Alpha Male Strategies: How to Be an Alpha Male

How to be an Alpha male

Have You Ever heard of the word “Alpha Male”? I am sure you have listened because today Everyone wants to know how to be an Alpha. You probably heard that alpha males are cool, they attract hot chicks, they have money, and 100 other rumors. I would say that these qualities of attracting money, girls, … Read more

How to be a better man: 5 Best Ways To Become The Man You Want o Be

How to Become Better person

If you are reading this I believe that you keep a desire to become a better man than now in near future. It’s so fascinating that how some men totally want to transform themselves and thrive to become the person they want to be. Transforming yourself is no matter of joke. You have to try … Read more

Power of One Drop Semen: Value and Facts About Semen

One drop Of Semen

Facts About the Value and Power of one Drop semen …. Many of us would think … one drop only…. it’s not worth it. But believe me it is. Every single drop of it counts and matters in the life of a male. Go through this article written down here and you will understand yourself … Read more

Are You Eating Too Much Sugar? 7 Tips to Reduce Your Intake.

I hope you guys know that eating too much sugar can ruin your body. However, Consuming too much sugar is the worst decision you can ever make for your body. Although, the sugar present in fruits and vegetables is not considered harmful to health. In fact, this natural type of sugar is very good for … Read more

How to Complete 1st week of NoFap: My Own Strategies

How to cross a week on Nofap

For many among us, it is still a question that how to complete 1st week of NoFap?. Going 7 days without jerking off is still a challenge for a lot of Beginners out there. Fapping multiple times in the same week or the same day can be very harmful to the brain and the body. … Read more

Testosterone and Men: Does Masturbating Lower Testosterone?

Testosterone and men

What is Testosterone? Testosterone is a type of hormone found especially in men which is also known as the “Male Hormone”. Testes(part of the male reproductive system) make testosterone. Although, The ovaries present in the body of females also produce testosterone, but in a very small amount. Testosterone is produced in males with a much … Read more

Side Effects Of Nightfall- Problem, Cure and Ways to Prevent Nightfall

Side Effects of Nightfall

Hey guys, I hope you are doing good in your life and living a healthy life. Today’s article is also related to men’s health. In this article, we are going to discuss “Side Effects of Nightfall”. Also, I will suggest the treatment of Nightfall, but first we should be clear about. Side Effects Of NightFall … Read more

Nightfall: Causes And Treatment


There is no such shame in having Nightfall. It is experienced by everyone in their life especially in the teenagers whether they are male or female. In this article, we will discuss “Nightfall ”, its causes, and treatments. I will tell you the symptoms of nightfall too, in case you didn’t experience it in your … Read more

Day 3 of NoFap: NoFap Timeline

NoFap Day 3

Hello readers, Yesterday, I have completed NoFap Day-3. I am going to start a new segment of personal blogs on this website: This personal blog would be dedicated to my journey of Nofap. In which I will write about nofap timeline. I will write about all my progress and all the benefits of nofap … Read more