How to Stop Watching Bad Stuff

How Watching Bad Stuff Affects You?

From the recent observations of present generation people, It is not wrong to say that watching all these bad stuff which is present in abundance on the internet affects your thinking, desires, mood, and ultimately life.

Look, today’s internet is much different than how it was a few years ago.

Moreover, It brings a revolution in almost every field including hot content or commonly known as bad stuff.

Now, even a 10-year-old child can access this type of content easily just by adding words like “hot” as a prefix in their searches.

And, woooshhhh . . . everything gets open just before you on your device.

Watching these contents so easily can completely change the thinking of anyone, especially the young generation. Because they are more vulnerable to desires and lust.

According to webroot – a website that keep eye on bad stuff websites shares information that around 30k users are live on these sites every moment.

Just think that how much people across the world are still fallen for this trap over the internet and ruining their relationships and even life.

Because the level of their fantasy becomes the same which they see on the internet.

Furthermore, They are not ready to accept that it’s just illusion and reality is much more different than this. This made them think of It all the time.

Disadvantages of watching hot videos:

There are several disadvantages to watching hot videos. They are so many in numbers that I can write a whole new article to explain to them and very soon I will.

In my opinion, the biggest disadvantage is that there are maximum chances of becoming addicted to this type of content. Once you watched it, your brain will crave for more.

Another major disadvantage is that in most of these videos, women are treated as an object. They think that no matter what does a man do women will enjoy it. This promotes the degrading and violent acts.

Also, they become more concerned about the looks of their partner. They have to understand that everything In these videos is fake. The models have to go through several cosmetic surgeries to act boldly in those content.

If you guys like this post, I will soon come back with a list full of disadvantages.

Let’s go on how to stop watching bad stuff.

Steps to stop watching bad stuff:

As I have said that there are maximum chances of becoming an addict to bad stuff.

If you are already an addict then, this section of the article is for you. If you seriously want to quit the habit of watching bad things like hot videos, then you have to beat your addiction.

It’s more like a war of you vs your brain who will manipulate you, mesmerize you, distracts you but you have to be strong.

Following things may help you to stop watching:

Firstly, Delete all the history, cookies, etc that get stored in your device while surfing these kinds of websites. It is important because it may get pop up ads containing provoking images or videos that may lead to visit them.

Secondly, Don’t believe in false benefits such as PMO helps to release stress and frustration. It is false, all the urges you feel to watch it again is due dopamine rush that our brain wants.

Thirdly, join a Nofap group. There are people out there who beat their addiction and are active in these groups to help others to do the same. You can seek help from them.

Moreover, take part in religious activities. Start doing regular prayers and meditation. This will help you a lot to achieve your goal in life and leave your addiction behind.

In addition to all these above steps learn more about how watching this affects your brain. The facts which you will learn will surely cut off the use of provoking content in life.

On top of that make strong determination to beat this addiction. You have to be really strong mentally if you want to stop watching it.

Important Note:

I want to highlight that many people admit that they are not addicted to watching bad stuff and believe me they are. Even they get offended if anyone tells them about their addiction and the disadvantages.

And, when they are said to quit watching it they just can’t make It longer than a couple of days. This proves that they have an addiction to it and they are not just aware of it.

You can try it on yourself to know whether you are or not.

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How to stop watching bad videos on youtube:

How to stop watching bad stuff on youtube # How to stop watching bad stuff on youtube

Youtube, What is not available on it. Every kind of tutorial, reviews, comedy, and whatnot. Name it and you will find it on youtube.

In my opinion, youtube is the largest source of online learning. You could literally learn anything from it.

But sadly, C grade content is also present on it. There are some people who exist who corrupt such a wonderful platform just to get some views.

Now if you want to stop watching bad content on youtube, the following points may help.

Firstly, subscribe to the official channels which you think didn’t serve the public with bad content.

Secondly, if randomly any videos get shown up just click on the not interested button. Further, you will not get any random video on your homepage.

Thirdly, be specific with what you are looking for. Don’t just waste your time on it. Search learn and apply. If you go for just one video of comedy and all, you will surely end up consuming most of your data.

Also, you can turn off the notifications from youtube. This will not trigger you to open it and pass time.

Again, I will say strong determination is required to accomplish any task in life. Be strong and give your life a new dimension.

Apply the above steps to stop watching bad stuff.

How to stop looking at bad things on the internet

The present usage of the internet states that more and more people are using the internet from their mobile phones as compared to computers and laptops to search for anything.

Consequently, more and more websites are being mobile friendly and track the user on the internet.

They show the exact things which you want to see. Also, they will serve you with some hotness in the results. Ultimately it will work as a trigger and within minutes you will be on another site searching for some bad stuff.

Sounds Familiar? Huh

Well here are some tips that may help you to stop looking at bad things on the internet.

First, Understand that the internet can be used to do some useful rather than looking for bad stuff. You can find anything on it so uses it conveniently.

Second, the Internet Is the best way to make a network. Hence, try to connect with like-minded people and elevate your life. Give it a new direction.

Thirdly, you can easily start an online business that can become a good source of income. Start your online store and you are ready for a good.

Also, Use the internet to develop some useful skills that give meaning to your life.

Seriously, Don’t take it for granted and use it for things that degrade your life instead use it for the reasons explained above and see how your life will get changed.

Moreover, applying the above steps will stop you from watching bad stuff on the internet.

Rewire Your Brain:

Rewiring your brain will surely help you to stop watching bad stuff over the internet.

It means developing the connections between neurons and the brain.

This is the method to teach your brain to quit and adapt to several habits that ultimately change the perception of a person.

Rewiring can be done by constant meditation and physical exercises. Also, meditation brings you
mindfulness, peace, and improves your power of visualization.

Bottom line:

Watching bad stuff on the internet whether while surfing websites, different kind of streams and youtube is totally destructive for you.

This will get you nowhere.

There is no such thing that watching bad stuff ( p*rn ) releases frustration. It will seriously affect your life in the long run.

Stop looking for these kinds of stuff on the internet and see how much time you are left with. You can use the same time to learn a skill, building a business, going to the gym, trading, or anything that you want to do and waiting for the right moment to come.

Remember: you will never be ready, just start now.

Again, Use the internet to do better things.

Thanks for reading.

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