5 Crazy Myths About Yoga

Nowadays people are turning more into better health and lifestyle. Because of this, the health industry in the last decade has grown exponentially.

Moreover, Health and fitness sector is gaining momentum in our country. Consequently, more people are enrolling in health and fitness programs these days.

One such health program is Yoga. As you have noticed that a lot of yoga centers have recently opened in your locality.

Although yoga is a wonderful activity that uplifts your internal energy and strength. It also provides inner peace to the human soul.

Also, people are turning into it, which shows that they are aware of and concern about their internal fitness as well.

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But, there is a large part of society that overlooks yoga. These people avoid practicing such wonderful practice only because of some common myths about yoga.

Here are 6 common myths about yoga that everyone believes

Yoga is an early morning thing

Myths about Yoga
#Myth No. 1- Yoga is An early morning thing

There is no doubt that a large part of our world wakes up after the sunrise and some come out of bed till noon.

However, yoga is a way of living. Yoga life comprises of certain disciplines and ethics in life to make it prosperous and beautiful.

Although, if you think that yoga is a morning-evening thing and practice it in the morning or in the evening then it’s not actual yoga. It will be called Yoga-practice. As Sadhguru said yoga is a way of living.

Yoga can be done whenever you want. Provided, you have to do it empty stomach. Moreover, if you want to harness maximum benefit, practice it in the morning.

It will provide you peace, internal happiness, and develops the depth of your character.(1)

You have to be Flexible first

It is the misconception of many that flexibility is the prerequisite for doing yoga. But it’s not that so. Yoga is more about controlled breathing than of the body.

You Have to Flexible First
#Myth No. 2- You Have to Flexible First

I agree that there are some asanas in which we have to twist our body to perform it where flexibility comes into play. Although if you are not that flexible, yoga will help you to become one.

It’s not that if you can’t touch your feet then you are not able to do yoga. Practice it and yoga will help you.

Hence, This myth is totally baseless that you have to flexible first to perform it.

Yoga is for young

Yoga is For Young
#Myth About 3 – Yoga is For Young

Almost all yoga centers advertise themselves through the banner picturing group of young people doing it. Also, which depicts that it is for the young generation. But it’s not that so.

The fact is yoga is beneficial for every age group, whether the person is a child, young or old.

In India, Gurus, and Sadhus over 90 yrs of age practice it gracefully. This provides inner strength and keeps their senses alive.

Hence one more myth is busted with this point. Don’t just believe that it is for the young generation. It is fruitful to all.

Gym is better than yoga

This myth is common among men. There are a few men who believe that yoga possesses some importance in their life.

Gym is Better Than Yoga
#Myth No. 4 – Gym is Better Than Yoga

Whereas a large section of male society turns towards gym for physical fitness.

Although it’s their choice at least they should spread the misconception that the gym is better than yoga.

Yoga helps you build endurance, tolerance, strength, and most importantly inner peace. While doing the gym has only physical results on the body.

There is no mental peace achieved from doing gym. Many people use the gym as a place to show their aggression and become prey to unwanted injuries.

Moreover, yoga connects your internal spiritual energy to the universal energy but there is no such thing happens while going to a gym.

Although I am not against going to a gym. I am just bursting the myth from a yoga perspective.

Yoga comes from a religion

I hope it is clear to everyone that yoga is Originated from India. Being Originated from India doesn’t mean that it represents Hinduism.

Yoga Belongs to a Certain religion
#Myth No.4 – Yoga Belongs to a Certain religion

Many believes that Yoga is tied to Hindu religion. But it’s not that so

So what does yoga is all about?

The word yoga means union or to join. Yoga joins your spiritual energy to universal energy. Yoga may be tied to Hinduism but practicing it is not bounded by any religion.

Moreover, it is a spiritual practice that connects your mind and body to the whole universe.

You can do yoga irrespective of any religion. If you were restricting yourself from practicing yoga from due to this myth, just unfollow it and start practicing it.

Yoga is only for women

If you believe this myth that yoga is only for women then unfortunately you are totally wrong here.

Yoga is only for Women
Myth No.5 – Yoga is only for Women

In these modern days, more men are turning into this yoga thing. Hence it would be totally wrong to declare that it belongs to a specific gender.

Almost all gurus and sadhus practice and teach yoga to others as well. Unlike religion, yoga is not bounded by gender also.

There is no shame In practicing yoga if you are a man. It is open for both. All you need to have is a new perception.

Conclusion on Myths About Yoga:

Practicing yoga carries a potential to change your mind, body and life as well. It simply joins every human being to the universe who practices it.

Yoga is not about stretching, religion, gender, routine, etc. But more about breathing, relaxation, mental peace, and inner strength.

Practicing it daily will bring you some lovely changes in your life that you will enjoy them. It will take you to the journey of true inner happiness and calm.

So in my opinion, if you were restricting yourself from doing yoga due to the reason explained above, please don’t follow them.

Burst your myths and see what a miracle is yoga by practicing it daily or at least 3-5 days a week.

Thanks for reading.

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