Nightfall: Causes And Treatment

There is no such shame in having Nightfall. It is experienced by everyone in their life especially in the teenagers whether they are male or female.

In this article, we will discuss “Nightfall ”, its causes, and treatments. I will tell you the symptoms of nightfall too, in case you didn’t experience it in your life till now.

So let’s begin with . . . . .

What is Nightfall?

Nightfall is also known as Nocturnal emission. But locally it is more popular with the title of nightfall.

Nightfall is an involuntary ejaculation of semen during sleep especially in the night and sometimes in the early hours of dawn.

Nightfall is also known as wet dreams or night discharge. Mostly teens are experienced and affected by it.

The discharged fluid carries semen with the same concentration as after masturbation but mobile sperms were more in Nightfall discharge.

The phenomenon of Nightfall varies from person to person. Some would have once in a month whereas someone experiences it once in a week.

Everyone has to experience It in their life, so there is no need to worry about this except in some cases such as having it regularly for a long period of time.

In such cases where nightfall becomes regular, it is considered as a disease commonly known as “Dhaatu Rog ”in Hindi language.

Nightfall Is considered normal for both the sexes but having it multiple times in a short span of time is considered a risk to sexual health in “Ayurveda”, which is the most ancient medical literature of India.

Nightfall generally stopped with the passage of puberty, but it may be equally possible to have it after puberty.

In fact, in any phase of life, it can occur. Researchers have found that there is no such time period for Nightfall to be stopped unlike the “Ovulation” period in females which generally ends with the age of 45-50 yrs or so.

Symptoms of Nightfall:

Nightfall Symptoms
Symptoms Of Nightfall

Many would say that it is totally normal and skip the topic to talk to. But there exist some symptoms that would tell if you are affected by nightfall.(1)

Restlessness, person is not able to rest comfortably and constantly over thinks it.

Insomnia, subject did not able to sleep and awake till late hours.

Sweat at night, a person may experience sweating in the night in the pubic region or mild sweat on the body.

problem while passing urine. The person feels a burning sensation or itching while passing urine.

Erection problem started to occur.

Emotional disturbance. A lot of emotional disturbance can be experienced such as mood swings.

Above are some common symptoms that usually shows up after nightfall starts or continues in life span.

Nightfall Causes:

The main cause of Nightfall is the changes that started to appear in the body during puberty or adolescence.

The main change is hormonal change and the growth of sexual organs in the body. Consequently, a boy or girl started to masturbate due to urges arouse in the body.

It is equally possible to have sex dreams or wet dreams in puberty due to which the involuntary ejaculation occurs during the sleep in night hours considered as Nightfall.

Modern technology and methods of gaining information give the wrong perceptions about sex.

Almost all young generation watch pornographic content on the internet which becomes the basis of sex dreams and ultimately results in Nightfall.

So, watching adult content could be considered as one of the “causes of Nightfall”.

Nightfall is also be caused by overproduction of semen in the body or excessive consumption of semen producing diets.

It is believed that avoiding ejaculations( from masturbation or intercourse ) for a longer period of time causes Nightfall. As the semen is collected in testicles and didn’t get channelized in other parts.

Hence it comes out involuntarily during sleep as Nightfall.

Prevention Of NightFall

As a matter of fact that there is no such technique that could stop Nightfall or wet dreams but surely there are ways that could reduce Nightfall.

There are some medications available in Ayurveda such as Ashwagandha etc.  to control the nightfall.

Although, the prescribed medicines will not work until you take major prevention to stop nightfall.

The Preventive Measures are as Follow:

1. Proper diet and exercise regularly. It will balance the body physically.

2. Start practicing yoga. There are some yoga asanas that are helpful in treating nightfall. Avoid sleeping on the stomach.

3. Wear loose-fitting clothes.

4. Avoid core adult content.

5. Avoid excessive masturbation

6. Meditate daily and focus on your body and mind.

7. Avoid consumption of liquid (milk ) 1-2 hour before bed.

8. Avoid erotic chats and images.

9. Read books just before sleeping.

10. Make sure you pee before going to sleep.

Many people find these precautions very helpful. If Nightfall is not controlled by the above precautions, then you need to consult a physician.

Also, if Nightfall has occurred again just don’t think too much about it. Overthinking will only make it worse.

Be patient. Calm your mind and consult a doctor.

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