Celibacy And Intelligence


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Welcome to the 3rd post of this website about Celibacy/Brahmacharya.

In this article, we are going to discuss some facts about Celibacy lifestyle and how Celibacy affects our intelligence.

It Is commonly observed that highly intelligent people of the world keep themselves off from having intercourse. For instance Newton, Da Vinci, Tesla, Pascal, and many more.

It is believed that these great people never had intercourse in their life and died a virgin. Yes, you heard it right. They died virgin but due to that give theories of their research that changed the world.

This is the power of celibacy. It will make you execute your vision no matter what.

There is a fact that the longer you celibate in life, your cravings for it would get cut down and your mind will work with more creativity.

Many of us would think that Celibacy is just abstaining from desires but that’s not true. Celibacy is a series of discipline and determination.

In return,
it will reward you with powers which most of the humans lack in their life. I already have written a complete article on celibacy in detail. To read click here.

Abstaining from lust and Desires is just a small part of the Celibacy lifestyle. Celibacy comprises Nishchaya(Determination), Saadhna(Meditation), Energy Transmutation, and of course avoiding being touched.

Effect on mental health

Celibacy is believed good not only for physical health but mental health as well.

The semen which is produced by our body is capable of producing a new life. Form this, guess how much life energy and power is stored in our semen.

This semen when not spilled out and remain in the scrotum sac, after about 3-5 days of semen retention it starts to flow upward through the spine to the brain.

To know in detail about semen retention click here.

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Once it starts moving upward and begins to absorbing back in the body parts. As a result, you can feel activeness and a sense of joy at a mental level along with calmness.

Your self-control will elevate. Your concentration on academic and other social stuff would be increased abruptly. You can easily focus on any task.

Idea of Timeline:

The first 2 weeks would be the most difficult to hold. The desires and thoughts would come back again and again but with full determination try to calm your mind by meditation. Take cold showers, do exercise daily for minimum 15-30 minutes. These activities will help you to overcome the desire for ejaculation and put your mind back on track.

Once you steps in the 3rd week of celibacy miracles at mental level will begin. You will start to think sharply and clearly. Your visions will become clear as the brain fog will disappear due to celibacy and meditation.

Note: “daily meditation is a part of celibacy lifestyle”.

There would be a “thought explosion” in your mind when you will cross 3-4 weeks while performing celibacy constantly.

As the day will pass your body will tend to adapt the celibacy changes hence the desire for the opposite gender will decrease to a very little amount which can be easily controlled.

Once you experience the benefits and powers of celibacy in your life at both the physical and mental level; that state of body will feel so joyful and right that perpetually you want to stay in it.

That is why wise people don’t do it often, they just want to remain in the state of joyfulness.

Through the regular practice of Brahmacharya, the attraction of the opposite gender increases. They start taking interest in you. As you have seen that Priests or monks doesn’t get seduced because they have rise above this mentality.

Their intellectual thinking quite a much vast. They give importance to other fruitful activities like meditation or reading or reciting prayers.

One more point that I want to share with you guys regarding Celibacy and intelligence that “Celibacy purifies your soul“, and makes you a better social person. Celibacy becomes more joyful when you practice meditation and focus on your god.

Celibacy could be a door for spirituality.

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