NoFap Meditation: How Does Meditation Helps NoFap

The most difficult decision one can make today in his life is the decision of “NoFap”. It will not only transform the body but also the whole thinking process of the brain.

No fap will turn you into a better version of you. Maybe the best version but it totally depends on you if you practice it with full discipline.

The duration of “No fap” will also make you quit porn and masturbation. This process takes time but surely works for you if followed strictly.

Most of us . . . Even all of us must have decided more than once in our life that we should quit jerking off. But …. …. …… …. for how long?

The point is ……. we cannot make it to pass at least one week completely without wanking off. Research shows that 60% of people masturbate once or twice a week.

Whereas, 23% of people are able to make take it to once or twice in a month. The rest 7% are addicted to it.

So the question arises here is ……

Why is this so? Why We Fap Again and Again?

After making so many regrets and resolutions to “Nofap”, why is this so that people do it again in a very short duration after?

Do You want to know …….. keep reading guys.

If you guys wanna know it we have to look for the main cause.(1)

The Main Cause Of Masturbation

The main cause of masturbation is that the urges we feel. Well, it’s very natural to feel urges as we are humans and possesses emotions.

The main problem arises when we start taking urges to satisfy our sexual pleasures that arise within our minds.

Also, Pleasurable thoughts or porn thoughts play a very important role in relapsing (to jerk again ). so there is a need to take care of our thought process in order to avoid relapsing.

It is very natural to have flashes of porn thoughts as the brain is detoxing itself. The key is to let these thoughts pass. Don’t react. Otherwise, it will turn into a craving.

And in no time you would be searching for some more adult content to satisfy the crave.

How to avoid/Control Nofap urges?

Avoiding or controlling urges to maintain “Nofap” could be very difficult. The number one obstacle in the journey of Nofap will be the Urges you are going to feel probably after a couple of days.

Well, The Urge mechanism is almost similar in every type of addiction. Whether it is of heroin or porn and masturbation.

If you guys wanna know how to control urges then, please go on.

What if I say to you guys that let these urges to be passed by. Not everything needs your reaction. Just ignore them without being caught in them.

Yes….. you can do it. You could avoid your thoughts driven by the mind to pull back in the vicious cycle of lust and then regret.

Here, Mindfulness comes into play.


Mindfulness and Meditation
# Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a state of mind in which one is aware and attentive to all the thoughts, sensations, emotions, and feelings experienced at the present moment.

It is surprising that we don’t even aware of the emotions, feelings, the whole day, and carry regular routine.

We are constantly and effectively getting lost of control of our thoughts in day to day life.

Being mindful will allow us to control, pure and decide to react to the thoughts.

Mindfulness can help you control your desires and can quit the habit of porn and masturbation.

Now you will think . . . . .

How to Achieve Mindfulness?

So the answer is “By Meditation”.


Many of us are recommended that we should do meditation. It clears the mind and makes us to think and act sharp.

Meditation brought out amazing positive changes in the human body along with the mind which We will discuss in some other post.

let me tell you guys that “NoFap and Meditation” go hand in hand.

The fact is, no one can achieve a long duration of “NoFap ” without meditation. Understand this concept like one affects the other.

Meditation is the technique, which allows you to think deeply and clearly on a specific entity.

Meditation removes you the brain fog which helps to clear our vision.

The main moto of practicing meditation is to gain mindfulness and control the thought process of the brain.

Once you start practicing meditation, you will notice downfall in urges and needs to satisfy them. Practicing meditation will increase the span of your “NoFap Streak”.

Hence, you can enjoy the benefits of Nofap early and easily.

Without meditation you cannot make it (NoFap) more  than a week or two at last.

Hence meditation plays an important role in maintaining “NoFap Streak”.

And also remember that practicing meditation will improve you focus and enhance the state of mind.

Increased focus and concentration helps you to control thoughts and experience inner peace to the soul.

Did you know that meditation is the door for accessing spirituality and divine.

Meditation itself is a form of discipline which brings out a better version of you.

Conclusion On NoFap Meditation:

NoFap and meditation blend together to make you a better person than before. Otherwise “NoFap” cannot be enjoyed alone.

The practice of meditation is important in order to achieve and maintain a NoFap streak for a remarkable period of time. Constant meditation will clear the mind fog, provide crystal clear vision.

Also, there are several other physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of Nofap.

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