Day 3 of NoFap: NoFap Timeline

NoFap Day 3

Hello readers, Yesterday, I have completed NoFap Day-3. I am going to start a new segment of personal blogs on this website: This personal blog would be dedicated to my journey of Nofap. In which I will write about nofap timeline. I will write about all my progress and all the benefits of nofap … Read more

3 Things You Should Know While Doing Nofap

things to know during Nofap

Most of Us are struggling to achieve 90 days of NoFap. Here are the 3 things you should know while doing Nofap to get success in nofap. In this article, I am going to share the 3 most important things that you guys must know while doing Nofap and achieve success in it. Nofap is … Read more

7 Best Ways To Deal With Nofap Urges

Ways to deal with Nofap Urges

On the demand of one of my readers, I write this post on 7 Best Ways To Deal With Nofap Urges. Urges are the main reason for everyone for relapse. So, Is there a way to deal with them? Yes of course. Stick till the end and you will know. Controlling Urges demands the highest level … Read more

3 Main Reasons – Why Nofap doesn’t work!

Reasons why nofap Doesn't work

Recently, I was scrolling the internet and found that one person posted that there are no benefits of Nofap, Nofap doesn’t work in real life. It’s just a myth. Also, Fapping is a healthy practice bla. . . bla. . bla. One more person wrote that there is no such thing as p*rn addiction. Also, … Read more