Masculine Voice: How to make your voice deeper


How to get a deeper voice?

Initially, the voice of a person gets deep when he hits the age of puberty. It is a period when several changes in the body started to occur.

The body started to become more masculine, bone density increases, hair growth increases, voice cracks and gets deep, etc.

Usually, all these changes get stabilized in the body as the teenage passes out, And they start to appear normal.

The voice which was once deep becomes normal once again.

Now the question arises, how to get a deeper voice?

This can be answered easily with the help of science. During puberty, the level of testosterone in the body rises, which is responsible for the changes that occur at that time.

Similarly, if you want that your voice becomes deeper you have to maintain the T level in the body.

The more T level in the body, the deeper the voice will become.


Frequent Ejaculations can lower your testosterone level. So, avoid beating your meat for pleasures and lust. It makes your T levels to fall down.

However, Practicing nofap is the best alternative to increase its levels.

Benefits of having a deep voice:

Firstly, a Deep voice makes you look serious about your words.

Secondly, people take your words seriously.

Thirdly, it adds up some points to your personality.

Moreover, women find men more attractive with a deep voice.

How nofap make your voice deeper?

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As I have already said in the upper lines that frequent ejaculations will lower the T levels in the body.

This is how it works: When you stop playing with your toy (you know what I mean) in the temptations of lust and desires and chose to save the semen which gets wasted whenever you ejaculate, the T levels in the body begins to rise.

Also, According to a study, The T levels in the body increase by 45% within a couple of weeks on nofap.

And yes, there is a direct relationship between the Semen produced in the body and the T levels. So, don’t waste it and try to preserve it.

However, To know about the importance of the semen, read my article on Semen Retention. This will give you an idea of how precious It is for your body.

If you also don’t know anything about nofap you can read it here.

However, Nofap means to stop beating your mate for pleasures and avoid watching all the bad stuff. No peeking is allowed.

Practicing Nofap surely will increase your T levels. Hence it will affect your voice and makes it deeper.

Interesting Fact:

Nofap also Increases the attraction of the opposite gender towards yourself. And this is not hidden from anyone that women like deep voice. They (Not only women other people also) take the words of a man seriously whose voice is deep.

How to make your voice deeper permanently?


This is something interesting. How to make your voice deeper permanently.

Look not every person is gifted with a good and deep voice. Different people have different voices. Many among us have light pitch voice whereas, others have loud, thin, heavy, and deep voices.

But the good news here is that we can make our voice deeper. Any man in this world can have a deeper voice or at least can develop a different tone of voice.

I know that there are some genetic limits to this. But, yes it can be transformed.

Many newbies in the nofap reported that they have noticed a slight heaviness in their voice. You can read it over multiple forums present related to this on the internet.

Here are some ways which may help you to make your voice deeper permanently:

#1. Perform vocal exercises for a couple of minutes each day. This will make your vocal cords exactly should be to produce a deeper voice.

#2. Try humming. It is the best exercise that you could do to improve the quality of your voice. In fact, it’s the best warm-up practice for your vocal cords. Even musicians do it.

#3. Speak slowly and try to speak with the stomach. Fast speaking will gradually decrease the value of your voice.

#4. Try Nofap. It is the best way to get testosterone spike in your body that helps your voice to improve with other several benefits in the body.

You can Watch this Video for the ways to make your Voice Deeper:

Important Note:

As you know now that testosterone helps in deepening the voice, Don’t start taking testosterone pills without consulting a physician.

In my opinion, you should not take them in any case. Because it may cause bad side effects too such as baldness, an increase in blood pressure, acne appears on different body parts, etc.

Try Nofap Challenge, prove to yourself

Nofap Challenge and Benefits
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If anyone still has doubts about nofap can make your voice deep then you can try it yourself.

Try Nofap challenge yourself.

Nofap challenge is nothing but, you just don’t have to fap or jerk for 90 days. Its main motto is to avoid ejaculations while watching bad stuff.

Accept this challenge and I guarantee you that you will start realizing some amazing changes in your body and voice within a month of doing nofap.

That’s crazy dude. You will feel ultimate power, strength, and wisdom like never before.

Talking about your voice: You will feel a drastic change in your voice as you go through the nofap challenge. The best way to analyze it is to record your voice every week.

Things to Avoid during Nofap:

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Any kind of bad and erotic stuff should be avoided. Not even for a minute. Otherwise, you would not be able to make it for 90 days.

Surely you will fall in the trap of relapse if you edge (Peek through bad stuff).

Try to identify your triggers and avoid them to save from relapse.

The point is I want you to understand that with a relapse you will back to the normal which means all the benefits you were experiencing will be gone.

Your energy becomes low and ultimately your voice will become less deep or even it can become normal as it was.

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The bottom line:

Nofap voice is all about deepening your voice using by practicing it.

I have also suggested some ways to make your voice deeper but they will go best with the nofap

The main aim is to conserve and increase the levels of testosterone in the body so as to get a deep, masculine, and a lower voice.

Also, Avoid taking Testosterone serums, pills, etc. Because taking testosterone can lead to multiple side effects.

Accept the nofap challenge to make it deep naturally. Moreover, it will provide way more benefits than just with a voice.

In the end all I want to say that if any guy wants to share anything about his well being or nofap experience can freely use the comments section.

Thank you, guys. Thanks for reading. God Bless you all.

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