Watching Bad Stuff and Depression: Effect On Mental Health

Pornography And Depression

Yes, there is a great relation between “Watching Bad Stuff on the internet and Depression”. Also, It messes us with one’s mental state and behavior. It is the most unnatural visual which one can believe. Moreover, it affects your life in ways more than you can think of. P*rnogr@phy or should I call It by … Read more

6 Tips To Deal With Boredom On Nofap Challenge

Bored On Nofap

Feeling bored while doing Nofap? Aren’t you? Do you know that only 1-2% of people are able to complete the nofap90 day’s journey? Most of them fail this Nofap challenge in their initial days. And the most common factor of their failure on Nofap was boredom. So, here I am back with a new post … Read more

What happens If We release Sperm Daily

Release sperms daily

What happens if we release or ejaculate sperm daily? Did you also want to know the answers to questions similar to this? So without wasting any time. . . let’s begin. As I have written already in my other articles that semen(sperm) is the last essence of the food that we eat. The food goes … Read more

How to Complete 1st week of NoFap: My Own Strategies

How to cross a week on Nofap

For many among us, it is still a question that how to complete 1st week of NoFap?. Going 7 days without jerking off is still a challenge for a lot of Beginners out there. Fapping multiple times in the same week or the same day can be very harmful to the brain and the body. … Read more

Precum: The Fluid Before Ejaculation

Precum Nofap

Hello guys, have you ever experienced the secretion of transparent fluid from your thing while being on Nofap? If yes, then you are landed on the right page. Read this article on Nofap Precum: Fluid before ejaculation to know more. Did you ever think that what is the liquid that comes out just before ejaculation? … Read more

Day 3 of NoFap: NoFap Timeline

NoFap Day 3

Hello readers, Yesterday, I have completed NoFap Day-3. I am going to start a new segment of personal blogs on this website: This personal blog would be dedicated to my journey of Nofap. In which I will write about nofap timeline. I will write about all my progress and all the benefits of nofap … Read more