NoFap Relapse: Tips For Never Do It Again

So you relapse again !!! This post is about Nofap Relapse.

Let me guess what would have happened, your Nofap streak was going good with no thoughts of lust in the mind for almost 2 and a half days.

Suddenly something came in your mind, which acts as a trigger ( maybe a hot pic in a mobile, sensual scene, or thought ) that leads you to fap.

Then, you decided to peek at it, zoom in, scroll it and now you want to watch some more of that content realizing that I can handle my urge.

I will just take a look at them and control my desires to fap. I will not jerk off. It’s just a peek nothing is going to happen to my streak.

And boom you ended up wasting your white on the walls of
your bathroom ( Or wherever you spill out )

Sounds almost the same as your story !!!

Don’t worry mine was the same too.

Even most of us share this same story.

We all think that we can control our minds in the case of fap but the reverse has happened always.

The thing is, Our mind actually controls ourselves.

When it craves dopamine, our mind gets it by repeating the same cycle of lust and desires through our thoughts and actions.

And that’s how being helpless, we ended up having a relapse.

The same streak we expect It to go further to more than a month and relapse again in the initial days because of a trigger.

This kind of pattern is very common among teens.

During the Nofap journey, everyone has relapsed multiple times. Although, success cannot be achieved without failures.

Success comes after multiple failures.

Try Not To Relapse Because

#1. Again have to start from Day 1:

If you are thinking about relapsing after maintaining a remarkable NoFap Streak for a long time, then you should drop this idea.

Relapsing will lead you to start again from Day 1.

Beginners should not relapse, because again you will start and fail, and then again you will start and fail, and in the end, you may give up for No Fap. The end goal of practicing nofap should be handling your urges and leaving the addiction of watching it.

So try to avoid ejaculation in the first place.

#2. Self-Confidence will get Down:

After relapsing, your self-confidence will get down and you will start feeling low on energy. A couple of days past relapsing, there still be some urges left inside you that may provoke you for again doing it.

And, once you dominate yourself to these desires to relapse again, you may start doubting yourself along with your abilities. Several questions like – Am I capable of going clean 90 days? Have I become a slave to my urges? and so on.

Hence, self-doubt and guilt will never let you finish it. So stop being dominated by the urges and channelize them to other fields.

#3. You will Regret :

It has been observed that every man has to deal with the feeling of regret just after spilling out or wasting the seed.

The regret is about why I just released it now? Maybe I can hold it for longer. Just to remember that regret is not a good emotion to have.

#4. Chance to Relapse again:

Chances to relapse again in the NoFap journey will increase if you relapse at the beginning of the journey.

Especially for beginners, if you relapse then you will have to try hard to go straight for even the first 10 days.

Tips to never relapse again ( especially not in a very short time ).

#1. Cold Shower:

If possible, urgently take a cold shower at the very moment when your habit starts to trouble you and you feel an urge to ejaculate.

If not, then at least make a habit of taking a cold shower daily. Having a cold shower will have several positive effects on your body in the direction of Nofap journey.

Benefits of Cold Shower :

  • Increase Blood Circulation.
  • Wakes you up.
  • Boost Testosterone.
  • Make you feel more energetic.
  • Regulates Mood
  • Helps Thinking Clearly.

And several more….. but the above benefits are enough to prove that cold showers may help in preventing you from relapsing.(1)

#2. Don’t Count on days:

It is the most common mistake that everyone does.

We just count days daily like ohhh….. it’s been 3 complete days …….. ohhh it has been “n” days without jerking off.

And after some hours we would have been regretting our relapse.

This happens, the mind suddenly changes and it leads to Fap, Fap, Fap.

I know we all are crazy to know our success, but just don’t look at it through the number of days.

Again, stop counting days. Just mark a date till you want to follow NoFap and forget it. Don’t try to count the days so frequently. Because the more you count days, the more you will relapse.

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#3. Avoid Using Social Media:

Avoid social media for some days.

Social media platforms such as Instagram are full of content that may arouse you and break your dedication towards NoFap. Hence, it would be better if you cut yourself from social media during the initial days like 0-10.

Social Media can be the biggest trigger for your relapse. So, avoid it for at least some days.

Otherwise, it will distract you and you will get trapped in the cycle of Relapse of which I was talking about above.

#4. Leave the place, if you feel an urge :

The moment you feel an urge, just stand up and leave the place. It is the simplest yet effective activity to do when you think, you are going to fail.

Go outside, or sit beside family members and try to avoid being lonely.

Get yourself outside or play some sport with others. This will help you a lot.

The idea is not to be in the same place where you feel urges.

#5. Yoga and Meditation:

You can perform some yoga asanas to make your NoFap more Fruitful.

Meditation is essential in NoFap as it helps to clear and calm your mind and improve your focus towards your goal.

Without Meditation, you cannot cross a week or two.

That is why it should be practiced daily for about 30 mins.

Yoga and Meditation will give you maximum benefits if performed daily in the morning before sunrise.

Meditation will provide your internal strength and determination for Not to release it and keep it inside your body.

#6. Read Biographies:

You must read biographies of great and successful people in the world.

The fact which would be common in those successful people throughout their life is they Never involved had intercourse or ejaculated.

Scientists like Nikola Tesla, Newton, Pascal, and many more are known to die as a virgin.

But, I am not encouraging you to deny intercourse in life.

The point is, after reading the biographies of these people, you will find some principles and values about this aspect of life as well.

Your perception will change.

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#6. Get some Motivation:

Motivational quote

Seek some motivation, either through quotes, images, videos, person, or wherever.

Without motivation, nothing can be done.

Just motivate yourself and ignite the fire within.

The greatest form of motivation comes from within. Hence, promise yourself something that you would achieve and see how life turns around.

#7. No Peeking:


There should be no peeking on any kind of bad content.

No peeking here refers to not watching any bad stuff on the internet. The chances of relapsing increase with this activity.

The aim of NoFap is to remove dirt from our minds and by peeking you are feeding garbage to your mind during Nofap. Peeking would cost you, the whole nofap streak till now.

#8. Maintain a healthy diet:

Healthy Food

A healthy diet will provide all the necessary Vitamins and minerals that are lost due to ejaculation.

Moreover, a healthy diet will keep physically and mentally fit.


Through this article, I want to tell you guys that, almost all of us follow the same problems in the journey of NoFap.

This article was about NoFap Relapse in which I have shared my opinion on Why you should not relapse.

Also, I have shared some tips that are useful to avoid relapse earlier. I have tried them too and they work.

The tips like taking a cold shower, practicing yoga and meditation, and leave the place where feeling urges are the most effective tips.

These tips also helped me in my NoFap Journey.

Look, guys, we all have our struggles in the journey of life but how we cope up and evolve with them will bring out the best of us.

NoFap will help you to achieve your goals immensely If followed strictly.

So, guys, this was all about NoFap Relapse. I hope you liked it.

If you learn something new today after reading this, then please tell me in the comment section.

Thanks for Reading.

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