5 Simple Hacks to Recover Semen Loss from Body

There is a reason why semen is known as “Veerya” which means Vajra or Diamond. It is the last essence of the food that we eat and most people didn’t think twice before wasting it. Suffering from guilt, they search for hacks to recover semen loss from the body. And then the cycle repeats. The … Read more

Nofap Day 21 : Here Is What Happens

Nofap 21 Days

Nofap day 21, a lot of guys out there practicing nofap are curious to know about what is going to happen or what changes/benefits they are going to experience while crossing a specific number of days. So, here it is the article that tells you “what happens after not wasting a single drop of semen … Read more

How Nofap Destroys Social Anxiety?

Nofap destroys social anxiety

Hey guys, How you have been? I hope Great. So, I am back again with my new article on “How nofap destroys social anxiety?” Many people still finding the answer to this question on the internet. So here I am with my blog to help you guys out in this. Make sure you read this … Read more

Nofap: Is It Okay Looking Pictures of My Girlfriend?

nofap looking pictures girlfriend

Hey there, welcome back to the newest article on whether is it okay looking at pictures of a girlfriend while doing nofap or not? A lot of guys still have this question that if looking at the pictures of girlfriend is okay or not? What to do with the hot pictures/ videos she is sending … Read more

Nofap Timeline Explained in Simple Words

nofap timeline explained

Hi there . . . . A lot of guys really get confused about the Nofap timeline. What benefits they feel? When they feel it? and More. So in this article, the nofap timeline is explained in simple words. I hope you guys would enjoy it. 0-60 days of NoFap During this time period, you … Read more

3 Scientific Benefits of Nofap: 90 days Challenge

scientific benefits of nofap

Hey, what’s up? I am hoping that you guys are reading this because you all have to do something about the nofap 90 days challenge! Which is a very good thing. Keep it up. Exercise, motivate yourself, meditate and you will just pass through these days easily. Also, be determined to your goal of not … Read more

Why NoFap is So Hard?

Why nofap is hard

Did you guys ever think why Nofap is hard? Why only 1-2% of people get success in nofap among all those who took the challenge? Have you ever think why boys fall for the relapse in just a week or 10 days after taking the challenge? Only 90% of people cross the mark of 1 … Read more

Sign that you are recovering from your porn addiction through nofap

Sign that recovering from addiction

Hey man, Are you feeling low while doing nofap? Start to think that no fap is boring or pointless? Hold on, let me tell you something great. In this article, I am going to discuss some signs that show that you are recovering from porn addiction. Here is a list of changes that I believe … Read more

Get Alpha Male Confidence Through Nofap

Alpha male confidence nofap

Hi guys I am back with a new article on the topic: “Get Alpha Male Confidence Through Nofap“. I hope you all are going good on a journey of nofap. So let’s get started. You, me and every single boy out there knows how it feels just after we ejaculate. We feel low on energy … Read more