10 Attractive Gains of Celibacy

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Celibacy Is a wonderful practice to follow. There are numerous gains of celibacy that could be experienced by anyone in this world.

And, Celibacy is a vow to discipline yourself and avoid intimate activities in order to harness the power of semen that is produced in the body.

Also, If you want to read more about Celibacy/Brahmacharya click here. I already have written about celibacy in detail.


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Gains of Celibacy or Benefits of Brahmacharya

As I have said earlier, there are several benefits of Celibacy exist which anyone can experience in life, if he follows rules of Celibacy firmly, for a spectacular duration of time.

These benefits are the by-products of the journey of celibacy in life.

Celibacy is not just about benefits, it’s more than that. Celibacy is the only way to achieve spirituality
and live a life that God wants us to live.

Also, it will help you to purify your soul and shapes your life towards a better future.

Here are some benefits that will be experienced:

#1. Glow on Face

One can feel this benefit even in 7 days. Within a week, there will be a glow on the face rather than usual. You can compare yourself before and after a week.

Surely you will realize some change in the sparkling of your face. These 7 days will give you the idea of how beneficial this practice is.

Also, continue celibacy practices will remove the acne and make skin clear than before. You just have to follow the rules of celibacy and especially control on your tongue.

#2. Increase in body strength

Who does not want a powerful body? Everybody wants it I guess. This gain is among the best gains of celibacy.

Yes, it also provides strength and stamina to the body required you are living celibacy lifestyle. An increase in strength is the ultimate gift of celibacy.

Celibacy lifestyle do not allow to waste the semen produced in the body, hence Prana Energy ( Life Energy ) is remain conserved which channelize in different areas of body and perform different functions.

One, of the function, is to provide strength to the bones and muscles that ultimately increases the physical strength of the body.

#3. Sparkling eyes

It is observed that people who practice celibacy are able to gains a kind of sparkle in their eyes. It’s like their eyes begin to sparkle.

Also, these sparkling eyes makes them to look more confident, appealing and gentle.

Moreover, it also reduces the dark circles around eyes which makes them to look even better.

#4. Long life

According to the researchers of University of sheffield, people who avoids intimate activities tends to live more than those people who do.

Again, celibacy do not allow you to waste your life energy into lust and desires, it transmutes this energy to other parts of body that helps a human to live longer without becoming weak in early 60s.

#5. Boosts immunity

Practicing yoga and several other different activities such as taking cold showers and exercises are included in celibacy lifestyle.

Doing these activities, builds up the immune system of the body even stronger than before. Also, it keep you healthy by fighting against diseases.

In rare case scenario,if you fall ill, it also helps you to recover more faster than a normal guy. For example: if a normal person takes 1 month to recover from a disease, if you follow celibacy, you will be able to recover within 10days or a week.

#6. Peace of mind

Meditation practices are an essential part of celibacy. It is used to clean the thoughts and helps in thinking more deeply.

Also, it provides peace of ultimate level that help us to remain calm and cool in every situation. Once you achieve this level of peace of mind, no one can ever control you or your thoughts.

#7. Sharp memory

Celibacy is known to increase the leaning and memory powers of normal human being. Consequently which makes him to become a better version of himself.

The semen which is preserved in the body promotes the development of brain, especially the front and middle brain that is responsible for thinking, visualization and memory.

Hence, it can sharp your memory and thinking.

#8. Will power increased

When you do brahmacharya/Celibacy, you start to take commitments seriously.

There is an increase in your will power regarding any task you want to do in your life which is considered important in order to upgrade your life.

#9. Increase In intellect

As long as you do follow it, your intellect begins to rise towards and optimal level and promotes you to become a wise man.

You will be able to differentiate between the good and the bad more precisely and this is all due to the celibacy.

#10. Next level concentration

As discussed above, practicing meditation is an integral part of the celibacy. After continuously practicing meditation concentration begins to improve.

Consequently, it will provide you a next level concentration, where you will be able to focus for a longer duration.

#11. Control on speech

Do you know what mindfulness is? Mindfulness is a state of mind in which you can control your thoughts. The same happens with your speech.

Also, it offers control over your tongue and make you to think before you speak. That is why celibate people speak less and in controlled manner.

#12. Deep voice

There will be an increase in level of testosterone in the body while following celibacy.

Consequently, your voice become deep as like a macho man. And the testosterone is responsible for that.

Also, it’s a fact that women like deep voice. It draws their attention and make other people to listen carefully your voice.

Overall Gains of Celibacy:

If I talk about gains of celibacy in a single line, then I will say it improves the physical and mental attributes of the body and focuses on overall development of body.

It must be repeated that it gives you tremendous strength, high concentration powers and intellect.

There are several more gains of celibacy , but discussed above are some important and easy to notice them.

If you follow Brahmacharya/Celibacy even for a month, you will be able to feel most of the gains of celibacy discussed above within yourself.

Although, You will experience loss of depression, social anxiety, trembling, low energy and all those factors that are obstacle in journey of your transformation.

Through celibacy, you will manage to beat them and become more confident, enthusiastic and charming personalities.

Timeline of Gains of Celibacy:

Firstly, during 1st week there will be a slight glow on your face and it will continue to increase will the streak.

Also, the urges to relapse or to jerk again will be high on the 7th day. Try to be strong in order to move further. Don’t react to urges. Let them pass.

Secondly, within 14 days your voice tone will change and energy will remain higher than usual. All the benefits will be same but the scale will be low.

Thirdly, you are able to slightly control your thoughts and urges.

In addition, Till the end of the month, your strength will be increased, mind becomes clear, focus powers will also increase and immunity will boost up.

Once you feel the benefits, you will feel incredible and never wants to leave that state.

Swami Sivananda on Celibacy:

Swami Sivananda said in his book that all the energy that humans possess is made up of 3 types of energy:

Physical energy

Physical energy means the strength of the body, which can be enhanced by doing exercise.

Mental Energy

Mental energy refers to the intellect here, which also can be influenced by daily dose of good thoughts and positive behavior.

Life Energy ( Prana Energy )

Finally, Life energy is the most powerful energy among all these. And life energy is wasted every time we ejaculate in the temptations of lust and desires.

It makes us weak. Also degrade our character in society.

Hence, preservation of this energy is very essential.

Final Words on Gains of celibacy/Brahmacharya:

Celibacy helps everyone to elevate the standard of life towards divine and spirituality. There are numerous benefits of practicing celibacy.

It provides benefits such as mental and physical strength, boosts immunity, peace of mind and several more.

All these could be experienced by preserving the life energy (Prana shakti) within the body.

Life energy gets wasted by ejaculation. Hence, avoid ejaculating your semen.

According to Swami Sivananda, the person who waste semen in the temptation of lust and desire is much similar to a farmer who grows a crop with efforts and throws it in the end.

We feel sleepy or low on energy after ejaculating is because of life energy gets wasted. Preserve this life energy by semen retention or NoFap.

Do not waste it, if you want to feel the gains that occurred from celibacy.

Thus, I hope you guys like this article on Gains of Celibacy. Please mention in the comments section on which topic you want to read about in the next post.

Thanks for reading.

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