Day 3 of NoFap: NoFap Timeline

Hello readers, Yesterday, I have completed NoFap Day-3.

I am going to start a new segment of personal blogs on this website:

This personal blog would be dedicated to my journey of Nofap. In which I will write about nofap timeline. I will write about all my progress and all the benefits of nofap and problems that I have faced during this Nofap journey.

I Hope this will motivate you and encourage you guys to try NoFap in your life.

So, It’s NoFap Day 3 Now

Passing Day 3 means you have taken the first step towards the NoFap Journey.

Most people face nofap relapse during this period of 0-3 days. This is the hardest day for a NoFapper in the Journey of NoFap or Brahmacharya/Celibacy.

Talking of my own, I have relapsed during 0-3 days several times.

I could usually make it till day 2 but day 3 becomes the hardest for me to remain clean and as the day3 finishes I ended up having a nofap relapse again.

It had become a habit . Nothing I was able to do.

No matter, how hard I made up a mindset, I ended up having a relapse If not on Day 3 then surely at the beginning of Day 4.

Because of my habit of fapping, it starts to bring me depression, and to get rid of depression I normally do PMO.

It’s a cycle of lust ….. you watch P*rn, then you fap and feel Depressed and to remove depression you again watch it and Fap. That is how this vicious cycle gets completed.

However, one thing here I want to highlight here is that majority of my relapse had occurred due to unwanted urges. Urges which I cannot control and go with them on the path of relapse.

But lately, I learn how to control your urges so that you can maintain a good streak that you have never done before.

Cause of NoFap Urges:

Causes of Nofap Urges
Causes Of Urges

The brain releases a chemical substance called Dopamine to make us feel good and happy. Every time you watch p*rn, the brain releases it.

When you stop doing all this during the NoFap journey, your brain craves for Dopamine and hence begging you for relapse to get high on dopamine even just for a couple of seconds.

This cause urges to hid hard during first 3 days.

But if you have decided to NoFap, you must remain constant and mentally strong on your decision.

How to Make a Strong Mindset For Nofap:

I was an addict to PMO and failed several times in the initial days of this Journey.

Also, I was fed up with this habit as it brings back depression to me, low self-confidence, and a bad memory.

But still, I cannot end up this habit with my previous mindset.

My mindset has changed the day when I have read some amazing articles on Brahmacharya/ celibacy and the powers that you get after practicing it.

The journey of NoFap is among one of the several journeys in Brahmacharya.

To read about Brahmacharya click here.

It was almost 4 months ago when I have read about brahmacharya/ celibacy in one of a book.

Reading the content made me realize that how I am wasting my life energy for small pleasures and how much our semen is beneficial for the body if it remains inside.

On that particular day, I made up my mind to follow brahmacharya in life.

As I have told, I failed several times due to relapse on Day 3, but a strong mindset helps me to get up again.

My Life-Changing Week

I never give up on my desire of following brahmacharya.

Then almost about 2 months ago, there comes a week in which I was strictly following brahmacharya, I was able to control my desires for PMO due to meditation.

And I completed 11Days without PMO. I was very happy, following brahmacharya for a week helps me to get through 11 days of NoFap in my life.

I have maintained several NoFap streak of 5 and 9 days since then.

But then, I relapsed …. and I figured out my reasons to Relapse.

I have put on a dedicated post on this website. In this article, I have mentioned the causes and some useful tips to avoid nofap relapse.

NoFap Relapse: Tips to never do it again.

But, this time I bounce back on the NoFap journey with an even more strong mindset, determination, and enthusiasm. I will share my milestones with you guys all over this journey.

The Mistakes On Nofap Journey

Mistake #1: Over-Confidence

I became overconfident and thought, 11 days without PMO. Now I can actually control my mind over lust and desires.

Believe me, you cannot control your mind in just 11 days of practice. You can feel it, but you cannot.

Mistake #2: Counting Days

Counting Days become one of the greatest reason for relapse. I daily count on days multiple times whenever I was just to relapse.

Stop counting days. If you are also doing it stop it immediately.

Just mark a date and forget it.

Mistake #3. Edging or Peeking ( Watching it without Fapping) :

As I became overconfident, I start to peek through adult content. Thinking that I can control my urge.

I started edging from day 7 and till Day 11 I relapsed.

Hence edging or peeking through P*rn will degrade your progress.

Mistake #4: Not Doing anything.

The goal of Nofap should not only keep yourself away from Fapping but also to do some productive work at the same time to kill the boredom.

If you did not do anything, while NoFap it would be difficult for you to hold on the path of NoFap.

Do anything which you like. Such as you can learn to play guitar, read some self-help books, work on your skills, etc. To keep you busy and away from PMO.

Quick tips that help me till here and you can get help too:

1. Exercise daily or at least on alternate days.

2. Start taking cold showers.

3. Meditate daily for about 20 mins daily.

4. Don’t repeat my mistakes again. ( even I am not gonna do those mistakes again ).

Benefits of Nofap till day 3:

1. Shyness gone.

2. Self-confidence starts to develop.

3. I can now talk more effectively while maintaining an eye contact.

4. Started to feel energy in the body.

5. Start Taking matters seriously.

6. Stepping ahead for overall transformation.

So, guys, this was all about my Day 3 of Nofap. I will post my next article on this segment on day 7.

This time I will make it.

I wish the same for you guys. Stay Strong .

Thanks for reading.

You can comment to me if you want to ask about something or tell me about anything related to this topic.

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