How Nofap Destroys Social Anxiety?

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Many people still finding the answer to this question on the internet. So here I am with my blog to help you guys out in this. Make sure you read this blog till the end to get the maximum understanding.

Nofap and Social Anxiety

Nofap: If you are one of the regular readers of, then I am sure you know about it. But if you are not and landed the first time here, don’t worry.

Nofap is basically a movement or kind of challenge gaining popularity in teens and youngsters these days very fastly. However, In this challenge, you have to resist yourself from fapping for at least 90 days.

We will discuss nofap in some other posts but for now let’s just understand that if you accept nofap challenge, you are bound to say no to fapping for at least 90days.

Now lets talk about the other. . .

Social Anxiety: also known as “social phobia” is a fear of being in public. If a person becomes anxious while performing actions in public say addressing a bunch of people, probably he/she possesses social anxiety.

So these were some basic intros about both the terms. Now let’s go straight to our question, Does Nofap help Social Anxiety?

Does Nofap Help social Anxiety?

The answer to this simple question is “YES”. There are hundreds of thousands of men including me on the internet who reported and accepted it as a fact. It’s nothing remain to doubt about it.

Nofap destroys social anxiety
Nofap Destroys Social Anxiety and Boosts Confidence

However, like nofap, the results are not the same for everyone. It highly depends on what causes you social anxiety in the first place?

Fapping to Porn Disrupt Dopamine Balances

fapping cause dopamine imbalance
Fapping Create Imbalances in Brain Chemical Levels

One should know that, Fapping while watching bad stuff online frequently creates dopamine imbalances in the brain causing social anxiety in a person.

However, one must also know that watching porn causes changes in the brain that are linked with less confidence and more anxiety.

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“The damage that occurred due to watching it is linked to our ancestral beings. Our ancestors, who were cavemen never experience such fluctuations in the dopamine level as they were surrounded by only a handful of different women in the tribe group. Thus our circuitry in the brain is not capable of dealing with such high levels of dopamine from the very early times.”

But in modern times, where everyone has an access to the high-speed internet which is capable of showing you hundreds of thousands of different models according to your fetish in a couple of clicks which provides an instant gratification and dopamine rush in the brain which is way larger than our ancestors could have.

“According to some biologists; watching porn is a supernormal stimuli for our brain.”

This is because of the fact that watching it shoots the dopamine levels in the brain which our brain circuitry is not capable of handling.

It is very easy to jump from one video to another in a single click. And with every new video more dopamine gets released. Thus by clicking from scenes to scenes, videos to videos the dopamine also shifts accordingly.

Hence, the damage to brain occurs due to watching bad stuff on the internet.

watching bad stuff online
With Every Click You want More Dopamine.

Now when someone doesn’t have proper functioning of the brain due to dopamine, there is a high number of chances that the person is experiencing anxiety, fear, and shame.

Nofap Can Help Destroy Your Social Anxiety

Nofap can help addiction
Nofap can help in destroy social anxiety

If you were an addict to watching bad stuff online then, Nofap will surely help you to get out of your addiction that causing social anxiety. Practicing nofap will boosts your confidence to such a level that the feeling of being anxious would be diminished.

You would feel energetic, young, strong, self-control, and overall happiness while practicing nofap. All you have to do is to follow nofap strictly for at least 90 days.

It would not be easy in the first place, chances are you will fail within the first week of nofap. But you have to be strong and start again in order to rewire your brain and improve yourself.

How Long does it takes to get Better?

How Long Does Nofap takes to rewire?
How long does nofap takes?

Every change whether it is good or bad takes time to occur in the body. And especially when we are talking about the changes in brain circuitry, It takes time to get better.

However, the exact amount of time for rewiring and healing the brain varies from person to person.

It highly depends on the extent of your addiction. The more addiction would possess, the more time will it take to recover from it.

But, on average you can expect to see changes somewhere between 45-90 days, on one condition, it should be without relapse.

Also, You may hit some changes or so-called benefits of nofap but if you relapse in between they may take a while to come back again. Although the chances are that they would be experienced to less extent for that particular period of time say 45 days.

However, don’t see relapse as a bad thing or a failure, it shows that you are trying harder to change your life for good.

Pro Tip: Make sure that you don’t watch any sensual or erotic content that excites you to relapse. And always aim clean for more number of days than before.

How Nofap Helped Me?

nofap helped me in social anxiety
How Nofap Helped Me

It is quite an interesting story about “how nofap helped me through social anxiety?”. I hope you guys would learn what practicing nofap could do to your life. So here it goes.

I was an average guy, and like every Porn addict, I feel uncomfortable socializing or going out in public. Back then I was more like an introverted kind of guy. Not only this I started feeling anxious while meeting people like classmates, friends of a friend.  

In short,
I automatically feel very low in front of people probably due to a lack of confidence to present myself.

As I said,  I was an addict so I watched it a lot but and my whole school life goes like that, but as soon as I entered college, I was feeling the same as a year ago in high school. Again I started feeling the same about myself.

My self-confidence was not zero but still not enough to get a breakthrough in meeting new people and making friends. But something has changed in the second year of my college, I get introduced to this concept of nofap.

I started to practice It, and like everyone else, I failed, I tried and I failed again countless times. But I had never completely surrendered to my urges. There comes a time in my life where I thought that all this no-fap thing is waste of time.

But, after a short while, I noticed that I could do more push-ups than ever done before. Also, I was started experiencing some benefits like I could now make an eye-contact with the person standing in front of me, I was feeling less anxious among other guys, And then I totally believed in it.

It is not that I became the “Nofap Master” but yeah I learned how to control my urges while being on nofap, when they try to put you down. You gotta believe in yourself, to practice this nofap in order to change your life.

And, that’s how my life was changed by nofap. Well, there is a lot of stuff to tell about “How to save yourself from the fake Online Sh*t?,” And I will continuously upload the content to let you guys know.

I hope you guys learn something new today from my article on “Nofap Destroys Social Anxiety”. Please Let me know in the comments section, if you still have any query.

Thanks For Reading. Be Strong.

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