Nofap: Is It Okay Looking Pictures of My Girlfriend?

Hey there, welcome back to the newest article on whether is it okay looking at pictures of a girlfriend while doing nofap or not?

A lot of guys still have this question that if looking at the pictures of girlfriend is okay or not? What to do with the hot pictures/ videos she is sending you right away?

Did you still look it or ignore it?

There are several other questions related to this that come into the mind of guys. And for that particular reason, this article has been written. So, let’s just dive into it and find out.

Looking at pictures of My Girlfriend while Nofap ?

looking pictures of girlfriend nofap
looking pictures girlfriend nofap

The answer to this question isn’t very simple, but I would try my best to get you guys to understand in easy language.

According to me, what you have to consider first is why you are doing this nofap thing? What is the goal you want to achieve? And, What do you think of yourself? What motivates you to do Nofap or No PMO?

What you think of yourself nofap
think of yourself nofap

It is very essential to examine the self-image of yours before we go further in this topic.  What do you think of yourself is very important here.

If you think yourself . . .

– As  an addict, and want to quit the addiction of watching bad stuff on the internet, improve your lifestyle,  then I guess you should avoid watching erotic images of your girlfriend.

Normal images are okay, but you need strong determination here. If you can control yourself then only. Otherwise, no need to see those too.

But, if you think yourself . . .

– As a non-addict and doing nofap for semen retention and benefits that you would achieve, then it is not a big concern whether you take a look or not.

Note: whether you take a look or not, it is highly recommended to not to visit any of those sites and start doing edging. Because edging is the end of nofap. Click below  to know how.

Read here about edging. Edging is the end of nofap.

Concept to be Understood

Looking at the pictures is totally okay. The concept to be understood here is about what makes an addict addicted to the internet p*rn.

the answer is simple, “the novelty”(Which basically means a new experience every time).

Yes you read It right. Let me explain.

There is no comparison between the model and your girlfriend. I mean she looks hot to you. . . . but still models are professionals and there are many. Whereas, you have only one or maybe a few girlfriends but those are just normal like you.

Also, through several years of watching porn, we programmed our brains to get excited while jumping from video to video for endless time. As there is a new girl in the pixels every time you switch to another video. And now Our brain wants more of them. This drives a large amount of dopamine in the brain that lets us feel high (Even for few seconds).

Hence it is very difficult r almost impossible to get that level of dopamine rush in the brain by just looking at pictures of your girlfriend.

“Every time you jump from one video to another video of the next model, the dopamine again makes a spike in the brain and this is highly not possible with the pictures of your girlfriend. The particular reason for that is she is only one person.”

let that sink in.

Whether to watch pictures of your girlfriend or not is still a question? Under normal circumstances, it is okay. But if you have damaged your brain, through the addiction of watching it daily or frequently, you should give it some time to let it heal.

Don’t Feed Your Brain On Too Much Dopamine Release

nofap dopamine on brain
nofap feed dopamine brain

If you want to quit any kind of addiction, you just have to stop practicing it. It is as simple as that. A strong mindset and determination is needed to quit any kind of addiction.

And, when it comes to PMO addiction, it becomes highly sensitive topic to discuss upon.

In simple words, the main reason for being habitual of any activity is when we start enjoying the dopamine rush in the brain through it.

And, in the case of porn addiction, our brain is getting excited through the pixels of our display. So in general if you are trying to overcome the addiction of high-speed internet p*rn*graphy, just say no to any type of pixels that arouse you or turns you on.

. . . .  Even it is a beautiful creation of your beloved partner. Rather than being aroused by pixels, go out of the home and enjoy some time to distract yourself from urges. Lift some weights, Do some exercises, Meet new people, socialize more, visit a friend etc.

Also, urges could be dangerous to your streak. Although it is a healthy sign of your manhood still you have to be careful while handling them, as it may cost you the whole streak.

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Make sure that you read them as they are highly helpful in handling urges while doing nofap.

Conclusion: Pictures of girlfriend are okay?

From my side, I made it pretty clear but here is a short summary of the article.

The very first thing which I would suggest you to do is to self-examine yourself. What do you think about of yourself? Are you an addict or not according to you? Then only make the choice from the below.

If you are suffering from porn addiction and want to overcome and recover from it to live a normal life, then I would highly recommend you to stay away from anything that arouses you. Even if it’s just an image.

But if you don’t consider yourself an addict and not facing any serious issues in real life mentally and physically, then it is okay. But the thing is you have to be very aware while using the internet.

Don’t just get lost in this high-speed internet world. Because in no time you would be watching it again, and don’t even realizing it.

However,  the reason for that is in just a few clicks you would end up watching more erotic photos while losing all your progress of nofap.

Hence, on a serious note, I would suggest you be determined and strong to hold on to your streak. Don’t just get distracted easily. If you can’t handle the randomness of the images, leave social media platforms for quite some time.

But, just for the pleasure of a few seconds don’t lose your streak.

I hope you learned something new about nofap today and get all your question cleared. But still, if you have any, feel free to ask me in the comments section or my Instagram handle.

Thanks for reading. Be strong.

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