Is Depression a Disability

Is Depression a Disability

                                                                                                     “Depression is a situation of a person when he/she is deeply in stress”.  When a person suffers from anxiety and stress for, along time, it results in depression. The person becomes mentally unwell and emotionally weak. In depression, people lose hope, faith, get demotivated a lot, and either cry a lot or sometimes become too quiet. Even depression for a long time makes a person … Read more

Why it is Said – Real Men Don’t Cry

Real Men Don't Cry

It would be very cruel and inhuman to say that “Real men don’t cry”. Scientifically crying has its own definition & psychological facts but it is our mind that takes it in a different way.  Researchers have found that shedding tears releases oxytocin & endorphins. The release of these chemicals helps people with ease in physical and emotional pain. Also, people generally … Read more

NoFap Relapse: Tips For Never Do It Again

Nofap Relapse

So you relapse again !!! This is about Nofap Relapse. Your Nofap streak was going good with no thoughts of lust in the mind for almost 2 and a half days. Suddenly something came in your mind, which acts as a trigger ( maybe a hot pic in a mobile, sensual scene, or thought ) … Read more