NoFap Edging: The End of NoFap Journey

Edging during NoFap is the end of the NoFap journey. Edging due to any reason will create hindrances in your journey. Why I am saying so? you will know, after reading NoFap Edging.

What is NoFap?

If you are a regular visitor to, then I am sure you know about it.

But if you are not . . . don’t worry. I will tell you.

NoFap is the practice to stop beating your meat for small pleasures such as to reach orgasm.

NoFap is a life-changing journey with thousands of mental, physical, and emotional balance.

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What is NoFap Edging?

NoFap edging is referred to as when you watch erotic content or touch yourself but didn’t ejaculate or reach orgasm.

In simple words, when you watch porn for a short time like a minute or two.

Your urges make you do that.

Your urges and desires take you to the edge of a cliff, where you want to look over while trying not to fall.

But, the fact is 90% of people fall.

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However, edging is like you are fasting with keeping your food in the mouth and trying not to swallow it.

Obviously, you will, not instantly but surely after some time.

What people think while Doing Edging On Nofap?

Generally, A lot of people think that they will only peek for less than a minute and they do not masturbate.

And everything will be the same as before.

This is how they are able to keep following NoFap, But this is totally wrong.

The whole concept of NoFap is not only to do not masturbate but also to rewire the brain and body to become a better version of you.

Many misinterpret that NoFap means no masturbation. Irrespective of touching ourselves or not, watch it or not.

Although the bigger picture of NoFap says to not to masturbate and never watch p*rn again. Also to become a better person than before.

If you want to hold on for a longer duration of Nofap, never take a peek through it. Don’t Edge Ever.

How Edging is the end of NoFap?

In my opinion, Edging is a failure in NoFap Journey.

Edging is the end because the moment you decide to edge and do it and think that I will not relapse is the moment you should be taken care of.

You are risking whole your NoFap streak for just a desire.

Nofap Edging More
Edging Will make you to see more and more.

Edging will bring back you to the addiction.

it will resist you to change and become better in life.

Maybe you will not fall for the first time you do edging, maybe not second time also, but for the next time you surely will fall”.

Edging will take you close back to your addiction, hence your NoFap is ended the day you did edging.

Because you will ultimately fall for PMO again.

The whole point of NoFap is to rewire the brain and to prevent it from Dopamine rush produced while watching p*rn.

But, Edging makes you to jump in the pool of dopamine ( Feel good hormone ).

Because of which, quitting any kind of addiction or habit seems impossible.

Edging is the results of your urges. You should be very aware and avoid them.

Never take any action, while you feel you are in the control of urges.

So, edging will end your NoFap Journey. Do not do it.

Does Edging count on relapse?

In my personal opinion – yes. Edging may be count as relapse because ultimately you will relapse one day if you continues on edging.

And, that day is not far from the day you started edging. You will edge for the first time say for less than 15 minutes, the duration will increase next time and suddenly you will relapse.

What about the benefits of NoFap While doing Edging?

No Doubt there are several benefits of NoFap on body and mind.

Although, NoFap edging will slow down the benefits to minimum. Edging will drag back to your addiction and make you to jerk off.

Hence all the benefits will be gone along with the streak.

Your sexual energy will get wasted through jerking off, if you do edging.

My Own Story:

When I decided to start NoFap, I made up my mind to quit porn and jerking.

But as you know the urges hits very hard.

They hit much harder than you can ever think of. Especially when you are an addict of those. You have to be strong and prepared to handle them.

Otherwise, you will relapse.

In the beginning, I was able to control them.

As the days passed, I reached a mark of day-7 and the urges were so hard that I decided just to peek through the “P”. just 1 video I said to myself.

And, I started watching one, then two and so on and about 3.5 hrs I relapse.

As usual I feel very guilty after all this. I deceived myself.

Then, I started to figure out the mistakes and learn from them.

All I have figured out at that time was that, I hit the bed at 10pm but still using mobile phone till late.

I think that the chances of relapse increases abruptly during the night.

So, now I go to bed at 10pm and fall asleep at 10.30 p.m. daily.

During the daytime I am able to handle my urges, I move out of the place, do some physical work, read books, well nowadays I am reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” – a wonderful book.

This bedtime routine will surely reduce your chances of relapse.

Here are some tips that may prevent you from edging and relapse:

1. Do not use the phone in the bed.

2. Limit social media.

3. Leave the place and socialize (if you feel urge)

4. Take a cold shower.

5. Meditate

6. Think about your goals.

7. Read some self-help books.

8. Exercise daily.

9. Do push-ups or sit-ups. ( if you feel strong urges ) your energy will get transferred.

10. Try to sleep before 10 p.m.

Final words on NoFap Edging:

NoFap edging is the end of NoFap. It will drag you back to your past addiction to PMO. Try to change yourself and never look back.

Edging even a little bit may cost you to lose your NoFap streak.

Try to avoid the thoughts and control your urges. Never take any action in the influence of urges.

Distract yourself if urges it. Do some exercise, reading, playing, practicing questions, etc. Just do not sit alone with the thoughts full of desire.

Use the tips above to avoid urges and be strong.

So, this was all about NoFap edging. I hope you like it. If you want to ask more, let me know in the comments section.

Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “NoFap Edging: The End of NoFap Journey”

  1. I have started my noFap journey this month and have been successful till now in day 11. But I get thoughts in my mind which exited me. This happened on day 11, but I restrained within 10 minutes and engaged myself in other activities and again it was normal. That 10 minutes caused me lot of anxiety. Does that amount to edging? I have neither watched porn or mastrubated after the thought. Nor was there any ejaculation. Hope I am successful in my journey. Wish me luck.

    • Hi Harish.

      First of All congrats man, you have started taking steps towards the betterment of your life. Many among us are still stuck in the same life routine of fapping. However, thoughts are usual to come during these days. Urges starts to hit harder as you will go through the journey. Don’t take them lightly. The good thing is, you would become more strong to handle those urges but the only prerequisite is you should know “how to handle the urges on nofap“.

      All the best Man. Be strong


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