peak. And they make sure that no child of Gurukul should be indulged in desires, lust, and fantasy.

Brahmacharya today:

But, in today’s modern world this knowledge of brahmacharya is replaced by sex education or military schools.

No doubt, they get educated about all this as a subject but there is no limit on these kinds of subjects.

They give information about sensual organs, which most of the children consume with misconceptions and start leading In a way of discovering more with themselves by using their hands (If you know what I mean ).

The institution is no longer responsible for the character and behavior development of a child after introducing them such sensual and personal information in the form of a textbook.

Teens are curious about themselves. Many changes are occurring within their body emotionally, physically, and mentally.

A subject like Sex education gives them an idea of what’s going on within themselves along with some more sensual information which a child likes as it gives him a sense of pleasure.

Consequently, he tries to discover more and gets trapped in a circle of desires, lust, pornography, and masturbation. From this very point, the downfall of a child starts.

The irony here is they don’t even know about it because no one has provided them with information like how to get out of these desires and all.

Role of Teachers and Parents :

I am only referring to Indian parents and teachers here. Firstly, education is very costly at the present time.

Secondly, the moral face of education that develops ethics and morals in a student is totally ignored.

As compared to earlier times, every child has to practice Brahmacharya till he got married. Gain complete knowledge of dhyana, yoga, Morals, Bhagwad Gita, and other useful Upanishad. Reading all these help to develop a positive character and energy.

Not like today’s generation, totally unknown from Upanishads, Gita, and other moral kinds of literature.

Do not know more about yoga and asanas. Full of laziness and exhausted.

These are the traits and final results of the students of today’s Indian education system.

I will again say that today’s modern Indian Education system lacks the moral study which should be served to students.

The teacher should also possess purity in thoughts and morality in nature. Only then he is considered to spread the knowledge of brahmacharya among students.

Parents should also encourage their children to practice brahmacharya especially between the age of 14-25 yrs.

When puberty starts bringing out certain changes to occur in the body.

Youngsters become curious to know about all this and all they get is third class ill knowledge from street boys and friends who encourage them to take a path that leads to destroying physical and mental powers of the body.

Parents should consult their children about all the changes along with their importance and make them study the Granths, Upanishads, Yoga Science, etc to develop a positive character among their children.

In my personal opinion, I would suggest every parent should encourage every child to read the biography of Swami Vivekananda Ji and try to learn something from his whole life journey.

Give a read to the principles and values explained by “Swami” Ji in his books.

Power Of Brahmacharya:

Through Brahmacharya, powers can be obtained which makes us better human than the rest.

Strict Brahmacharya provides you with some special powers that no common human can easily possess and handle.

Hence in this section of the article, I am going to present you with the Power of Brahmacharya.

Several powers at the physical and mental levels are provided by nature to a Brahmachari ( those who follow Brahmacharya lifestyle ).

They become fearless and leave a deep impression after saying a few words in the heart of hearers, their presence enlightens the place, and many more.

Let’s have a look at all of them:

#1. Courage :

One Should Show Courage

Fear has no meaning left after you practice brahmacharya for a significant period of time. Even In dangerous situations you will be ready to face the fear and bear the risk.

Fear reduces to Zero.

Instead of being encouraged and panicked, you will be able to handle every situation with bravery and a calm mind.

#2. Glittering Eyes:


Your eyes started to sparkle and possess a great shine in itself. One may look for a long time in them. Generally, people get mesmerized with such eyes and start getting influenced by them.

Your eyes will show your self-confidence to them. Dark circles around the eyes will also disappear.

#3. Enhanced Immunity:

The Power of Brahmacharya will improve your immunity to an optimal level where you no longer fall sick or exhausted. Your body will become a storehouse of energy and allows it to fight with disease-causing factors.

Immunity will be so much increased that the body itself will deal with the illness.

#4. Long Lasting Memory:

Swami Vivekananda Ji is an example of this power. He Enhanced his memory power to photographic level by Practicing brahmacharya in their life. He was known for many traits but photographic memory is one of the greatest things about him.

Hence it is clear that Brahmacharya will increase your memory powers. You can experience it by yourself. Practice it for some time and experience all the changes in your memory retention powers.

#5. Confidence:

Confident man

All the shyness and hesitations will automatically drop out and self-confidence will occupy those space in yourself.

Raging confidence is another power that is provided by the Brahmacharya lifestyle.

The confidence will be different and can be noticed greater and other than a common man.

#6. Power to Influence Others:

Brahmachari is capable of influencing people by their voice and words they say. People listen to them with focus. The impression of the words lasts longer than words of any other guys.

This is the power of Celibacy which allows you to develop a glow on face and make people to get attracted to it and influence with the voice. People will start listening to you after practicing it.

#7. Dhyaan Shakti:

If you follow Brahmacharya strictly, then Dhyan Shakti ( Concentration Powers ) begins to develop. You can easily focus on any of the tasks without getting distracted for a longer duration of time.

It also develops Vichaar shakti ( Thinking and Visualizing Ability ). The mind becomes more focused and works with maximum efficiency under the influence of these powers.

There are so many powers that it cannot be explained in a single article. I will write them down and publish on my website: menhealthblogs.com on some other day.


Brahmacharya is a very powerful lifestyle that elevates you in life if you practice it. It provides mental and spiritual balance like no other lifestyle can give.

It helps in gaining Divine and encourage to follow the path of truth. Brahmacharya will develop some special powers in you after practicing it for a specific period of time.

These powers include Fearlessness, Courage, Glittering Eyes, Boost Confidence, Deep and mesmerizing voice,  masculinity, physical strength, mental and emotional balance, calmness, and a way to spirituality.

Brahmacharya has so much to give, although it requires strict discipline and sadhana( meditation and focus) to harness these powers.

According to Brahmacharya,

Everything lies within you. You just need to carve yourself out of it. There is a very beautiful and inspiring story in context with the above lines.

The story goes like…..

Once there was a man walking in the woods nearby found a very big rock. He was a devotee of God and respects his ( God ) decision.

He then started to beat the rock with his tools for days and finally, he ended up carving a beautiful statue of his God.

And When people ask him out where did this idea came across his mind and how did he do it?

He replied in a very simple tone of words: the statue was already present in the rock, I just have removed the extra part from the rock.

The moral of the story is Everything is present within you. Stop looking outside for it, it’s inside.

It is already present in you. You just have to believe in yourself and carve it out from yourself.

And, brahmacharya is the tool you are looking for. Hence follow brahmacharya in life to live a happy and prosperous life full of enjoyment and bliss.

Thanks for Reading.

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