NoFap 1st Week Complete: NoFap Timeline

Hello readers, I hope you all are doing awesome in your life. Recently I have completed Nofap Day-7. I am back with the new segment of my Journey of NoFap.

In this segment, I write about my progress in the NoFap journey. Moreover, I also write about the obstacles and benefits of nofap that I have faced during this NoFap Journey.

I hope this will encourage you guys to try NoFap in life.

So let’s Begin . . . .

Yesteraday I have completed 1 week of NoFap.

How Hard this Day-7 Was For Me?

Now, most of you guys will think just 1 week. It’s not that much. Anyone can easily do it. Just 7 days. Huh . . .

Yes 7 days on NoFap is an achievement for me.

Because I was a guy who was strongly addicted to PMO. I watch it on regular basis at an interval of 2-3 days.

But, since when I came to know about Brahmacharya / Celibacy and NoFap I tried these things in my life.

I failed a couple of times. Multiple times I have relapsed in the journey of NoFap. But every single time I bounce back to NoFap.

I never give up on Brahmacharya practices and NoFap. If I failed, then again I stand up to start from Zero.

Finally, I have changed my mindset and stop watching the virtual and Fake Sh*t again.

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It was very hard for a person like me who was heavily addicted to PMO and suddenly stops it.

It is like drug addiction, once a person stops it, he even craves more for it. You have to make your will power strong in order to stay on the track.

Otherwise, you will relapse.(1)

Problems I Face Till NoFap Day-7

As long as I remember, I relapsed mostly between 0-3 days of NoFap and a very few times I have made it to Day-6.  

But, yeah mostly times I relapsed usually between 0-3 days so I had an experience of those days. Apparently, I have almost zero experience of days 4-7.

Consequently, I faced some problems in maintaining my streak but I succeed.

Firstly, the major problem was of Urges. I was feeling strong urges during day 4-5. So strong that they try to dominate my consciousness.

Secondly, the thoughts and flashes of scenes that come to mind disturbed me seriously.

Moreover, Hard morning erections make them count in this list of problems. Early morning erections make you feel horny if you just notice them for a while. So be careful.

In short, strong urges and thoughts will create problems that may lead to relapse. So Be strong.

Daily Routine Till NoFap Day-7

I wake up around 5a.m in the morning and do some exercise and Yoga.

After, a while I take a cold shower every day. I put 2 bowls of ice in my water to make it cold which feels amazing.

Also, cold showers have several benefits. It wakes you up, energizes you, brings activeness in the body, and regulates the mood.

After having a cold bath, I meditate for about 10 minutes. I know . . I know this is a very little amount of time for such activity but I am still increasing it.

Then as usual do my work till evening and sleeps between 10-11 pm in the night.

I take 2 cold showers in a day one before breakfast in the morning and the other in the evening.

Note: Do not sleep in the afternoon, otherwise it would be late to sleep in the night, and chances to relapse will increase.

Meal I Was Taking Till Day 7

Throughout this week I have a healthy diet. Take 2-3k calories per day and the lightest meal of the day is dinner.

Drink pretty much amount of water around 2.5L a day. Also, added some dry fruits and nuts in the diet.

Avoid sugary, fried, junk, and spicy food. Eat simple, it will get digest easily.

I consume smoothies, buttermilk, Cold Coffee, etc in the evening as a snack. It refreshes me internally.

Habits I Have Developed

I manage some time to do some home-workout in the evening.

Also I started book reading.

And I like the habit of Book reading the most. I am reading 10-20 pages per since last week of a very famous book- Rich Dad Poor Dad is written by Robert Kiyosaki.

I will share my review on this book on my website: soon.

Still trying to develop some more habits but for now only 2 new good habits.

NoFap Benefits Day 7

The following benefits are those which I have experienced. It may vary from person to person.

– I was able to control urges. After feeling strong urges, my mind says no to relapse.

– My sleep is reduced to 6-7 hrs. Now I need less and still remain active all day.

– Also, I sleep more comfortably now.

– increase in courage.

– slight increase in the body strength.

– increased confidence and overall no social anxiety.

– increased motivation

– I can think better now as compared to before. I can visualize, think, and calculate things that I was never capable to do.

There are some more benefits that I have experienced but these were encouraging and important.

I hope you guys now understand the importance of NoFap.

Quick Tips That May Help

–  Wake up early.

–  Sleep before 10 pm in the night.

–  Take a healthy diet.

–  Never sleep in the afternoon.

–  Take cold showers.

–  Exercise and meditate daily.

–  Do not peek at any erotic content.

–  Avoid Using social media.

–  Control urges.

–  Make strong mindset.

There will be several moments in which you think that I will control my mind and peek through some erotic content. Nothing is going to be happen. I will not fap.

But, as soon as you start watching it, hours later you will end up being relapsed. Your urges will take over you.

May be not first time but surely you will relapse if you peek.

So, this was all about my first week of the NoFap Journey. Now I will publish my next segment on day 21.

Also, if you have read any self-help books in your life, please mention it in the comments section.

Thanks for reading guys. Be Strong. Stay Happy.

May God Bless you readers.

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