Nofap Timeline Explained in Simple Words

Hi there . . . . A lot of guys really get confused about the Nofap timeline. What benefits they feel? When they feel it? and More. So in this article, the nofap timeline is explained in simple words.

I hope you guys would enjoy it.

0-60 days of NoFap

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Nofap Quote Image

During this time period, you will fall for maximum numbers. You would have relapses, guilt, PMO, again relapse, again guilt. This would go on until you understand the importance of every single drop of semen in the body.

However, these 60 days will take you to understand the concept of no fap. Moreover, you would experience the benefits up to some extent but not fully.

My advice, if you are surviving these days just try to avoid relapses. Try to take control over your urges to ejaculate.

Through the Course of These 60 days One May Experience

Social Anxiety

One may become anxious and get easily be irritated during the initial days of nofap. Moreover, you may develop some kind of social anxiety which would prevent you from going out in public, meet different people and explore some communication skills with others.


as we all know that how much difficult it is to break any kind of addiction. But once have decided to transform your life you must learn to face these urges which one is going to experience at the beginning of nofap journey.

You may read my blogs on how to deal with nofap urges and how to cross the first week of nofap? I have explained every possible thing which could save anyone from having a relapse.

And, one more thing don’t take these urges lightly. Once you slightly bend to them it will drag you to the relapse ultimately.


In nofap journey or any other course of life where you want to break your addiction and transform your life for the better, it’s always you Vs. You. No one can help you until you made a mindset of succeeding in breaking your addiction.

The point is, it is your life and it is your total responsibility to make the way you wanted. Hence you are alone in this journey which can result in having mild depression to a person who is working hard to change his life.

Constant Transition Flatline

After some days you would feel low urges or not at all. This period is known as the flatline period. No one can exactly say that when it would get started or end. It varies from person to person. Also, on the extent of addiction to virtual stuff.

But during the first 60 days, one can have more than one flatline. In addition to considering it as a good sign because flatline enables your brain to rewire and reprogram.

Periods of Increased Confidence

There would be days maybe after 15 days of quitting fapping to p*rn on which you will feel great and boost confidence. You would find ease in having a conversation and maintaining eye contact. You could practice more to increase the level of confidence in front of the mirror by doing self-talk.

High Energy

It is simple that as you are not ejaculating, you are protecting the energy within yourself. This energy will keep you active the whole day.

More looks from Opposite Sex

This is one of the best rewards you get from doing nofap. After about 4-5 weeks people start noticing you and you would get more looks from the opposite sex that means your overall personality will start improving.

More determined

One could feel the burning desire inside himself. Use this desire to achieve a goal in life and you will automatically be determined toward that particular goal.

You can read the article on 7 easy ways how to transmute sexual energy towards your goal.

Days 60-120 of Nofap

During The Day 60-120 of Nofap Timeline, One will Feel

More confident

Once you enter in this slab after crossing the 60 days you will possess a strong self image. Also, you will feel more confident about yourself and your opinions.

More energy

You will feel the inner strength in your body. Between 60-120 days of nofap, there will one can feel warmth and strength in his own hands. You will be remain charged up till the end of the day.

Clearer Skin

Once you reached this number of days, one can easily notice that the quality of his skin has become better. Your skin will have a “glowing complex”.

The fact behind here is that our skin requires some specific amount of proteins and vitamins to glow naturally, but when you ejaculates it takes away several proteins and vitamins from our body in a single ejaculation.

Less Urges

It’s not that you would not feel any kind of urges once you surpass this number of days on nofap.

However, the point is that they will get reduced to a minimum. If you have survived this many days, you probably have learned how to control nofap urges.

Female attraction

I am not bragging about this but the attraction of people towards a person who is this much on nofap will be escalated. This works best especially on the females. You don’t believe me? Here is the article I have elaborated on the thins. Click here and read about nofap attraction.

Also, I will recommend you to try nofap for atleast 30-60 days.


The whole motto of doing nofap is to conserve the energy within you and channelize it to some other chores like a workout, meditation, developing personality, carrying out a hobby, learning new things, etc.

Also, you would not need any external source of motivation to get going. Besides you will feel motivated and energetic to start and finish the work.

Sexual Urges and Opportunity

In addition to, there are a high number of chances of experiencing sexual urges. After abstinence from sexual activities for so many days, sexual urges become to develop. Also, there could be opportunities to satisfy them as you would have become a charming personality till now.

People use this energy to achieve success in their life through the transmutation of sexual energy. I have also written an article on it. Click here to read how to transmute sexual energy.

120-180 Days of Nofap

During 120-180 Days of Nofap, You will feel

Reduced/ little urges

As I have said earlier, there would be urges but not like the same during the first few days of nofap. The extent of these cravings and urges to watch something wrong on the internet can be easily managed by the person who survived this long on nofap.

From now on you would start to feel superhuman-like abilities. It doesn’t mean that You would be supposed to fly or something but will become more conscious than the majority of people.


It is said and experienced that the person who doesn’t fap to some unnecessary visuals is known to develop some kind of intelligence that assists them to accumulate great fortunes In their life.

This kind of people use their intelligence to become successful in life. Once you cross this many of days on nofap, your intelligence will start to bloom. Also, you will see a lot of opportunities to take that a normal person usually ignores.


At the point, when an individual doesn’t watch P*rn and practice nofap, he is left with such an extensive amount of time that he could probably use it to do adventurous things in life rather than lying on the couch and using his own hands for pleasure.

Begin to explore yourself more by doing things that really excite you. Collect some good memories that would remain along with you till the end of the life

More open to people

Nofap is  also know to kill anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders. Practicing nofap along with meditation and daily exercise will boost up your confidence, that ultimately assist and encourage you to become more open to the people out there.

You would almost have nothing to fear about anything. A person who crosses 2 months of nofap will develop himself so much that he can stand before any number of people to present himself. Whereas a fapper never dare to do such thing.

Here are some qualities like more humorous, more Healthy, more attractive. I have explained them earlier. This is why I am not writing it here. The extent of these qualities will get increased with time.

Summary on Nofap Timeline in Simple Words

Here is a quick summary of nofap timeline explained in simple words. I do believe that nofap is among one of the toughest self-discipline. If you are thinking about starting nofap journey, or already started it, You are already above the 80-90 percent of the people of your age.

Because a lot of people don’t think too much about it. They just believe in fapping.

Here is the timeline:

First 0-60 Days of Nofap

  • Social Anxiety.
  • Urges.
  • Depression.
  • Constant Transition Flatline.
  • High Energy.
  • Period of Increased Confidence.

First 60-120 Days of Nofap

  • Reduced/little Urges.
  • More Confidence.
  • Increased Energy.
  • More Determined.
  • Female Attraction.

First 120-180 Days of Nofap

  • little or No-urges
  • Intelligent
  • Adventurous.
  • More open to People.

Thanks for reading.

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