5 Crazy Myths About Yoga

Myths about Yoga

Nowadays people are turning more into better health and lifestyle. Because of this, the health industry in the last decade has grown exponentially. Moreover, Health and fitness sector is gaining momentum in our country. Consequently, more people are enrolling in health and fitness programs these days. One such health program is Yoga. As you have … Read more

How Many Push-Ups A Day

Man Doing Push Ups

How many push-ups a day? This exact question is what every guy thinks of, whenever they start doing push-ups. Despite this, I must say that it’s totally up to you. But look at what experts say about it. Push-ups is among one of the best exercises. It is best due to several reasons such as … Read more

7 horrible mistakes you are making with your health

7 horrible mistakes that you're doing with your health. in this article i will tell you about the mistakes and the solutions about it.

In this article, I am presenting you guys 7 horrible mistakes you are making with your health. Mistakes that are made daily along with ignoring health sometimes can have great consequences. Health should be the priority of everyone and take care of. But small mistakes in daily routine can seriously affect your life and health. … Read more

How To Stay Healthy During Lockdown

Hello, you all there. Hope you all are staying healthy and safe in this lockdown period. You may or may not wonder that you are not getting enough time to stay healthy. So, don’t worry I am here, writing a few things which will keep you healthy. Don’t wonder to know that exercise is not only … Read more