Yoga for flexibility

Yoga For Flexibility

Is there any Yoga for flexibility? Does yoga provide Flexibility? Or we need to be already flexible before to do it? If you are also looking for the answers to these types of the question then, welcome to Through this platform, I share knowledge regarding Male Health Topics. If you have any queries you can … Read more

7 Day To Day Activities that affect our eyesight

Activities that Affect our eyesight

There is no one in this world who would say that I don’t care about my eyes. Everybody cares about their eyes. But unfortunately, we do some activities in our day to day life that messes up with our eyes. So, In this article, I am going to discuss the same Activities that affect our … Read more

5 Crazy Myths About Yoga

Myths about Yoga

Nowadays people are turning more into better health and lifestyle. Because of this, the health industry in the last decade has grown exponentially. Moreover, Health and fitness sector is gaining momentum in our country. Consequently, more people are enrolling in health and fitness programs these days. One such health program is Yoga. As you have … Read more

Why You Should Wake Up at 4.30?


Do you want to be great and successful in your life? Then you should read this article on why you should wake up at 4.30 a.m.? I have written this article to tell you about the miraculous effects and logic behind waking up early. There is a famous saying which goes like early to bed … Read more

How Many Push-Ups A Day

Man Doing Push Ups

How many push-ups a day? This exact question is every guy thinks of, whenever they start doing push-ups. Despite this, I must say that it’s totally up to you. But look at what experts say about it. Push-ups is among one of the best exercises. It is best due to several reasons such as it … Read more

How to Stop Watching Bad Stuff

How to Stop watching Bad things on the internet

How Watching Bad Stuff Affects You? From the recent observations of present generation people, It is not wrong to say that watching all these bad stuff which is present in abundance on the internet affects your thinking, desires, mood, and ultimately life. Look, today’s internet is much different than how it was a few years … Read more

7 Habits That Changed My Life

Habits that changed my life

This article is about 7 habits that changed my life. Subsequently, I have started doing these activities about 3 months ago and now they have become my daily routine habits. It is the Habits that make a person Successful and equally responsible for failures. Isn’t it? 7 habits that changed my life: #1. Waking up … Read more

10 Attractive Gains of Celibacy

Monk and the sky

Want to read about Gains of Celibacy? huh. . . then you are looking at the exact place. Celibacy Is a wonderful practice to follow. There are numerous gains of celibacy that could be experienced by anyone in this world. And, Celibacy is a vow to discipline yourself and avoid intimate activities in order to … Read more

Power Of Brahmacharya

Power Of Celibacy

Hello guys, I am Anoop Moruya and you are reading – Power of Brahmacharya. Brahmacharya is not only abstaining from desires and lust. It also covers more aspects of life such as self-control, Discipline, habits, ethics, and principles of life. Practicing brahmacharya gives you some special powers that no common person can have. In … Read more

7 horrible mistakes you are making with your health

7 horrible mistakes that you're doing with your health. in this article i will tell you about the mistakes and the solutions about it.

In this article, I am presenting you guys 7 horrible mistakes you are making with your health. Mistakes that are made daily along with ignoring health sometimes can have great consequences. Health should be the priority of everyone and take care of. But small mistakes in daily routine can seriously affect your life and health. … Read more