NoFap Attraction: Is Attraction Real On NoFap?

Nofap attraction? Is it real? does it even exist or just a rumor? These kinds of questions arise in my mind several times.

So, I become curious to find it out myself. I started to read about it and came to know about a book written on this topic by one of the famous writer – Napoleon Hill.

I also watched some videos and read many forums, to double-check this fact.

As I was curious, so I decided to experience it myself. I have also shared my experience with Nofap attraction in this article.

So let’s get started . . . . . .

Is Nofap attraction Is real?

Yes, NoFap attraction is real. It works in real life. Many of us would think that it’s just a placebo effect but it’s not.

NoFap attraction is more than just a placebo effect.

It is something mysterious, but it is real as day and night.

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NoFap Provide you Qualities that Attract Women

Like self-confidence,

Many people start doing NoFap as a medium to attract girls and women after reading stories about it.

In the beginning, I also started NoFap for the same reason to get attraction by girls. hehe. 🙂 Does it work? I have given an answer at the end of my post.

However, To attract any girl you must have some charisma in yourself that will make you look different from the crowd and NoFap will help you through this.

Basically, Doing NoFap will provide you some extra powers and strength than any other person than help you to represent as an attractive man.

Moreover, NoFap will increase and Boost up your self-Confidence and guess what . . . women like the confident male guy.

Man who can talk confidently by maintaining constant eye-contact attracts women. It shows your confidence and personality no sign of Social-Anxiety.

Qualities that will developed during NoFap:

–  Confidence

–  Humor

–  Positive Body language

–  Correct posture

–  Strength

–  Good thinking

–  Deep Voice

–  Creativity

–  Looks

In this phenomenon of NoFap Attraction, looks hardly matters. Because of which it Is placed at the last of the list.

Don’t worry about looks, If you are an average looking person you are capable of attracting girls around you.

Even a good-looking guy, who rubs his meat for pleasure on daily basis will hesitate in front of others due to low self-confidence developed by the habit of fapping. So looks do not matter as like other qualities do.

Remember Self-confidence is the key to represent yourself before others, especially girls. Other qualities will also play a role in their respective field.

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Only Nofap Alone Doesn’t Going to Work:

The Nofap attraction will work only If you also work on improving yourself.

NoFap + Self-Improvement = Girls attraction

You have to work in order to improve yourself.

Go a gym for a better physique or posture, pick up a hobby, show some passion, read some self-help books, meditated daily, etc.

Believe in yourself.

Try to make yourself a better person.

It’s not like you are just resting on the couch, wasting your time, and doing NoFap and, a hot chick will serve herself to you.

This will ain’t get you anything either in NoFap journey or in life.

You have to put effort buddy.

Build up your personality, develop some positive attitude.

Remember personality matters, especially for girls. Women also like men who possess personality and looks confident.

Girls usually fall for these types of guys.

There is a man who shared his incident regarding his NoFap Journey.

He claimed that he is doing NoFap from several months. He used to work in a store and the manger of that store begins to stare him after practicing NoFap For about 40-45 days.

Before NoFap, she( The Manager ) behaves rudely with him but after 40-45 days she turn herself into him and asks him for a date.

Later she also proposed him after sometime.

There are several stories you will read across the NoFap Articles on the internet.

And guess what, most of them are true.

This proves that NoFap transfers the Sexual energy to the other person through your views, voice and actions.

There is an invisible force that starts to develop inside the body during the NoFap journey that attracts people towards you.

NoFap Attraction Is Not Limited to Females

It is not that NoFap attraction is limited to females only. Nofap attraction can literally attract anything in this world having the same energy as you do.

This is the NoFap Law of attraction

What is NoFap Law Of Attraction?

This law states that you are capable of attracting things in your life that possess similar energy like you.

So, while doing NoFap you attract people similar to you having the same qualities as you have like People who do not do PMO, constantly try to improve themselves, creative and positive thinking.

Due to this law of attraction, girls are going to like you. Because you are going to become a man that girls like.

You will experience that your male colleagues, friends, junior and senior starts to listen to you and also will show respect.

This means that those people are also influenced by some force within yourself in a positive manner. They will start taking you seriously and cannot ignore your voice.

Even animals like dogs and cats will show their love for you. They will play around you like never before.

I know a man who was disliked by cats. They run away from him. But during NoFap his friend’s cat starts to sit beside him and also plays with him.

Even small puppies will run towards you to play with you. The potential of NoFap Attraction Is very high. You can literally attract and achieve anyone who has the same energy as you.

Hence, NoFap Attraction is not only limited to Females, it may attract your partners, colleagues, your boss, small animals, etc.

Nofap Attraction is more than just an attraction

While practicing NoFap, you will have better relations with your family members and friends.

You will start to understand them better than usual. They will treat you better. I have also experienced it.

Trust will develop with every person you talk with. They may even share their deepest secrets with you.

Well a girl with whom I was talking to did. Then she realize and said: why I am telling you this? I have not said this before anyone.

NoFap will repair your prefrontal cortex of brain that gets damaged due to PMO. So, this will help you to carry any conversation for long.

My own experience of NoFap Attraction:

I also support the facts of NoFap Attraction. Because, I have also experienced attraction from others, especially from girls and couple of women.

It was Day 19 of the Nofap Journey and my self-confidence was on the peak from the rest of the days.

I was traveling through the metro, and a girl enters the same coach and sits just beside me. Although other seats were also vacant still she chooses to sit beside me.

Firstly, I didn’t notice but she looks at me randomly after every 2-3 minutes. I showed up my courage and start talking to her.

After then, we get involved in some more conversation. I made her laugh. She even praised me and said: I like the way you speak and your humor.

Look this is the best thing you will feel about NoFap is that you stop giving a f*ck what others will think about you.

Finally, after about 1 hr she gets off the train but before she goes, she asked for my phone number. No stranger girl has ever taken my number before.

Also, after some days I go to a family function where I met some women elder than me. Some were married some were not.

I started to talk to them ( Due to confidence boost ). I spend a great time with them. We altogether enjoyed function, dance, food, everything, and all guests were just amazed to see me with them.

And lastly, when I was about to leave they all ask me for my number.

So, yeah I will give the whole credit to NoFap.

The point is I was feeling more confident during those only because of NoFap.

And, I am sure that they will happen in yours too.

Fapping takes away all the charisma

Remember, once you relapsed with or without doing PMO. Your sexual energy will decrease to minimum level as before Nofap.

You will lose all your Charisma to attract others. Your self-confidence will drop and all the benefits will be lost.

So, try not to relapse, otherwise you will have to start again from the beginning. You are going to feel lazy and procrastinate tasks for some other time.

Don’t get over excited and relapse. Just stay strong.

The Conclusion: NoFap Attraction

This article on NoFap Attraction is completely based upon my own exploration and experience. I totally agree with this fact that- yes Nofap Attraction exist.

Nofap + self improvement = Women attraction

I assure you guys, who are reading this and following NoFap will also going to experience NoFap attraction in their life couple of times.

But, remember that try not to relapse.

Be Safe and Stay strong on this journey.

Thanks for reading.

If you already have experienced Nofap attraction in your life then, you can mention it in the comment section.

#Question Related To NoFap Attraction:

Question #1. After how much time NoFap Attraction can be Experienced?

Nofap attraction may vary from person to person. The time it takes is totally dependent on your p*rn addiction. If you are a serious addict, then it may take about 60-90 days. But if you are not you are able to feel it within 30-45 days easily.

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