Cold Shower + NoFap = Effective Results

It is said that we must take a bath daily. It is good for health and the mind. There are some very good reasons for it which you would know after reading this article on Nofap cold showers.

Well, it is. In fact, I am taking a shower twice a day.

In the morning around 7am and in the evening too around 7pm.

The thing is, I am talking about cold showers.

Table of Content:

1. Cold Shower: Make it a habit.
2. Benefits of Cold Shower.
3. Cold Shower Weight loss.
4. Cold Shower Vs Hot Shower.

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Cold Shower: Make it a habit

Nofap Cold shower
#Cold Shower #

Cold showers are incredible. It feels amazing. For the last 4 weeks, I am continuously having cold showers twice a day. Having cold showers daily increases your productivity.

It could be a small change in regular habits but it brings out fantastic changes in the body and mind as well. 4 weeks back I was reading about cold showers and decided to try it myself.

I was fascinated after reading about the benefits of cold showers. I tried it myself and it starts showing results from the very first week of Nofap journey.

Cold Shower Benefits

Benefits of Cold Shower

#1. Boosts Immunity

WBCs or white blood cells are the protection unit of the body. It is their job to fight and protect us from any kind of disease.

Experimenters have found that the people who take Cold showers regularly have more WBCs as compared to people who do not.

The reason behind this was cold showers improve the metabolism of the body which results in the production of more WBCs as compared to those who take Hot showers.

#2. Increases Blood Circulation

When the cold water comes in contact with the upper body like chest and back, our breathing rate increases. This increased breathing is responsible for the fast and better circulation of blood to the brain and other parts of the body.

The purpose of the fast circulation of blood is to maintain body temperature. The fast circulation of blood makes the body work better.

#3. Strengthen hairs

It is observed that a cold shower increases the strength of hairs. It also provides shine to hairs and makes them strong.

The fact is cold shower closes the pores on the scalp which prevents dirt and dust particles from entering. Moreover, it also improves the ability of the scalp to grip the hairs and gain strength.

#4. Energize for Whole Day

When you take a cold shower it increases the breathing to keep the body temperature constant.

This supplies more oxygen to every cell of the body. As a result, more energy is released which keeps you awake the whole day.

It makes you active and alert.

#5. Better Glowing skin:

it provides you better skin as cold water tightens the pores of the skin. This prevents dirt from entering the skin.

Moreover, increased blood circulation improves metabolism and removes waste from the body effectively. Consequently, it provides a natural and healthier glow to the skin.

#6 .Wakes you up

A cold shower removes the laziness and wakes you up from your dreamy world. It enhances your alertness and ability to think. Also, deep breathing calms your mind and relaxes the body.

Cold Shower Weight Loss

#weight loss from showers

According to research, colder temperatures make our body more active and alert. There are mainly 2 types of fats in the body. These are white and brown fat.

When we take extra calories, they get accumulated in the form of white fat in the region of the belly, thighs, etc. Results in increased weight.

Also, another type of fat which is brown is totally different from white fat. The purpose of brown fat is to generate heat and maintain body temperature.

It generates heat by burning fat when the body is exposed to colder situations. It is present at the neck and shoulder, hence cold water can activate it while taking shower.

Hence, cold showers are beneficial in fat loss too.

Also, a cold shower optimizes the metabolism of the body which results in better digestion and utilization of food.

Apparently, cold showers help in reducing fat and weight loss.


Cold shower vs hot shower:

If there is a question that still comes to mind of you guys that cold shower or hot shower? which one is better?

Well, the answer Is both types of showers have their own effects on the body and mind.

A hot shower relaxes the muscles, clear nasal passage, and prevent cold and cough symptoms to show.

Also, helps in smooth sleep. After hot shower muscles get relaxed resulting in good sleep.


A Nofap cold shower also has several benefits which are discussed above.

but, in my opinion

Cold shower fits best with the practice of Nofap. I strongly advise you guys to make a habit of a cold shower.

Although I have written a separate post on Cold Shower vs Hot showers.

Thanks for Reading.

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