Men Health Blogs is a platform that promotes the idea of “Celibacy and Nofap” among youngsters. Celibacy is a practice to elevate oneself Spirituality. It gives inner peace and if followed strictly can provide divine.

The Idea of Nofap is not much different from “Semen Retention”. It is a technique to avoid the ejaculation of male seed from the body.

Semen is the last Essence which our body produces from the food we eat. It goes through various stages in the body before transforming into “Semen”.


It also publishes the content important for general health and healthy living habits. I also share my own experience in a special section known as My Blogs. In the “My Blogs” Section i publish my own experience and challenges while doing NoFap.

For Beginners it is still a challenge to resist themselves from fapping at least a week.

So, Presenting “How to Cross a week On Nofap” with my own strategies. It will surely help you guys to complete your first week on Nofap as a beginner. 

The main obstacle while doing Nofap are the Urges that we feel when we resist ourself from fapping. Read this article, I hope you will get your answers. Otherwise you can ask me in the Comments Section. 

                                                                   – Anoop Mourya

6 Tips to Deal With Boredom On No Fap 90 Days Challenge

Feeling Bored While Being On Nofap? Here is Something For You!

It is common to “Feel Bored on Nofap because we waste a lot of time in watching bad stuff.  But Now we are left with a lot of time as we don’t have to do edging and all.

So here are the 6 tips that might interest you to carry on Nofap journey without being Bored! Click here to read.  

                                                              –Anoop Mourya


10 Attractive Gains of Celibacy

Hey Guys, Want to know about Celibacy ? Then You are at the right place.

know about Celibacy and “Gains of Celibacy“.

Celibacy is the most difficult form of Self-Discipline. To Follow Celibate life you must possess a strong Dedication and Determination.

Because there are so many things which are not allowed in the life of a Celibate. 

With Self-Control and Disciplines it also provides you with a lot of benefits. Click here to take a insight about gains of celibacy.

Take a look at “10 attractive gains of celibacy“.