Nofap Day 10: Benefits You Will Feel

Hello my fellow readers, recently I completed my 10-day journey of Nofap.

10 days without touching and ejaculating was a big deal for me at least. I know many people easily could make it to day 10 but still there exist some people like me who were strongly addicted to fapping and facing many challenges to complete even a week clean.

Some days ago I have written a dedicated post on how to cross a week on nofap including my own strategies. In that post, I have described the challenges people like me have to face who are suffering from this addiction from a very long time. Give It a read once before reading this article on nofap day 10.

All I have to say that if you have make It to day -10 then you should be proud of yourself.

Now don’t just be over-confident or you will start edging. No. Never do edging on Nofap. Note that F*cking down it.

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10 Days of Nofap: My Own Experience

I have easily managed to make it till day -8. but on the day-9 urges, I start to feel some slight urges. I managed my urges by the techniques I apply almost every time like push-ups, listening to music, socializing, reading, and playing chess.

Nofap Day 10 was the hardest of all days till now. Last night’s urges hit me so hard that I was tearing down my pillow to control myself not to watch it. Day 10 morning was good it was normal, I have done my chores but as the night arrives I start to feel urges. All the memories of watching p*rn and images start to flash in my mind. For a short period of time I also started to visualize some bad stuff, but soon came back on track.

I resisted hard myself mentally to fight those urges and by the 11 in the night I fall asleep as I was tired and exhausted from the daily chores.

Here are some Benefits of Nofap you may feel till day10

1. Nofap Day 10- Slight increase in productivity

You will find yourself being more productive as you can focus better on your work whether it is official or not. Whatever task you will pick, you tend to complete it with the whole of your heart. In my case, I have read a lot about time management with high productivity but nothing works before.

As I have reached day 7&8, my brain forces me to utilize the time for good. I have started to complete all my half-done chores one by one. So this was the slight change in my productivity that I have experienced so far.

2. Feel More Strength

Nofap Day 10 benefits
#Do Push-ups Regularly

As a male gender, society expects you to be strong, and fapping daily through some videos ain’t gonna do that. It makes you weak and vulnerable.

Once you quit this habit of watching bad stuff you will feel more strength in the body. For instance, when I started my Nofap journey from day 0 I will hardly able to do 10 push-ups but with an increase in time, my numbers of push-ups increased.

I started to feel my core, hands, and legs stronger than before. Now I can lift heavy weights too. My body fat is also decreasing as now I love to do physical exercises instead of watching some hot visuals that ultimately makes me weak.

3. Sleep Quality Will Improve

improved sleep quality
Sleep Quality will also get improved

Improved sleep quality is one of the best benefits you will get from doing No fap. I used to wake-up at night several times during the days when I used to fap frequently. But with the passage of time doing Nofap I must say my sleep quality has improved a lot.

Moreover, you will require less sleep while doing nofap. You will wake up early and can make your day better than yesterday. I used to sleep a lot but after 10 days of nofap there is a slight decrease in the quantity of sleep and an increase in the quality of sleep. You must try it yourself.

4. Guilt and shyness will be gone till Nofap Day 10

We all know how much guilt we feel just after experiencing the pleasure of about 9 sec. Many of us think that why did we do it? I can hold it longer. I am feeling very bad. .etc. Etc. .etc. All this pain, guilt, shyness, and other emotions like these will vanish and you will great internally.

5. You skin will be clean

clear skin nofap day 10 benefit
#Clear skin

It’s not like that person who fap usually their face skin is filled with pimples, dark spots or wrinkles, etc. But yes fapping acts as a catalyst for sure. A face full of pimples, acne, or dark spots is enough to break anyone’s confidence.

Usually, people who beat their meat just for pleasure didn’t have clear skin. Their faces look dull and tired. Nofap will help you to get rid of all these. Doing no fap for a quite good period of time will make your skin radiant and improves skin health. 10 days are sufficient to feel the slightest of this benefit.

6. More Interest in Opposite Gender

You will feel that now you can approach an opposite gender easily. You will stop objectifying people and look upon them with more interest. Moreover, You will find yourself more confident enough to talk to girls.

In short, your attraction towards girls will increase. Also, they will find you more attractive if you do nofap for a quite good period of time.

I can’t guarantee you that you will get a girl but one thing I am sure about that you will find a massive change in your personality that will attract others to you.

7. You will feel ambitious and brave

As soon as you cross the mark of one week your mind will automatically signal you to think about the future goals and betterment of life.

Once you decide it you will automatically find yourself passionate about your goal.

For instance, I decided to carry on my blog and now I write on a daily basis whenever I get free. Earlier I used to watch P*rn on the internet but now I use my whole time in reading and writing.

8. Become more confident

10 days without ejaculation is enough to develop the confidence to present yourself among others and talk to them while maintaining eye contact. This is one of the best advantages of no fap.

Just in the beginning phase, you will feel great within yourself. Also, your communication will be improved if you put a little effort in that direction.

9. Your voice will become Deeper till Nofap Day 10

Deep Voice
Deep Voice

According to research keeping yourself away from ejaculation for a remarkable period of time will increase the testosterone levels by more than 145% in the body.

This much testosterone is enough to make your voice deeper and I hope you know that females prefer a deeper voice more than any other type of voice. Also, a deep voice enhances your personality a number of times.

10. Looks More Masculine

I know not many changes in just 10 days but yeah you can feel some benefits more than zero. If you combine no fap with daily exercise, the body will become more muscular which eventually makes you look more masculine. Overall it will make you look more confident, strong, good-looking, and masculine.

There are several other benefits of nofap but in 10 days you will experience them very slightly. If you want to experience these benefits of nofap up to such extent that it changes your life, then you have to continue nofap till you feel the benefits.

You can also share your own experiences In the comments section down below. I would love to know.
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Thanks for reading.

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