Masculine Voice: How to make your voice deeper

Man Voice

  How to get a deeper voice? Initially, the voice of a person gets deep when he hits the age of puberty. It is a period when several changes in the body started to occur. The body started to become more masculine, bone density increases, hair growth increases, voice cracks and gets deep, etc. Usually, … Read more

Why NoFap Doesn’t Work For You?

Doesn't Work for you

Are you doing NoFap and don’t feel any benefit or change? Start to think that why NoFap doesn’t work for you? Then this article is for you guys. Read this, it hardly will take 7 minutes maybe will change your mind about quitting. TABLE OF CONTENT: 1. Didn’t get any Benefit?2. Point to understand.3. Reasons … Read more

NoFap Relapse: Tips For Never Do It Again

Nofap Relapse

So you relapse again !!! This is about Nofap Relapse. Your Nofap streak was going good with no thoughts of lust in the mind for almost 2 and a half days. Suddenly something came in your mind, which acts as a trigger ( maybe a hot pic in a mobile, sensual scene, or thought ) … Read more