Cold water Vs Hot water: Which Is Good For You?

Cold water vs hot water. A lot of guys are still confused. But Don’t worry I am here to tell you about both in detail.

So that you can choose easily which one you want to go with. It is not necessary that if you are taking a cold shower for days and now you just can’t switch to the other.

You can. . .  okay.

Both the water has its own effects on the human body. However, You can choose and switch easily according to your need.

We will discuss about 5 major points on cold water vs hot water.

Cold water effects on the body

There are several benefits of cold water. It leaves a good and energizing impact after taking a bath from cold water. It is more popular by the name of “cold showers”. I hope you have heard that before.

Cold Water Bath
#Cold Water bath

Cold showers are known for their numbers of benefits. So here are the 5 points of cold water which will go against the hot water.

1. Prevents cold

A bath with cold water or “cold shower” is known to prevent you from cold. The point is, whenever we splash cold water on the body, it activates the leukocytes present in the blood. These leukocytes prevent your body from symptoms of common cold, mild illness, and flu.(1)

2. Tightens the skin

Shower from cold water tightens the skin by sealing the pores and cuticles on the skin.

The chilled water seals the pores present in the skin and thus it prevents the dirt from getting in. Because of which it also makes your skin radiate.

Moreover, cold showers help to prevent hair fall by sealing the pores on the scalp and preventing dirt from entering. Also, cold water makes your hair look shinier and healthier.

3. Reduces tension in the mind

Cold water reduces the tension In the mind by relaxing it. Bathing from cold water increases the electrical impulses in the brain which actually helps you to process things easily.

Although, You will experience cold shower best in the morning. It will wake you up and leave you energized for the whole day long.

Also it will relax your mind so well.

4. Stimulates the immune system:

Researchers have found that Cold shower produces more white blood cells In the body. The people who takes bath with cold water daily are known to have more WBCs in their body than people who don’t.

And we all know what WBCs do in our bodies. They protect our bodies from illness, germs, and bacteria. Thus cold water increases immunity.

5. Accelerates metabolism

As the body feels the cold splash, it struggles to remain warm. And to regulate the temperature of the body it increases the metabolic rate.

However, in order to regulate the temperature, our blood circulation is increased in the body. Hence blood circulation also gets better with cold water.

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Hot water effects on the body

Like cold water, hot water also does have several benefits. Hot water helps to ease the pain in any muscle of the body.

Hot water bath
#Hot Water Bath

So here are 5 points about hot water:

1. Reduces tiredness

This is what hot water or hot showers are best known for. Taking bath with hot water will reduce the tiredness of the whole day.

Hot water relaxes each and every muscle of the body and takes away the stress and strain developed in those muscles. This is how you feel relax and light.

Also, it will give you a sense of good feeling as all your tiredness will be gone.

If you are tired of chores and want a good sleep in the night, then there would be no better option than a bath with hot water.

2. Reduces headache

If your head feels heavy so much that it starts a headache. Have a bath with hot water. It will reduce the headache and will surely make you feel good.

Headaches mostly are the result of the narrowing of blood vessels in the head.

Hot water will relax the muscles of your head and expands the blood vessels which will make you feel way lighter than before.

3. Relieve from nasal congestion

The vapors from the hot water help to relieve from nasal congestion. Hot water expands the muscles of the nose to ease the process.

If you take a bath in hot water, your nasal cavities will automatically open up.

If you get cold and struggle to breathe from the nose, I would recommend you to take a bath with hot water. Also, consume hot liquids like coffee, hot milk, etc.

4. Open pores and clears the skin

Hot water relaxes the muscles and opens up the pores of the skin. Thus hot water clears the skin by removing the dirt present beneath the skin.

Also, it removes toxins and sweats deeply which may cause infection in the body if resides inside the skin.

As it clears the skin so it also helps you to glow more.

5. Provide better sleep:

After a stressful day, if you are looking for undisturbed good sleep, then you should take a hot bath. Hot water increases the temperature of the body and relaxes each and every muscle of the body.

This prepares us to fall asleep better. Hot water bath relaxes us not only physically but mentally also. Thus a nice warm water bath of 20 minutes before going to bed will give the quality of sleep you are looking for.

The bottom line:

The change in temperature of the same water can affect the body in different ways. Isn’t it interesting?

Well, it’s totally upto you from which type of water you want to take bath with. It totally depends on your choice and situation.

If you are feeling lazy, low energy, depressed, etc. Go take a cold water shower.

Whereas, if you feel pain in your muscles, stressed and stiff. Go take a hot shower. It will relax your body.

Hence, there are different benefits to using this type. The aim of writing this article was to give the clarification in cold water vs hot water.

I hope you guys get it. But if still remain any query you can ask me in the comments section.

I will be back soon with my new article. Till then BE HEALTHY BE STRONG.

Thanks for reading.

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