Why NoFap Doesn’t Work For You?

Doesn't Work for you

Are you doing NoFap and don’t feel any benefit or change? Started thinking that why NoFap doesn’t work for you? Then this article is for you guys. Read this, it hardly will take 7 minutes maybe it will change your mind about quitting. TABLE OF CONTENT: 1. Didn’t get any Benefit?2. Point to understand.3. Reasons … Read more

NoFap Relapse: Tips For Never Do It Again

Nofap Relapse

So you relapse again !!! This post is about Nofap Relapse. Let me guess what would have happened, your Nofap streak was going good with no thoughts of lust in the mind for almost 2 and a half days. Suddenly something came in your mind, which acts as a trigger ( maybe a hot pic … Read more

3 Simple Ways to Naturally Boost Your Testosterone: Habits to Increase T-Levels

Some of you readers are still requesting to write an informational post on ways to naturally boost your testosterone. So here It is. If you are finding ways to naturally boost your testosterone, then my friend you landed on the right page. Make sure you read this till last for better understanding. Testosterone is Dropping? … Read more

Porn is diverting Youngsters from success to failures

Porn is diverting from success

Porn is diverting youngsters from success to failures? Is it true? Is Porn that harmful? One word answer to these questions is “Yes”. Hey guys, today the post is about some serious issues that are caused by watching bad stuff online that pretty much messes with a person’s real life. In this article, I am … Read more

5 Simple Hacks to Recover Semen Loss from Body

hacks for semen loss

There is a reason why semen is known as “Veerya” which means Vajra or Diamond. It is the last essence of the food that we eat and most people didn’t think twice before wasting it. Suffering from guilt, they search for hacks to recover semen loss from the body. And then the cycle repeats. The … Read more

Nofap Day 21 : Here Is What Happens

Nofap 21 Days

Nofap day 21, a lot of guys out there practicing nofap are curious to know about what is going to happen or what changes/benefits they are going to experience while crossing a specific number of days. So, here it is the article that tells you “what happens after not wasting a single drop of semen … Read more

How Nofap Destroys Social Anxiety?

Nofap destroys social anxiety

Hey guys, How you have been? I hope Great. So, I am back again with my new article on “How nofap destroys social anxiety?” Many people still finding the answer to this question on the internet. So here I am with my blog to help you guys out in this. Make sure you read this … Read more

Nofap: Is It Okay Looking Pictures of My Girlfriend?

nofap looking pictures girlfriend

Hey there, welcome back to the newest article on whether is it okay looking at pictures of a girlfriend while doing nofap or not? A lot of guys still have this question that if looking at the pictures of girlfriend is okay or not? What to do with the hot pictures/ videos she is sending … Read more

Nofap Timeline Explained in Simple Words

nofap timeline explained

Hi there . . . . A lot of guys really get confused about the Nofap timeline. What benefits they feel? When they feel it? and More. So in this article, the nofap timeline is explained in simple words. I hope you guys would enjoy it. 0-60 days of NoFap During this time period, you … Read more