Why NoFap Doesn’t Work For You?

Doesn't Work for you

Are you doing NoFap and don’t feel any benefit or change? Start to think that why NoFap doesn’t work for you? Then this article is for you guys. Read this, it hardly will take 7 minutes maybe will change your mind about quitting. TABLE OF CONTENT: 1. Didn’t get any Benefit?2. Point to understand.3. Reasons … Read more

NoFap Relapse: Tips for Never to do it again !!!

Nofap Relapse

So you relapse again !!! This is about Nofap Relapse. Your Nofap streak was going good with no thoughts of lust in the mind for almost 2 and a half days. Suddenly something came in your mind, which acts as a trigger ( maybe a hot pic in a mobile, sensual scene, or thought ) … Read more

Power Of Brahmacharya

Power Of Celibacy

Hello guys, I am Anoop Moruya and you are reading menhealthblogs.com – Power of Brahmacharya. Brahmacharya is not only abstaining from desires and lust. It also covers more aspects of life such as self-control, Discipline, habits, ethics, and principles of life. Practicing brahmacharya gives you some special powers that no common person can have. In … Read more

7 horrible mistakes you are making with your health

7 horrible mistakes that you're doing with your health. in this article i will tell you about the mistakes and the solutions about it.

In this article, I am presenting you guys 7 horrible mistakes you are making with your health. Mistakes that are made daily along with ignoring health sometimes can have great consequences. Health should be the priority of everyone and take care of. But small mistakes in daily routine can seriously affect your life and health. … Read more

Celibacy And Intelligence

Hey guys….. how are you? I hope you are doing good. Welcome to the 3rd post of this website about Celibacy/Brahmacharya. In this article, we are going to discuss some facts about Celibacy lifestyle and how Celibacy affects our intelligence. It Is commonly observed that highly intelligent people of the world keep themselves off from having … Read more

How To Stay Healthy During Lockdown

Hello, you all there. Hope you all are staying healthy and safe in this lockdown period. You may or may not wonder that you are not getting enough time to stay healthy. So, don’t worry I am here, writing a few things which will keep you healthy. Don’t wonder to know that exercise is not only … Read more