6 Tips To Deal With Boredom On Nofap Challenge

Feeling bored while doing Nofap? Aren’t you?

Do you know that only 1-2% of people are able to complete the nofap90 day’s journey? Most of them fail this Nofap challenge in their initial days. And the most common factor of their failure on Nofap was boredom. So, here I am back with a new post ” Tips To Deal With Boredom While Doing Nofap Challenge” to make ensure that you guys never fail.

You know Daily hundred of thousands of youngsters takes nofap 90 days as a challenge. Also, a majority of them break down their streak and couldn’t make it even a week. To help such guys I write a post a few days back- How to complete your first week on Nofap? Check it out. It consists of my own strategies.

Back in my life, I was also among those guys who cannot live without fapping for more than 3-4 days at most. But By 21, I came to know about this nofap challenge and I am still improving myself. This nofap journey has changed everything in my life. To know more you can contact me on my Instagram page here.

Why we Feel bored while doing Nofap?

The truth is that You will feel bored similarly to other people felt while doing Nofap. But, giving up and breaking down your streak due to boredom is not good. It only will give you guilt and sadness.

One of the major questions that arise here is why we even feel bored while doing nofap? Most probably the reason is lack of dopamine shot or dopamine release in the brain.

Now, we all know what dopamine is, and what it does to our brain?

Dopamine is a feel-good hormone that gives a sense of pleasure, joy, and happiness. Watching bad stuff on the internet(P*rn) releases a quite good amount of dopamine to feel satisfied and happy.

But as soon as we stop feeding ourselves with such sensual content, as we used to; No dopamine is released and suddenly everything seems to be boring. Time appears to pass really slow. Nothing excites you anymore and you just want to lay on your couch fantasizing about things that can’t work out until you do something about it.

So, how not to feel bored while doing nofap? The answer to this question is to give dopamine shots to your brain through different means other than watching P*rn.

Here what you can do to kill boredom.

Tips To Deal with boredom

1. Watch or Read stuff which actually makes you smart

One of the best ways to utilize the time in which you feel bored is to read or watch interesting stuff that would add value to your life.

You can search for thousands of interesting things on the internet and expand your knowledge in a particular domain. The internet is full of content you can literally learn about anything you want.

Learn about what you always wanted to learn. Do what you always wanted to do. I mean literally, you can learn about the stock market, share market, trading, business skills, leadership skills, guitar lessons, money-making tricks, chess tricks, personality development tips. Communication hacks, affiliate marketing, android, and whatnot.

All I just want to say that nowadays everyone has their smartphones in their hands so use them well to uplift your life. Avoid watching crap on it and consume real knowledge.

Read that again and you will never feel bored again if you got my point.

2. Read Self-Development Books

I am sure that you have read the phrase “Books are man’s best friend ”. And believe me, it’s true. There are a sufficient amount of self-help and self-development books available in the market.

You will never regret reading a self-development book. They will only add values to your life along with raising your standard of thinking and living.

Read Books if bored on Nofap
#Read 25 Pages Daily

The most interesting fact about these books is that you can gain the whole experience of the author in just a few days. Like an author takes several months sometimes years to complete a book by adding his personal life experiences, observations, thinking, and experimenting with people. On the other hand, you can gain this much just by reading a few hundred pages.

I myself had read about 9 books while doing nofap. They have completely changed my perception of this world. Now I don’t look and think about the things like I think before.

Anoop Mourya (Author, Menhealthblogs.com)

Also, they helped me to explore myself more. Those books were: The Alchemist, Bhagwad Gita, Rich Dad Poor Dad, 5am Club by Robin Sharma, and some more.

I would strongly recommend you guys to read it. Read a lot. It will give you the determination to hold onto your streak.

3. You can Do Work-Out If Bored On Nofap

The main motto of taking Nofap 90 days challenge is to break the addiction of watching bad stuff on the internet along with self-development. And what better than getting a good physique.

If you start to feel bored, you can do exercise but with precaution. It’s not like that you had lunch and start feeling bored so you begin doing push-ups. I am just saying that work-out could be one of the points that will prevent you from relapse.

I still do push-ups, lift dumbells, and other home work-out whenever I feel the urge or feel bored.

Whether you have the equipment or not but you should do exercise daily especially in nofap journey.

4. Watching it Again won’t Make it Better.

If you are thinking that watching it (You know what) again will make you feel better, or you will relax and happy after ejaculation.

Then my friend you are wrong.

Relapsing will only make you regret and left you alone with guilt. I have relapsed many times and I feel worse every single time.

Don’t Edge because you were feeling bored. Edging is the first step towards relapse and there is no going back. Your streak will surely break if you do edging.

Use your device for better content or not at all.

5. Search For A Partner

Look for a partner who is compatible with you. Talking and hanging out with real girls will make you feel different. It would definitely help you to distract from P*rn and other such things.

Search For Partner If Bored On Nofap
Search For A Partner If Bored On Nofap

One of the major drawbacks of watching P*rn is that it kills the confidence which is required to approach or talk to a girl. Because of which most of us who are reading this are single.

Try to socialize with girls on social media or in real life would be best. Doing this would develop your confidence to approach and have conversations with other girls.

Thus you will come to know how fake the virtual world is. Because real girls never behave like the ones you had seen in that kind of video.

6. Try Different Kind of Music if bored on Nofap

Music can be a game-changer in your case. Music is able to make you feel motivated, relax, light, and several other emotions. listening to music can help you to fight urges.

You may listen to some great songs if you are feeling an urge to relapse.

Also, listening to your favorite songs releases dopamine in the brain and gives a sense of joy that you were missing while on Nofap.

However, you can try listening to other types of music as well such as jazz, pop, classical, EDM, etc.

Moreover, you can sing it with your own instrument. In my opinion, the best instrument would be the guitar. As it is very popular and looks cool when someone plays it.

You should try playing one.

However, a study shows that people who listen to different types of songs, their brains function relatively better than those who don’t.

Hence I said Music can be a game changer in your case.

“On a serious note, I would like to say that NoFap is not an easy task to accomplish but you can do it. You may fail several times but don’t give up. Believe in Yourself. Be Strong. Be Healthy”.

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