Is Depression a Disability


“Depression is a situation of a person when he/she is deeply in stress”. 

When a person suffers from anxiety and stress for, along time, it results in depression. The person becomes mentally unwell and emotionally weak. In depression, people lose hope, faith, get demotivated a lot, and either cry a lot or sometimes become too quiet.

Even depression for a long time makes a person commit suicide. Every day all over the world thousand of people taking their own life just because of depression.

Our whole body works on the command of our brain and if we are mentally disturbing our whole body gets affected. Depression at a high level takes the control of our actions and interfere with our work & the most adverse side-effect of it is it affects our health and causes different types of diseases.

Is Depression a Disability?

No, depression is not a disability but it can become one if anyone is not able to bear it. Depression is a mental disturbance, we can’t say it as a disability. 

Is depression a Disability?
#Is Depression a Disability?

In our surroundings, almost everyone is suffering from it. You can easily find one person in every second house. It is not a single person’s problem even it is a problem for our whole generation.

Our sad generation looks happy on social media dealing with thousands of mental problems such as trust issues, losing faith, emotional losses, etc in real life.

In everyone’s life, comes a condition where he or she has to suffer from great mental stress. Some people come out of it like nothing has happened, and some lose their fate in life.

These stresses can break a person from inside so much that it may even think about ending his life.

However, I think that depression is not the actual problem, the main problem here is how to deal with it?

People genuinely don’t have any idea about how to deal with depression. Because of which many get stuck in it. And this hits them so hard that they start doubting their own existence. Consequently, for these people, depression is not less than a disability.

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Causes which may lead to Depression:

Work pressure   

Losing some closed ones

Failure in anything

Stress in relationships


Bad surrounding

Molestation by someone

Questions/Thoughts arise in mind during the Depression

Why only me?

Nobody cares about me.

I am a Loser and Alone

No Matter how hard I Try I can never make a way out of the Situation

When Depression Becomes Disability?

Depression becomes a disability when it arises as an obstacle between you and your development /growth.  

When Depression Becomes a Disability?
#When Depression Becomes a Disability?

Let us think about a rubber band, we need to stretch it to tie up the hairs but what happens if we stretch it a lot? it will break and become useless for the same task. 

Similarly, depression is a mental disturbance until it is not affecting your actions, if it starts doing so and you have taken it seriously, it becomes a disability.

Disability means we are not able to perform a specific task. However similarly to the depression. It makes one mentally unable to think and do some specific tasks efficiently.

Experiencing depression will fill your mind with loads of negative thoughts. Eventually, you will start feeling no interest in daily chores. All you will wanted to is to seek a quiet place where you can sit alone.

Symptoms : When depression becomes disability.

You will feel like a loser in while doing tasks which you were able to do at your best.

Your will start facing mental and physical health issues.

Negative thoughts will start to take over your thinking process and give negative perceptions about every situation.

Suddenly You start taking more and more liquor, if you drink. If not then you will either eat a little or a lot.

There are several more symptoms but these are some common symptoms that give you are a clear signal that you have started going down the road of depression.

Also I wanted to make this article simple enough so that an average person can easily grab the information I want to convey here.

How to Stop Feeling Depressed?

First of all, stop taking depression as a mental illness. It is just a state of mind where your brain is taken over by negative thoughts and emotions.

In my eyes depression is not an enemy of life , it is a part of life. It has become so common In our generation. But we must learn how to deal with it, otherwise it has it’s bad sides too.

See it as an opportunity to grow better In your life.

       “The one who Shatters get Betters”   

Sometimes it is essential to fall down to fly high. A sharp sword can only be created by burning on a high flame & bearing a lot of hammer strain.

How to get rid of the depression or How to stop becoming depressed is now a question of almost every citizen & age group who are getting affected more adversely. The majority of them are teenage and youth.

Tips to stop becoming Depressed

A Happy man
Tips to Overcome Depression

Think positive:

Positive thinking will help you to get rid of negative thoughts and you will start feeling better. Thinking has a deep effect on our minds. Explained in several books by famous authors in their books. Hence think positive about the situation.

Open up with closed ones:

Sharing your problems or state of mind with someone closed will surely make you feel better.

They will support you by giving some solutions to your problem. One should always share their thoughts while In depression. There are people out there who love you. Give it a try It is the best way.

Wait for your time:

If you are not able to bear the things going on in your days then keep calm & think only one thing that I have to be stronger until my good days come. Life shows us both good and bad days and it has to happen, you can’t stop it to happen but you can fight with it until your good time arrives.

Also being strong in bad times will boost your self-confidence and makes you stronger than before. Live for those who live for you, not for those who leave you – The one who actually wants to live with you will never leave you alone & one who wants to go will surely leave you someday. 

You can’t make anyone stay with you until they want, because every creature is a lover of freedom either human being or animal. So don’t try to pack them in your cage. Moreover don’t feel sad when they left, be thankful to the people who are still with you.

Don’t think about problems, think about solutions:

If you think about the problems alone, you will see them everywhere. But if you look for the solution of the problem and work for It, the maximum number of chances that you will come out from the state of depression.

Do meditation:

It is the best-applied method till now to make your mind choose the right path and take proper decisions & also it relaxes the mind.

Do what that makes you happy:

Always try to become happy in every situation because things going on have to happen to worry about it continuously will not cure the problem only it makes you more stressed.

Define a new Goal:

Find a new purpose for your life and live for it. Dedicate your efforts in making it a reality. This will give you the internal motivation that never ends.

Always remember that failure is the stepping stone towards success. Don’t let your failures control over you. Get up and focus on the new dawn of success.


Does Depression Go Away?

Yes, of course, depression goes away and there is no doubt about it. Depression is just a temporary emotional imbalance, recovering from it that all depend upon how you dealt with it. The most important thing in the course of your suffering period is how you react to situations.

The circumstances seem like a problem only when you think it as a problem, if you take your situation as a task it will no longer be a problem.

To let go away depression you have to change the way of dealing with your problems, I have already provided the tips to stay away to become depressed follow those tips. May it takes some to heal but surely the day will come when you feel truly light and happy.

If you guys have any problem related to mental health, feel free to share it with me on my Instagram handle. I would love to solve your issues.

Thanks for Reading. Be strong. Be Happy.

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