How to Complete 1st week of NoFap: My Own Strategies

For many among us, it is still a question that how to complete 1st week of NoFap?. Going 7 days without jerking off is still a challenge for a lot of Beginners out there.

Fapping multiple times in the same week or the same day can be very harmful to the brain and the body. It may give temporary pleasures or relax the body but still, it is very addictive.

A week doesn’t seem to be so long. But around 50% of people relapse between 1-2 weeks. Especially for the beginners, who are trying to overcome their addiction.

In this article, I am going to share my own strategies that helped me every single time to cross a week whenever I fail or relapse. Want to know about those . . .  just stick to the end.

Tips to Complete a week on NoFap

Prior to dive into these tips, mind that these tips will work if you really want to quit your addiction to watching bad stuff over the internet.

Your determination is something which is the most essential element in quitting your addiction. If you really want to live a p*rn-free life, then please continue.

Otherwise, it would be a total waste of time.

1. Get rid of all the Data

If you have decided to start the Nofap Journey then the first step should be to get rid of all the intimidating data present in your devices.

It is the first sign that you actually want to change yourself. Clean all your disks and drive. Swipe clean all the vidoes from your mobile. Install a blocker to avoid access to these websites.

I myself had cleaned all the drives from it before I started my Nofap journey. It like a commitment you do with yourself.

The point is everything we own or store is an attachment of the brain which only makes changes in life harder. That is why you have to eliminate all the attachments.

2. Avoid being alone in the house.

Being alone in the initial days of nofap can be dangerous for the streak. The chances of watching It and relapse abruptly increase while you are alone.

Try to avoid being alone. If you have to in some special case, call someone over. Do something but just don’t go near the gadgets connected to the internet.

Do something productive to be busy. You can clean your room, garden, the attic of the house, etc. Do anything which distracts your mind from relapsing.

3. Limit the use of Phone and computer

If you really want to succeed in no fap challenge and make yourself better, then you have to understand that you become more vulnerable around phones and computers.

As they are connected to the internet and in no time you can get an urge because more than 70% of the internet is full of nudity and other erotic stuff.

So be careful while using them.

4. Don’t Use Social Media

Everybody loves social media. Who does not enjoy social media? It’s full of information, knowledge, people, etc. But a sad truth about social media that it is very difficult to stay away from nudity on social media platforms like Instagram.

The images can work as a trigger, which makes you relapse. Hence don’t use social media especially Instagram and tinder.

5. Read Self Help Books

Reading books can be a better option to kill the boredom feel during no fap. It is said that every day a person must read about 30 minutes or 25 pages at least to bring about changes.

Here I don’t mean to read books that promote vulgarity or fashion magazines, etc. Read those books that help in personality development.

Moreover, you can read autobiographies of famous people around the globe as a source of motivation or you can read some very famous books like Think and Grow Rich, 7 habits of highly effective people, 5 am club, the monk who sold his Ferrari, etc.

The book reading will build your character and provide such type of knowledge which you cannot gain from any other person.

6. Meditation

Nofap Meditation is required to succeed in no fap. Daily meditation for about 15-20 minutes twice or at least once a day can help you to achieve a remarkable Nofap streak.

You would notice that with meditation you can continue nofap for longer days rather than without meditation.

Daily meditation enhances the ability of self-control which is very much essential while doing nofap. If you are a beginner and your highest streak is less than a month, I would highly suggest meditating daily.

Once you complete a month, you would understand the importance of meditation in Nofap journey.

7. Exercise is Compulsory

The second most important point is to Exercise Daily. You can do workouts, yoga, stretching, cardio, running, etc. But keep In mind that does not go more than 3 days without exercise.

Daily exercise will help you to fight with urges and transmute your Urges and energy to other parts of the body.

In short, chances of nofap relapse would be low if you exercise daily. That is how you can manage to stay clean for more days than before.

The Bottom Line:

I know how hard it is to complete the 1st week of nofap for heavy addicts. They hardly can manage to 2-3 days at most.

I myself was a part of this vicious cycle of watching bad vidoes and fapping then feeling guilt. But I made my mindset to quit this addiction.

If I can do it then anyone can. You just need to be more disciplined than before. It is the only way you can beat your addiction otherwise not.

If you are a beginner too and struggle to reach up to the mark of 7 days then you should follow the points above. Moreover, I am always available to provide help and guidance.

Connect with me on Instagram or you can write in the comments section.

Thanks for Reading. Be Strong.

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