Where will your health be 1 year from now?

Where will health be 1 year from now? Apparently, It totally depends on you. 1 year is a very long time to maintain and to destroy it as well.

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Hello guys ….. I hope you all are in pink of your health and doing good.

Obviously, this post is about health but I have taken it one step further. Just to demonstrate to you guys how much better your health becomes after 1 year if continuously worked upon.

Health is the most considerable element in the life of any human being. In fact, it is the central reason for happy living. Healthy people live more than those of unhealthy of unfit.

This is so because there is a very minor chance of getting infected to disease which causes loss of life.

And if anyone has the disease then, it can be easily tackled by different kinds of physical exercise and activities, which only healthy people are ready to do.

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Where it would be after 1 year?

We all know that 1 year is a very long period of time for practicing. It is enough time to maintain health for the future or harm it just by ignoring it.

No efforts are required to harm your health just ignore it and do whatever you want to, eat what you want, schedule yourself as you want.

After 1 year I am not sure that it would be the same as before. It surely will get degrade with bad habits.

If there is no effect on physical health, then surely mental health will get disturbed. Thinking process and peace of mind would vanish with the passage of time.

It can cause you anxiety and panic attacks or even depression.

Whereas, if you look at the brighter side of this article and focus on your health physically and mentally for 1 year then you would completely get transformed.

You will find that you now can feel better and confident due to the present state of health. Your body will function properly, become more active, awake, and alert.

If we talk about the mental level concentration level and calmness will get increased. A complete joyfulness could be experienced with such great health.

And during the process of transformation of 1 year, rarely you would have fallen sick. Also, there Is very little chance to become prone to any infection or disease and hence you will live a healthy and long life that those of unfit.

A number of people are out there, who are living happily after focusing on it. Many of them have to quit bad habits and addiction to get to improve it and they did so.

Here is a fact that almost all healthy people have a lot of money because they do not spend on doctors, medicines, or treating any disease. By being healthy they save a good amount of money and become wealthy too.

Tips to be healthy:

Hundreds of tips are present over the internet even I can give you but they will only work if you contribute towards your health and ready to follow them in daily routine.

Here are some effective tips to improve and maintain health.

Drink enough amount of water every day.

Exercise for about 15 minutes daily.

Perform yoga and stretching exercise in the morning.

Avoid fried and junk food.

For mental health, practice meditation.

– Avoid taking stress seriously.

Quit bad habits like smoking, drinking, etc.

Walkabout 5 km daily.

Try to laugh more and worry less.

Be positive.


Try these tips for at least a week and you will find positive changes in yourself. Try to develop the habits of these tips in your life.

I can guarantee you if you follow the tips mentioned above for 1 year, then you would be at a completely whole new level of health and fitness.

You will feel more energetic, connecting, and peace within yourself.

It is a simple rule of life. You will get the results of your efforts. If efforts are made to degrade health, consequently the person would be more prone to disease and eventually premature death.

But if efforts are made in the direction to upgrade health the result would be a happy and prosperous life.

There is a saying that goes like “if you focus on shit, shit grows and if you focus on yourself, you grows

That’s it for today. I hope you like this article. Please share it and feel free to use the comment section to ask any doubts. I would love to answer.

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