How to be a better man: 5 Best Ways To Become The Man You Want o Be

If you are reading this I believe that you keep a desire to become a better man than now in near future.

It’s so fascinating that how some men totally want to transform themselves and thrive to become the person they want to be. Transforming yourself is no matter of joke. You have to try hard and burn yourself in the furnace of self-disciplines and principles in order to shine like a sun.

Moreover, If you transform yourself it gives depth and beauty to your character.

And on the other hand we have some guys who are not comfortable with their present life but also not taking any action in the direction of making it better.

These type of people can be easily compared by the dry leaves which easily blown’s around the circumstances.

But the people who have the burning desire to change themselves so that they can influence others in life, become rich, drive luxury vehicles, date hot models, and become famous. My big salute to them.

This post is about those 5 ways which will absolutely makes you a better person than before.

5 Best Ways to Become Better Person:

1. Take Control of Your life

Thankfully there is no much competition in becoming better. As most of the people around us easily accept everything that happens to them as their destiny. They are lazy, too emotional, unmotivated, and whatnot.

#Take Control

All they want to do is to scroll Instagram, or videos on youtube. But you, my friend you are better than all of those as you chose and struggling to become better.

First you have to do is to take full control of your life.

Your life shouldn’t be influenced by any external factor that you could control. Take immediate action about almost everything you don’t like in the first place. You should be accountable for your life and mistakes as well. Because if you don’t, no one else will.

If you want something in life then go out and get it. Explore some ways that will help you to reach that specific goal.

You and you are responsible for your life. Do smart work, go and get what you want. If you don’t like your salary amount, upgrade your life. If you don’t have the physique you want, go hit a gym. You want to date a girl, go ask her out. Get some experience in life.

All I am saying to take proper control over your life. Make a plan and go get it. Don’t be like a dead leaf in blowing wind.

2. Stop Watching Porn: Become Better Person

There are several disadvantages of watching porn. You might become addicted to it. And P*rn addiction is the worst thing that can happen to a happy man. Now many people will argue with me on that. There’s a whole lot of points on which the debate could be a win in the favor of disadvantages of watching porn daily.

Quit Watching Bad Stuff to Become Better Man
#Quit Watching Porn Today

So, here’s the second most important thing you have to do. Empty all your drives and storage from P*rn videos. Stop jerking off while watching them.

Fapping on daily basis could do some real-life problems like low energy, low confidence, willpower, you will look weak, lower testosterone levels, feel frustrated, objectify women and hundred more problems occur just by jerking off to porn.

Hence, if you want to become a better person in life, stop watching porn and quit the masturbation habit. I know it would be not easy in the beginning but yeah soon you will get over with it.

If you don’t believe it and still think that watching porn is no harm, try not to watch It for a week or two. If you can’t resist yourself, then you are also addicted to those. But if you did notice the changes in yourself and then talk to me later.

3. Define yourself a purpose In life.

You must find a purpose or set a goal In your life to achieve. Defining a purpose would give meaning to your life. Committed to a specific goal will elevate your life in every aspect.

Define Purpose In order to become better man
#Define Purpose in life

Usually, the people who face the most problems in life are those who don’t have any aim, ambition, or goal to accomplish. They just go with the flow of life like a dead leaf in the wind. Don’t be just like that.

You must be totally devoted to your purpose. And when you have a purpose or a goal statement in your life which you actually want to achieve, you would make moves in the direction to achieve it. This will give a sense of gratitude and your perspective towards yourself will get changed. Ultimately you will become a better person in life.

4. Practice Nofap Or Celibacy to Become Better

Nofap is a practice in which you avoid jerking off your meat for pleasures, beat your p*rn addiction, retain your semen in the body by avoiding ejaculations, and tackle your urges which forces you to masturbate. Eventually, this will make you a better person, want to know how? Just keep reading.

nofap to become better
#Choose Celibate Life

Whereas, celibacy is among the toughest practice that teaches you self-discipline which unlocks new dimensions and meaning of life before you. In Celibacy you have to totally avoid any sexual pleasure, gain control over your urges and eventually upon your whole emotions and body.

Practicing both of these will save extra energy in your body that get released through ejaculation. Use this extra energy to develop some good habits that you will thank yourself in near future.

You can develop workout habits, meditation, or reading habits. Also, you can focus your whole energy to learn something interesting.

The main motto of practicing celibacy or nofap in life is to develop a charm, personality, physique, mindfulness, clear thinking ability, etc. And all these make you more attractive, especially before women.

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5. Gain lots of Experience and Make Tons of Memories

To gain several types of experience simply you have to try different things in your life. Don’t focus on what others are doing. Focus on yourself making more money, health, and overall wealth.

Make Better Memories
#Make Better Memories

Now most of us would say that you don’t need money to be happy! Don’t behave like a greedy, etc. Well obviously you can’t rely on it to be happy but you would never regret making more money in life. It’s the damn important thing.

Money can’t buy you happiness, I Agree. . . . I totally agree but money can buy you experiences that will make you happy.

Money can make you travel around the world with your loved ones, now that’s happiness. Money can let you go on a date with a hot girl in a 5-star hotel, now that’s your desire you want to accomplish since childhood. And once it comes true, how much happy you will be. It will make you buy expensive stuff like supercars or superbikes and do literally whatever you want.

But all of the above could only be possible when you make money.

Now, reprogram and rewire your brain to get more experiences, and don’t be afraid to try new things in life. Invest in yourself. Instead of purchasing subscriptions of Netflix, etc. Buy some good books. Explore the world besides you. Why don’t you start investing in bitcoins, stocks, or funds? They will repay you 10 folds.

Summary on How to Become a Better Person in Life.

There could be more ways to do it but explained above are the 5 best ways to get started with. You only can improve your life if you want to.

Take Control of your life, define yourself a purpose in life that forces you to get out of bed every single day. Make tons of memories, with family or friends.

Upgrade your life to earn and spend better than now. Keep a burning desire within yourself and always follow your heart and believe your intuitions.

Thanks For Reading.

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