Nofap Hardest Days: Be Extra Careful!

For a long time, I want to write this post about “NoFap Hardest Days”. And finally, here it is. I kept on observing my behavior on these hardest days and pen down each and every observation. That is why it takes so long to write it. I hope you guys would enjoy it.

As we all know that nofap90 days is among one of the difficult forms of discipline which seems to be impossible for many to accomplish.

I myself had failed several times in the journey of NoFap.

Look, there are some days that seem to be hardest than others. The intensity of Nofap urges is high these days. These urges become the reason for NoFap Relapse.

On these days generally, the point of nofap seems to be meaningless. Hence it provokes one to relapse or to ejaculate.

But, there is no such thing. You should remain intact on your streak and focus to reach 90 days limit. So that rewiring of your brain can occur.

Down here are the days on which I was very close to relapse, but I controlled myself.

List of NoFap Hardest Days

Do you know the worst part of these days? These days make you forget about the reasons for doing Nofap.

These days will let you “take a peep” or “edge”. And Before you could know anything, you would have been relapsed.

I am generalizing the hardest days for you guys to be more careful while doing nofap.

1. Day-3: Hardest Day In Beginning Of Nofap

Day 3 is among one of the super hard days, as the urges on day 3 of no fap hits so hard that many relapses by watching p*rn.

Lots and lots of people along with their determination “to stay clean” drowns in the ocean of p*rn.

On day 3 our brain gets to realize that you are taking p*rn away from it. So, it plays every possible move to fail you in achieving Nofap 90 days goal.

It will start flashing the images, visuals, and what to let you down. That is why day-3 seems to be most difficult for beginners.

You have to be very careful because a slight weakness in your behavior could become a reason for your failure in the form of relapse.

What to Do To Avoid?

#1. Do some Physical Exercise.

#2. Write down all the benefits you are expecting.

#3. Take a cold shower if possible.

#4. Remind yourself how you feel about 3 days ago after you ejaculate? Guilt, Right!

#5. Listen to Good Music.

#6. Last But Not Least Socialize more.

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Nofap Day 10-14: Most People Lose Here

This is the day when either flatline is started or almost going to be started. You should be very careful on these days too.

Now, Flatline is a period in which you will experience less erection, nothing excites you anymore, and the urges will also become low. You will start losing interest in nofap and mostly you will feel low.

During this flatline period, you will hear an inner voice like “psss . . . just check it, is it still working or not, cause I can’t feel much down there? Take a peep . . . come on. . . one video won’t bother much”

But all these symptoms are normal in flatline.flatline period is a sign that you brain is rewiring and recovering.

And one more thing flatline may last for more than 2 weeks, so be careful about that too. Some people reported that they took almost a month to get out of the flatline period.

But the things is, once the flatline period is over you will start feeling nofap benefits upto some extent.

To Come Out of Flatline, You Should Do Following:

1. Manage the flatline period and keep patience.

To manage the flatline period you must make a mindset that the flatline period is very good for your streak. You won’t feel more urges. But just do edging to check that.

Understand that this is natural and important for rewiring if your brain. it will end ultimately once the rewiring process progress.

2. Work on yourself. Go to a gym.

When you see that you now have controlled yourself from fapping for more than 10 days. Also, the energy is start building and accumulating in your body.

Go to a gym use this extra energy to build a good physique that you would be proud of. Moreover, Doing Exercise will make you tired and you would have no energy to look after the bad stuff.

3. Also, mind your expectations from nofap.

The best way to keep going through nofap journey is to keep expectations very low or not at all. It’s not like that you would become a superhuman just after completing the nofap challenge of 90 days.

You would surely get benefits but if you expect them to be so powerful that you would become a G.O.A.T, I must say you are expecting very much in very short duration of time.

4. Develop your personality traits.

Spend some time on yourself to develop your personality. Be In a good shape, control your emotions, get some fashion sense, read some good books on personality development and self-help.

Utilize your time to do all these on nofap instead of thinking much about the streak, urges or anything else.

Summary On Nofap Hardest Days

Most probably you will face urges as the number of days increases. But once you cross a month, the intensity of the urges will starts declining.

You have to understand the concept of transmuting the this energy to other fields different from fapping.

Although you have to know about how to control your urges in order to avoid relapse.

Frankly saying, there would be days in this journey on which you feel great and days will be easily passing by. But also, there will be some days on which it would be the hardest for you to resist the no fap urges.

And, if you let these urges control you, it is going to be a relapse in the very near future.

Just follow your daily routine and try to ignore urges or distract yourself from it by moving out or channelize the energy by doing push-ups.

Nofap Hardest days are just the simple days with urges of higher intensity. That’s it. Don’t be so hyper about it.

Relax and be strong.

You can share your experience in the comments section too. I would love to know that.

Thanks For reading.

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